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If You Want To Make Real Money Online, Forget Adsense.

Updated on October 23, 2012

There are better ways to make money online than Adsense.


I know that many people use Adsense as a way to earn some money from their websites. If you'd like to make a little bit of money online, then Adsense is probably the best way to go. If you want to make a lot of money online, then I'll show you how you can do much better than simply using Adsense.

About 2 years ago I got my start with earning money online. What started it all for me was an article about domain names in a magazine called Web 2.0. And I bought a copy at an airport when I was looking for something to read.

There was one thing in the article that really caught my attention. It seems that a new industry had sprung up on the internet: PPC, or Pay-Per-Click. Another fact that I learned from that article was that some people, probably about 15%, use direct navigation, meaning that they don't use a search engine to find what they are looking for, they just type it in the address bar, add on the extension .com, and hit enter. Domain names that get a lot of direct navigation traffic are worth a lot of money. Of course, those names are already taken.

My First Introduction To Pay Per Click

But I was fascinated by the thought of PPC. You could own a domain name, put some PPC ads on it, and get paid when people click on the ads. What a great way to make money I thought. Own a collection of those and you could live off the income they generate. And some people were doing just that. Sure sounded easier than breaking my back doing construction until I die.

I registered and bought about 50 domain names that I thought were pretty decent. My next step was to join a domain parking service. They work with thousands of advertisers and automatically place ads on your domain that are targeted to the theme of your domain.

There are a couple of domain parking services that I joined to see which ones were going to work best. Goldkey, Fabulous, and TrafficZ were the top three, so I joined them all. The domains cost me $300 (50 x $6 each). I wondered how long it would take to earn that back.

As I soon found out, my domains did not receive much traffic. On average, each domain received about one type-in traffic visitor per week. That would be about 200 visitors per month for my entire domain portfolio. What do those visitors see when they come to my domain? A page with a bunch of text ads on it. And how much revenue would those visitors bring? About $12.00. It would take me over 2 years just to recoup my initial costs. The problem was, the $6.00 fee that I paid for each domain was only valid for one year. After 12 months, I would have to pay another $6.00 if I wanted to register and keep using the domain for another 12 months.

Domain parking didn't work so I switched to content development.
Domain parking didn't work so I switched to content development.

Going From Domain Parking To Content Development

As I found out, you can get more traffic to your domains/websites by having content on them rather than just some text ads. By having content on them, the search engines will index your website pages and include them in the search results when someone is searching for something specific. In addition, I learned that Google offers a program called Adsense whereby you can put Google ads directly on your pages and split the revenue with Google whenever one of those ads is clicked.

Having content and getting websites to come up in search engine results pages offered a greater opportunity than simply parking my domains so I began to develop my domain names into websites with content, and applied for an Adsense account with Google. I had read that banks and loan companies were spending up to $20 per click for mortgage ads.

Google doesn't state what percentage of the revenue from these ads they keep and what percentage you get, but a pretty close guess is that Google keeps 60% and the website owner keeps 40%. Not that fair in my eyes, but still, I thought that if I could get 100 clicks per day, that would amount to over $500 per day in revenue for me. That would be close to $15,000 per month.

Stories of Adsense riches got my attention.
Stories of Adsense riches got my attention.

I was Lured By Stories Of Huge Adsense Earnings

I had read that some website owners were making in excess of $20,000 per month, and some were even making over $50,000 per month in passive income just from Google Adsense. That certainly appealed to me.

To get 100 clicks per day, I would need to get between 1,000 and 2,000 visitors per day, assuming that between 5 and 10% of them would click on the ads. And how would I get that many visitors per day? All the information that I read at the time suggested to use SEO (search engine optimization) techniques to rank highly in the search engine results pages. Top spots for certain searches could result in thousands of visitors per day.

So I begin to read everything I could about SEO. I created my websites according to the best SEO information available. The results? I made it to the top of MSN briefly for a few keywords. Keywords are simply what people type into the search engine. "Mortgage" is a keyword. "Mortgage application" is a keyword phrase. "Apply online for a mortgage" is another. "Best mortgage refinance rate" is still another. "Florida mortgage refinance" is another. There are literally millions of keywords.

High-paying keywords on Google are extremely competitive.
High-paying keywords on Google are extremely competitive.

It Is Difficult To Get To The Top Of Google For High-Traffic Keywords

I never did get to the top of Google for any keywords. It seems that Google favors established websites and penalizes new ones. New websites have to prove trustworthy before Google will rank them highly. SEO professionals call this the Google Sandbox.

I got to the top of MSN for a few keywords, how did I do? Well, at its peak, I was getting about 90 to 100 visitors per day. Anywhere from 3 to 8 of them would click on the Google Adsense ads. If I was getting $4.00 per click, at 8 clicks per day, that would be $32.00 per day or about $900 per month. That would pay for half of a house payment.

Did I earn that much? Not even close.

You see, in November of 2005 Google made a change that allowed advertisers to bid separately for Adsense ads compared to ads displayed in Google Search Results. Mortgage clicks were still going for $10.00 to $20.00 per click in the search results, but on Adsense, the price dropped to around 25 to 40 cents. I was getting 10 to 15 cents per click. 4 to 8 of those per day amounted to a little less than a dollar.

Adsense did not bring in the money like the gurus said it would.
Adsense did not bring in the money like the gurus said it would.

Reality Never Came Close To What Was Promised

It doesn't take an accountant to figure out that $25 to $30 per month will not provide much of a financial future. The gurus were talking about $20,000 to $50,000 per month, and in reality, $30 per month was the truth.

Considering the time that I invested in trying to set up Adsense income, and the income that I received from it, Adsense was a total failure for me. My best month ever was $116.00. And some weeks I worked 20 to 25 hours per week. That was a far cry from what the gurus were claiming: work about an hour per day and earn $10,000 to $20,000 per month.

All I can say is the gurus are typical salesmen: tell the prospects whatever they want to hear in order to make the sale. Truth? Huh! It doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is make the sale.

In my offline, real-world business, this would never, ever work. I wouldn't accept those conditions in the real world. So why should I try to make it work online? Answer: I shouldn't. It took me 7 months to figure that fact out. It was an expensive lesson more in terms of time than money spent. I probably spent about $1,000 on informational products that would educate me on developing a high Adsense income. I could live with spending that on an education. But I spent so many hours following the directions and suggestions. Those hours didn't provide the income results that I was looking for.


Fast forward to October 2006.


I had read that some advertisers will pay for cost-per-action (CPA), such as filling out a form. There are CPA networks formed to bring website owners together with advertisers. These CPA networks keep a percentage of the fee.

This is where I have been focusing my efforts for the past 11 months. And the results have exceeded my expectations. I've found that it is far better to be near the food chain of internet marketing, rather than the bottom.

The Food Chain of Internet Marketing.
The Food Chain of Internet Marketing.

The Food Chain of Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is a very broad term. Anything that is advertised online falls under the giant umbrella of internet marketing. Where you choose to be within that giant space will determine how much money you are able to make. Here are the different segments of the internet marketing world:


At the very bottom of the internet marketing food chain we have the minnows. There are literally hundreds of thousands of little mom & pop websites online. How do they earn income from these websites? Most will use Google Adsense to generate an income from the traffic their websites receive.

Google Adsense is also called the contextual network, or content network. This is what I used to do, but not any more. These websites that display Google Adsense ads are at the very bottom of the online food chain. If you want to spend a lot of time creating this type of website and only want to make $100 per month or so, then this is for you. It is not for me.

Google in the largest scavenger on the net.
Google in the largest scavenger on the net.


Next up the food chain are the scavengers. They place themselves in between the bottom feeders (minnows) and those that are higher up the food chain. Primary examples of Scavengers are the search engines. Google, Yahoo, MSN, and all the smaller search engines as well.

Scavengers earn their money from ad revenue. Pure and simple. Bottom feeders attract visitors with the content on their website, then generate revenue when an ad from a scavenger gets clicked. Scavengers attract visitors with their search technology.

Currently, Google is the best at this game. Google makes their money the same way that bottom feeders do: they display ads and when an ad gets clicked on, Google earns a fee.

Scavengers also earn money when one of their ads on a bottom feeder's site gets clicked on, although the scavengers give a portion to the bottom feeder. If you have a method that is better than Google's to rank and display search results that are relevant, then you should become a scavenger. Otherwise, there are better spots in the food chain to be at.

Affiliates are always hunting for customers.
Affiliates are always hunting for customers.


A hunter/affiliate is someone who is actually hunting for a customer. The hunter/affiliate is always attempting to create a transaction between a buyer and a seller. The hunter/affiliate brings more value to the process by converting a click into a sale, or at minimum, a lead for a product or service. This product or service is not his own, but on behalf of a whale (we'll get to those in a minute.)

Hunter/affiliates get visitors to their websites by paying scavengers and bottom feeders for displaying their ads. They pay for visitors by the click. The reason they do this is because they know what to do with that visitor!

Hunter/affiliates are involved in a game that richly rewards a higher level of skill, knowledge, expertise and efficiency. Six figure incomes are common among Hunter/affiliates.

Hunters actually create a valuable transaction between buyer & seller, and get paid handsomely from higher up the food chain for their good work.

Huntin packs group together large numbers of hunters.
Huntin packs group together large numbers of hunters.

Hunting Packs:

Hunting packs are simply companies that group together large numbers of hunter/affiliates. They pool their resources and bring together this big group of Hunter/affiliates and Whales. Hunting Packs earn their income by keeping a portion of the revenue that whales pay to hunters.

Examples of Hunting Packs are Affiliate Networks such as Commission Junction Primary Ads, CPA Empire, and Azoogle Ads.

Hunting Packs add value to the process by bringing large groups of Hunter/affiliates to the Whales, providing lots of customers in one location to the Whales. Whales really like lots of customers!

Hunting Packs also make life much easier for the Hunter/affiliate by doing most of the web design, coding and tracking for them. It's win/win/win. Hunting Packs are multi-million dollar companies with employees, managers, coding technicians, an office, and lots of overhead. They manage the money between the Hunter/affiliates and the Whales. Hunting Packs routinely, and I mean like clockwork, cut 5 and 6 figure checks to Hunter/affiliates every month.

Whales are at the top of the internet food chain.
Whales are at the top of the internet food chain.


Whales are the giants of internet marketing. A Whale knows the lifetime value of a customer and will pay a hefty price to obtain that customer. Whales use every means possible for acquiring new customers. They rely on Hunting Packs, Hunter/affiliates, and will even hunt for themselves. However, they are at the very top of the food chain of internet marketing. There is nobody above them.

This is where we all want to be, don't we? Maybe, but maybe not. It is possible to operate at different levels of the food chain simultaneously. You can be at more than one place in the food chain at one time.

Whales have lots of things to attend to every day. There are Customers. Inventory. Phone calls. Schedules. Office Details. Credit Card Processing. Recordkeeping. Employees. Sick employees (even worse!). And headaches, lots of headaches. You may not want to be a Whale. You'll likely find that somewhere beneath the Whales and above the Scavengers is the sweet spot online. This is where you can earn a six figure income without employees, overhead, products, a physical office address, and all the other elements and headaches associated with a traditional business, such as a restaurant, dry-cleaner, or retail store.

The Food Chain In Action

To further illustrate how the food chain works, I will explain in detail how it operates.

First we meet Greg. Greg likes going on trips and has two children in college, and a third entering soon. Greg is a hard-working, straightforward, likeable kind of guy with a somewhat subdued Maine accent. Although Greg did drop out of college after one semester, he does make up for it with plenty of street-smarts and real world business experience.

Living on the coast of Maine and knowing many lobstermen, Greg capitalizes on that and creates a website that sells the absolute freshest, live Maine lobsters. He sells 2 lobsters for $114, which includes taxes, packaging, and guaranteed overnight shipping by Federal Express.

Knowing the lifetime value of a customer, Greg enlists the help of Share-a-Sale (a Hunting Pack) to bring lots of hunters, and through them, customers to the table.

Richard, an experienced internet marketer, has an account with Share-a-Sale and sees that Greg is offering $25.00 for every sale that occurs as a result of Richard's efforts. Richard applies to promote Greg's product. Richard is immediately approved.

Richard is a Hunter/Affiliate

Being the savvy internet marketer that he is, Richard enlists Google Adwords (a Scavenger) to advertise the freshest live Maine lobsters. Richard does some keyword research and pays $0.30 cents per click on Google's search results and $0.06 cents per click on Google's content network, which is also know as Adsense.

Richard tests and tracks his advertising efforts, including tracking each keyword in the search results and tracking the visitors from the content network separately. Richard finds that he needs approximately 200 visitors from the content network to create one sale.

Enter Sally (the Minnow). Like Greg, Sally is also a website owner. But unlike Greg, Sally is not a Whale. Sally is a minnow. Sally is happy to build websites all day long and put Google Adsense ads on them, sending her visitors higher up the food chain to Google, Richard, Share-a-Sale and eventually Greg!

Sally gets a trickle of visitors each day to each of her sites. On this particular day, Sally had 200 visitors to her site (not a real site). Of those 200 visitors, a whopping 10% clicked on one of the ads. Sally is receiving from Google about 40% of the $0.06 cents that Richard is paying, or about $0.03 cents per click (we are rounding up on Sally's behalf).

So on this day, Sally earned $0.60 cents from that website (20 people x $0.03 cents each). Google earned the other $0.60 cents from Sally's visitors clicking on the ads.

Richard spent $12.00 to buy 200 clicks on Google's content network (Sally did not get all of Richard's clicks, other content providers got some as well). By spending the $12.00, Richard generated one sale for Greg, and got paid $25.00 for doing so. After paying for his clicks, Richard netted $13.00, or over 100% return on his money in one day. Share-a-Sale received about $12.00 for bringing together Greg and Richard. And Greg received the $114.00 order.

Let's recap for the day:

* Sally netted and received $0.60 cents
* Google netted $7.00 (after paying Sally and other website owners)
* Share-a-Sale received $12.00
* Richard netted $13.00 after costs
* Greg Received $114.00. What was his net?

Well, that depends on several factors. His cost for the lobsters are more expensive during the winter than during the summer. Assuming it was somewhere in between the lowest and highest price he pays, it was about $20.00 for the two lobsters. The foam cooler and box that he ships them in costs another $4.00. The gel ice packs that he includes to keep the lobsters refrigerated cost another $5.00.

It Takes a Lot of Money To Be a Whale

The labor involved in getting the lobsters and packaging them for shipment is another $3.00. Packaging tape, sea salt, wet knaps, and cooking instructions that he includes costs another $1.00. So, the total of his product costs amounts to about $33.00. Additionally there is the $12.00 fee for Share-a-Sale. There is also the $25.00 fee for Richard. That brings the total to an even $70.00.

The last item to be calculated is the Fedex shipping fee. This is expensive. All figures can be verified by visiting the FedEx website and checking the accuracy. When checking to determine shipping costs, you need to know the zip code of origin, destination, package weight and size.

The default size on the FedEx website is 1" x 1" x 1". Obviously, the lobsters will not fit in a box that small. The larger the box, the more the cost, even if the weight is identical. This is because the larger boxes fill the FedEx planes too quickly.

So if we go to the Fedex website, type in the origin zip code of 04101 for Portland, Maine, the destination zip code of 94103, the shipping weight of 8 pounds, and the box size of 8" x 10" x 14", we see that the cost to ship the lobsters is a whopping $64.92.

However, Greg has opened an account with Fedex and this saves him 15% on shipping rates, bringing his cost down to $55.18.

Therefore, Greg's total costs for this sale is $125.18. And Greg received $114.00. Greg actually lost a little over $11.00 on this sale! Such is the nature of the Whale. However, Greg has gained a new customer. When Christmas rolls around, as it does most years, Greg will run a promotion to his customer list and sell 2 more lobsters to this same customer. This time, Greg doesn't pay $37.00 in fees to Share-a-Sale and Richard. So on the next sale, Greg will make a profit of a little over $25.00. And when the 4th of July rolls around again, as it usually does every year or so, Greg will run a promotion to his customer list and sell 2 more lobsters to this same customer, making another profit of a little over $25.00.

Do you see the lifetime value of a customer?

So, to recap who made what for these transactions on this particular day:

* Sally netted and received $0.60 cents
* Google netted $7.00
* Share-a-Sale received $12.00
* Richard netted $13.00 after costs
* Greg lost $11.00!

I now ask you, who do you want to be in the above example? Who worked the hardest? That's hard to say. Sally works really hard designing her websites, filling them with interesting content, promoting them, doing link exchanges, getting publicity, fine-tuning, and all kinds of SEO chores. She puts in a lot of hours just to get her 200 visitors per day so that 10% of them will click on ads and she can earn her $0.60 cents! Google certainly worked hard developing their fancy math algorithms to rank, rate and sort through billions of web pages to be able to deliver the exact results that people are searching for. Google is constantly trying to improve those algorithms to deliver even better results to searchers. Google works hard for their $7.00.

Share-a-Sale works hard for their $12.00 as well. There are account managers, computer technicians, office and accounting staff, and others all dedicated to making sure that the Hunter/affiliates have what they need to do their job properly, as well as follow the rules set forth by the Whales. They do a lot of work behind the scenes and require a larger staff for these purposes.

How about Greg, he had to get the lobsters, package them, and ship them out. And on this day, his customer called at 2:30 in the afternoon complaining that she hadn't received her lobsters yet. She is waiting to go grocery shopping and wants to know where they are. So he tracks the package through Fedex and calls her back stating that they will be arriving at any time. As luck would have it, Fedex delivers the package while he is on the phone with Ms. Customer. 5 minutes later, Ms. Customer calls back to complain that the lobsters are the wrong color: they are green (live Maine lobsters are green and do not turn red until cooked). Greg explains to MS. Customer the details. She proceeds to ask a ton of questions. Greg politely answer them all. All this just for the opportunity to lose $11.00!

What about Richard? Well he spent some time writing some ads and placing those ads. Then he had to track those ads. That was a little bit of work, so he earned his $13.00. He actually earned more than anyone in the entire process of the transaction, from Minnow to Whale. If Richard is experienced, he probably worked the least out of anyone, for the most money. Does that sound good to you? And it gets better....

Tomorrow is Similar To Today

You see, tomorrow, everything is a repeat of today. Sally works diligently for hours on her sites just to get her 200 visitors. Google works on their algorithms. Share-a-Sale works on managing the Hunting Pack. And Greg ships 2 more lobsters, takes more phone calls, and loses another $11.00. But not Richard, he decides to take the day off and go fishing. :)

But he still earns his $13.00! And he didn't work at all. You see, once Richard finds a profitable offer to promote with profitable keywords, he lets that offer run and continues to generate residual income as long as Greg is willing to pay him $25.00 for a sale.

Can you see how being a Hunter/affiliate is the place to be for the highest income to work ratio?

Your goal as a Hunter/affiliate is to find profitable offers to promote and profitable keywords for those offers. And develop a big collection of them. The more offers you have running at a profit, the higher your income will be.

So how do you find the winners? Good old-fashioned trial and error. There are no magic beans to this business. Certainly, after some experience, you'll get somewhat of a feel for what might work and what probably won't, but you'll have to test to be sure. And lots of times when you test, the results are opposite of what you expected. It's like mining for gold: the only way to find the nuggets is to sift through a lot of dirt. Plain and simple.

But, oh, when you find those nuggets! The video shows the potential income over time if you continue to write ads diligently every week.

For More Information

In this single hub I cannot explain everything that you need to know in order to learn how to do everything required to develop an income similar to that in the video. I will write other hubs to teach different aspects of internet marketing.

I'd invite you to visit my homepage and have a look at my other hubs. All comments are welcome, both positive as well as constructive criticism.

Thanks for taking the time to read my hubs. :)


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    • Marisa Wright profile image

      Marisa Wright 9 years ago from Sydney

      Great Hub! Your explanation of the futility of earning with Adsense makes perfect sense, because it matches exactly the experience I have had, and have read about from other Hubbers.

    • Greg from Maine profile image

      Greg from Maine 9 years ago from Maine

      Thanks Marisa for the kind comments. I am not saying that Adsense is completely futile, just that you can't earn a full-time income from it and there are much more productive ways to make money online if that is your primary goal.

      Of course, many people here at hubpages do not have making a full time income as the highest, most important reason to publish hubs. That I can fully understand.

      But for those few whose primary goal is to make a full time living online, Adsense is not how to do it.

      Thanks again for your kind comments and taking the time to read my hub. :)

    • Misha profile image

      Misha 9 years ago from DC Area

      I think there is no one-fits-all approach in making money online, as well as in the life in general. I for one is pretty happy with Adsense so far, and while I don't make a living for DC area from it just yet, the numbers I get are considered to be a good living in many parts of the world.

      And my numbers grow every month, and my estimates show that using only a handful of keywords I am using now I can make low six figures when I maximise the traffic. And there is a whole bunch of other keywords waiting to be explored and employed...

    • profile image

      Abhinaya 9 years ago

      Thanks for sharing your views.Great and very informative hub and you are right about adsense money making.I still have to learn a lot more on this topic.Whenever I try to do so I find myself a newbie.It is not as easy as made out to be at least for me.

    • Greg from Maine profile image

      Greg from Maine 9 years ago from Maine

      Misha, that is true. There is no one-size-fits all way to make money online. There are multiple ways. What I found was that Adsense revenue never even came close to what was promised by the gurus. And it took a significant amount of my time.

      I am glad to hear that you are approaching low six figures per year. I commend you for the amount of work you put into it. I know how much work that takes.

      I prefer to expend the effort where I can make mid five figure to low six figures per month, rather than per year. But everyone is different and what one person likes to do another person may not.

      Congrats on your level of success so far with Adsense. I sincerely hope you continue to see healthy increases in both your traffic and your revenue each month.

      Abhinaya, thank you for the positve comment. Unfortunately, making money online is not going to be as easy as the salesmen make it out to be. It requires real work and a significant amount of time invested. As you learn, you'll improve. But making money online is not a path to quick riches. You will be disappointed if that is what you were hoping for. The most important thing you can do is to continue to learn. That knowledge will pay off if you stick with it. Look at what Misha is doing. I'm sure his success didn't come overnight. Persistence will pay off.

    • Misha profile image

      Misha 9 years ago from DC Area

      LOL Greg, no, I am not targeting low six figures a month for sure - I don't think I need that much money. And I am generally a very lazy guy and wouldn't lift a finger if I don't have to. But who knows, later I might decide I need them :D

      I did try other methods, thought, and I keep them in my arsenal - but so far Adsense is working for me the best by far...

    • Greg from Maine profile image

      Greg from Maine 9 years ago from Maine

      Thanks for your response Misha. I have two sons in college, and a daughter in high school who will be going to college soon. So I kind of have to earn a sizable income. Gosh, college is soooo expensive!

      I really appreciate your comments and enjoy reading your posts in the forum as well as your hubs...

    • MarloByDesign profile image

      MarloByDesign 9 years ago from United States

      Misha, you must write a lot to make that much - wow! Do you just make money off of writing blogs?

      Greg, as an absolute lover or lobsters, bless you!!! Do you give fellow Hubbers a lobster discount, lol!

    • crazycat profile image

      crazycat 9 years ago from Philippines

      I've read that many made it with PPC.

    • Misha profile image

      Misha 9 years ago from DC Area

      Marlo, no, I prefer quality to quantity :D

    • Rob Jundt profile image

      Rob Jundt 9 years ago from Midwest USA

      Another great article. I'm new in the sea of internet marketing but the opportunities to learn are endless. For now, I'm keeping my day job!

    • Greg from Maine profile image

      Greg from Maine 9 years ago from Maine

      Thanks Rob. :)

      I kept my day job until I was making more online than the day job paid. When that time came, it was a very easy decision. The process took 2 years, but I worked a lot (due to a day occupation and also a night occupation) during those 2 years. Today, I am very happy to have made the transition.

    • Linda J Watson profile image

      Linda J Watson 9 years ago from New Jersey

      Great Hub! Very imoformative, Thank you!

    • quotations profile image

      Robert P 9 years ago from Canada

      Very useful hub. Thanks.

    • Ponderize profile image

      Ponderize 9 years ago from California

      Great hub, Greg. Maybe too informative - quick take it off before everyone rushes to be like that guy Richard and ruins it for the rest of us :-). After all, isn't that what ruined it during the good ole' days of high paying keywords? I completely agree with you that the time factor is just overwhelming. It's great if you already know how to design websites...but otherwise forget it.

      Maybe you discuss this in a different hub - but don't the whales have strict rules about what you can do to lure customers? Is it as easy as just buying ads on google's network or do you have to have a website (which viewers get to by clicking on your purchased ads) promoting the product all over again? That part could get complicated...

    • sanssecret profile image

      sanssecret 9 years ago from England

      Great info. Too many folks think they can make money with no work. Where on earth they get the idea from is beyond me. A business is a business is a business. Try not turning up for the day job and see how much you get paid!

    • Greg from Maine profile image

      Greg from Maine 9 years ago from Maine

      Linda & Quotations, Thank you both for the kind comments.

      Ponderize, Yes, every whale has rules regarding what they will and will not allow. Some allow the affiliates to buy ppc ads and some do not. Yes, it is as easy as buying ads on Google, and no, you do not need a website. However, Google keeps a very close watch on the ads that they let run. I never, ever recommend starting by buying ads on Google. I always recommend when starting out to use MSN Adcenter. There are a number of reasons. MSN doesn't penalize like Google does for low click-through rates of your ad. Google does. MSN gets less traffic and is less competitive, therefore the cost to buy the ads is much less. There are a number of other factors as well, way too much to list here. I am planning on writing another hub about it in the near future.

      Sanssecret, you sound like a business owner.  :) Thanks for your kind comments.

    • vreccc profile image

      vreccc 9 years ago from Concord, NH


      Do you care to share the process you use? I've read a $97 eBook on the issue, but I feel the writer was leaving a lot out. Just enough to make you think you got your money's worth, but not enough so he/she would created competition for him/herself.



    • Greg from Maine profile image

      Greg from Maine 9 years ago from Maine

      Jonathan, You are correct that a $97 eBook will leave a lot out. I have spent thousands of dollars learning how to use the internet to earn a living. Some products that I've purchased are very good, and some are not worth the price.

      There is no easy way to learn, nor is there an easy way to rapid success. Both are a process and involve a great deal of effort. I am willing to share the process, but it is a very lengthy process. Much more than could be shared in 20 hubs of this size or larger. The more you learn, and the more you do, the greater your success will be.

      There is no way that I could say, "Do this first, then this second, then this third and you'll be making enough to earn your living online." There is a tremendous amount of learning involved. It is not nearly as simple as all the sales letters for the $97 eBooks make it sound. Of course, if they told the truth, they would not sell very many eBooks. Instead, they make it sound like there is hardly anything to it, and they pander to a widespread desire for easy, effortless shortcut.

      Nevertheless, I am in the process of creating a website that will teach the process. The website will be free. You can send me an email if you are interested.

      Thanks for taking the time to read my hub.


    • guzie profile image

      Paul Guzman 9 years ago from Las Cruces, NM

      Hmmm....very informative hub. I make a good second income from adsense ads. Yes just a minnow in a sea of Sharks. Tell me Greg isn't this also called "Click Flipping"?

      "Richard" is the person all of us would like to be. However he too is taking chances and does initially need work and continually test his ads. Here is the ONE part of your hub that is throwing me off "If Richard is experienced" how does someone get experienced"?

      Thanks Paul

    • Greg from Maine profile image

      Greg from Maine 9 years ago from Maine

      Hi Guzie, Thanks for the comment about my hub being informative.

      The process of affiliate marketing has several names. It was originally called "Google Cash", then Scott Boulch called it "Click Flipping", then Gauher Chaudry called it "Traffic Brokering." I personally think Gauher's description is the most accurate.

      As far as becoming experienced, lots and lots of trial and error. The amount of trial and error can be reduced some by purchasing good educational information. I've purchased thousands of dollars worth of products and seminars. Gauher's PPC Formula is very good, and probably the best all around course on the market now. There are other products that focus on more specific aspects.

      Bottom line: there is no magic pill or simple shortcut. It is the same as if you wanted to become a certified public accountant. You get training, then you start working in the field, then after paying your dues, you can take the test and become a CPA. There is no official test to become an affiliate marketer, but the process is similar.

    • jeffB1971 profile image

      jeffB1971 9 years ago from Kansas

      Excellent hub. I have been working in internet marketing now for almost a year and have learned a bunch by trial and error. My income is no where near what I need to quit my day job, but I keep plugging away. I look forward to reading more of your information.

    • Greg from Maine profile image

      Greg from Maine 9 years ago from Maine

      Thanks for the comments Jeff. Keep plugging away it. That's what I did. Consistent effort is what is required to grow the income level to the point where you are making more than you do at your day job.

    • profile image

      markion 9 years ago from London

      I think you gave up too early on adsense, there are keywords that can earn you $5 a click, and what more, you can combine adsense and affiliate marketing.

    • Greg from Maine profile image

      Greg from Maine 9 years ago from Maine

      Hi Markion,

      Thanks for taking the time to comment on my hub. I don't feel that I gave up too early. After spending nearly 7 months developing Adsense income, I was only making $10 to $20 per day. I spent the next 7 months developing affiliate marketing, and my income was more than 22 times that. In affiliate marketing, the income was much, much more.

      What you need to understand is that traffic has value. Yes, there are Adsense keywords that pay $5 per click. Why? Because those clicks have a much greater value to the person paying the $5.

      Adsense is easy to implement, but it is also at the bottom of the food chain. The higher up the food chain that you go, the more value those clicks have. You wouldn't believe how many clicks I purchased last month. Why? Because they have value to me. I know what to do with that traffic. Part of the purchase of clicks came from the content network on Google, which is Adsense.

      I am not saying Adsense is bad, I am merely stating that the clicks are more valuable that what Google will pay you for them.

    • vreccc profile image

      vreccc 9 years ago from Concord, NH


      I'm back. I think I told you that I was going to do a hub on keyword research. Here it is:

      I'd be intereted in hearing your thoughts and suggestions. I think I have a lot to learn from you.

      By the way, I live in New Hampshire. Just down the road from you. I live near UNH.



    • sundance profile image

      sundance 9 years ago from Oklahoma

      Hi Greg,

      I have been playing in a puddle on the beach, as compared to the ocean, for about 9 months now. I am about to move on to the big pond before the ocean. I too, have spent many thousands of dollars on education about internet marketing. I have been afraid to get in the water. I feel like I have some water wings on now, so I'm gonna get my feet wet. Your Hub makes me realize that I have wasted valuable time storing knowedge, when what I really need is some experience. Thanks for the push.


    • Greg from Maine profile image

      Greg from Maine 9 years ago from Maine

      Hi Kim, Thanks for your kind words.

      Sundance, the only way to learn how to swim is to get in the water. Trial and error, trial and error, and more trial and error will get you into the big league. Do more of what works and eliminate what doesn't. You build this type of business one successful find after another.

    • Shirley Anderson profile image

      Shirley Anderson 9 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      Great article, really helps me to understand the whole thing better. Also, it confirms my belief that I am a better writer than marketer.

      Thx for shedding some clarity.

    • Greg from Maine profile image

      Greg from Maine 9 years ago from Maine

      Thanks, Shirley, for your kind words. I'm happy to hear that it helped you understand things better.

    • johnr54 profile image

      Joanie Ruppel 9 years ago from Texas

      When you get into affiliate marketing, one of the major problems is that a huge chunk of your conversion funnel is out of your control, or even your ability to track. It becomes hugely important that you affiliate market for someone who has a good conversion rate. Without that, you can do everything right and still see lousy results.

      As it stands, you can do what is effectively affilate marketing on the Adsense network with the CPA ads. My experience is that these convert horribly, but that may be that I've not chosen the right advertisers. My guess is that Google is attracting advertisers that couldn't make the cost of Adwords work for them, so they are using the CPA to shift some of the risk to the website publishers.

      Affiliate marketing can be a lot more lucrative that simply running Adsense, but to do it profitably is more work as well.

    • Greg from Maine profile image

      Greg from Maine 9 years ago from Maine

      Hi John,

      I agree with everything you said. I do use a software tool to be able to place highly targeted ads on Google's content network. These actually convert fairly well. Much, much better than if you simply let Google decide where your ads are placed.

      Thanks for reading my hub.

    • Zsuzsy Bee profile image

      Zsuzsy Bee 9 years ago from Ontario/Canada

      Man-oh-man I have a lot to learn still...Thanks for the great amount of info. I will need to come back to you with a couple of questions as soon as they're totally are gelled in my head.

      Thanks again great HUB

      regards Zsuzsy

    • Greg from Maine profile image

      Greg from Maine 9 years ago from Maine

      Zsuzsy Bee, I really appreciate your kind comments.

    • ajcor profile image

      ajcor 9 years ago from NSW. Australia

      all of this sounds good - please keep the info coming!

    • Greg from Maine profile image

      Greg from Maine 9 years ago from Maine

      Thanks Ajcor, I will.

    • David Cowley profile image

      David Cowley 9 years ago

      Great Information Greg. This hub explains a lot. I have been working for about a year and have 9 web sites. I make about $200 a month total using Google Adsense. I have not tried the PPC yet but I would like to put PPC ads on my web sites that would not interfere with my Google Adsense account. Do you know of any ?

    • Greg from Maine profile image

      Greg from Maine 9 years ago from Maine

      Hi David,

      I am a little bit confused about what you are intending to do. It is in the Adsense agreement that you will not put any other competing ads on any page that has Adsense. Therefore, you couldn't go to Yahoo Publisher Network and also display their ads on the same page. Nor could you go to Bidvertiser or any of the other competitors to Google's Adsense.

      PPC simply mean "pay per click". Google Adsense is ppc. The advertiser pays Google for every click. Google splits this with the website owners.

      PPC is simply a means of buying traffic. I buy over 95% of my traffic rather than create content-filled websites and spend the enormous amount of time promoting them to get a steady flow of traffic. Buying tons of traffic can be done almost instantly, whereas doing what you have done with your 9 sites takes months.

      However, now that you do have 9 sites and you are getting some traffic, there is a better way to monetize your sites than simply putting Adsense ads on them.

      Let me give you an example.

      Suppose one of your sites is about bowling. One of your pages could be about bowling shoes, another about bowling balls, another about bowling uniforms, etc. Instead of having Adsense ads on those pages, you should find a company that will pay you a commission for every sale of bowling shoes, bowling balls, bowling uniforms, etc.

      The commission that you would receive is much higher than the income that you earn from Adsense. A $15.00 commission on a bowling ball is much better that 30 clicks at 8 cents each.

      I advertise on Adsense. From an advertiser's perspective it is called the content network. Clicks are inexpensive. And Google keeps about 60% of the revenue. I can still make a profit even after I pay you and Google.

      I am suggesting that you cut out the middleman. Whatever your websites are about, work directly with companies that will pay you healthy commmissions as a result of the customers that you send to them.

      Do a search on Google for Commission Junction, LinkShare, Primary Ads, and ClickBank. Open accounts there and you'll find plenty of companies that will pay the commissions you seek. It pays much better than Adsense. I promote offers from these companies and buy nearly all of my traffic. It is very profitable.

      If you have any questions, just let me know.


    • profile image

      lyme99 9 years ago

      Excellent hub, I will point people here instead of trying to explain it myself. :-)

      Couple of points though....

      1) Adsense can make a TON of money. Yes it's small, but it's relatively easy to scale to 1000's of sites making $.60/day if you know how to program and scrape/mashup content. Dynamically updating sites, no interaction, no maintenance, no Adwords accounts to manage, etc. It requires a lot of work to get going, but just wanted to point out that there is big money to be made here as well. But you're right, forget about it if you're running one site and writing content by hand.

      2) Your affiliate revenue is meaningless without any mention of that 6 letter word...profit. Anyone can shell out $5/click on Adwords to get top position and drive that kind of revenue. Anyone. Given your understanding of the market, I am almost certain you're making a profit, but I think you're also misleading folks too to some extent.

      Again, excellent read.


    • jackcity profile image

      jackcity 9 years ago from Barcelona

      Great hub. Thanks.

    • Greg from Maine profile image

      Greg from Maine 9 years ago from Maine

      Jackcity, Thanks for the kind words.

      Lyme99, I agree 100% with everything you stated. Problem is, I'm not a programmer. I don't have the ability to dynamically create 1000's of sites. 60 cents a day per site isn't worth the effort if you have to create sites by hand and write your own content. How many sites can a person create like that? 10? 20? 50?

      %0 would be a ton of work just to earn 30 bucks a day. And it would take months and months and months. HOWEVER, if you can dynamically create them with programming horsepower, yeah, 1000's of sites each making 60 cents a day is big money. That is a completely different ball game. For all of us that don't have the programming skills, adsense will remain small money.

      As far as the profit that I am or aren't making, you are correct again. Anyone could spend their way to those numbers. It would be easy to spend 150,000 to generate 50,000 in commissions. Anyone can do that. The key is to spend way less than 50,000 so that there is a healthy profit. And my profit is very healthy.

      Thanks for your comments. I really appreciate them.

    • Raven King profile image

      Raven King 9 years ago from Cabin Fever

      Great hub! Keep up the good work. :)

    • nyfamily5 profile image

      nyfamily5 9 years ago

      Great hub, I've been on the Internet Scene for about 2 months. You think you know the internet until you start a business on it. Great information, wish I had it 2 months ago.

    • Greg from Maine profile image

      Greg from Maine 9 years ago from Maine

      Raven King, Thanks for the kind comment and the smile. :)

      nyfamily5, Thanks for the comment. I hope you do well online. Keep learning and keep doing. Those are the two most important key to success.

    • Venkat profile image

      Venkat 9 years ago

      Huh..You are my Guru. Thank you very much for showing light in such a wonderful way that even a blind fellow can see it. Thank you once again.

    • Greg from Maine profile image

      Greg from Maine 9 years ago from Maine

      Venkat, Thank you for that very kind comment. I don't quite think I'm a guru though!

    • Lisa Packer profile image

      Lisa Packer 9 years ago

      Great Hub! I wish more people understood the problems of the "shark!" As a copywriter, some of my clients have been wannabe sharks following dreams of wealth, only to discover just how hard life in the "ocean" truly is. It's nearly impossible to truly succeed with a single product offering -- they really need a series of "upsells" to make it worthwhile.

      The shark in your story needs to do more than wait around for Christams and July4, he needs to be contacting his customers regularly and offering them "Lobster-of-the-month" subscriptions, and ever more expensive plans beyond that. THAT's the real lifetime value of a customer.

      Unfortunately, all too many jump in with a single product and are surprised by the fact that their bank account isn't overflowing. For them, the best place really is a little lower on the food chain.

      Keep up the good work!

    • Greg from Maine profile image

      Greg from Maine 9 years ago from Maine

      Thank you Lisa. I agree completely about the lifetime value of a customer. The more back-end products you have, the higher lifetime value of the customer. Relying 100% on just one product will not be sufficient. Great Point.

    • profile image

      wan 9 years ago

      how to write nice hub like this?is this from your experience?

    • Andrew0208 profile image

      Andrew0208 9 years ago from Zion

      I like your plain truth. Good lesson for internet marketers to learn, and if you are new to IM. Forget the hype associated with it. Internet marketing requires patience, also get to know more freely from fellow hubbers here to improve your skills towards actualizing your dreams.


    • Greg from Maine profile image

      Greg from Maine 9 years ago from Maine

      Yes, Wan, this is from my experience. I didn't hire a ghostwriter. I did write it based on my own personal experience.

      Thanks Andrew, for the kind words. It does require patience and perssistence. If you go into believing the hype, you'll end up disappointed and quit. Forget the hype. It's all about learning, testing, and making many small improvements, one after another. Thanks again for your comments.

    • profile image

      vijayanths 9 years ago

      woow, this is really a great hub.You have presented the details with your own online business experiences and that is the strength of this article.I must appreciate you for your simple and free flowing words.I need to read a few more articles to understand fully about internet marketing.

    • Greg from Maine profile image

      Greg from Maine 9 years ago from Maine

      Thank you Vijayanths for your kind comment.

    • C.J. profile image

      C.J. 9 years ago from Wisconsin

      Hi Greg,

      What a great hub. It really makes you look at things in a different light. I'm a "whale" with 2 big mortgages and employees (most great, some not so great), and customers (most great, some not so great). Unfortunately, if the "not so great" is only 1 or 2% of the people, it can still drive you crazy. And even when your gross is wonderful, it doesn't always mean your net is wonderful.

      I've been working on learning SEO to try to help my website get better ratings but I don't know how to do programming so this isn't easy. I think it's time to look into becoming a hunter. Many streams of income are always better anyway.

      I just wanted to let you know that I really loved your post and can't wait to read more.



    • beta1070 profile image

      beta1070 9 years ago from UK

      This hub is misleading.

      I make a very decent six figure sum from Adsense every year, year after year after year, and I'll tell you why this hub is misleading.

      First, lyme99, as you point out it is possible to make a ton of money from Adsense. In fact, the original references in the hub to people who claim to be making tens of thousands of dollars in Adsense are true. That's not premium publishers like big news sites - these are a lot of "small" publishers making $100,000K plus a year.

      Misha is on the right track. He WILL make his six-figure sum soon. If he discovers the power of buying content instead of relying on just his own writing he'll make it even sooner. If he goes a step further and buys not just content but packages of content+domain+history in SEs (i.e. WEBSITES) he'll make it as early as this year.

      Are affiliate programs bad, then? Not at all. Are they capable of making huge profits? Yes, absolutely, 100%. Can you become a millionaire with Adsense? No, if you believe this hub. And you shouldn't.

      Making tons in Adsense is fairly easy if you know a few things and understand leverage. But here are some reasons why this hub is wrong.

      1. It ignores the auto-pilot nature of Adsense sites. Provided it's an evergreen content site you need not do anything to it from one year to the next. With PPC, you have to be constantly on the ball. You can pause your campaigns and go away on holiday for a couple of weeks but... you earn no money. Buy evergreen.

      2. With Adsense, only Google can cheat you. Maybe they do ;) but I still come out OK. With PPC, every competitor is looking to drive up your click costs and ruin you. It gets worse. Go check out what cookie hijacking means - there are all manner of people looking to steal your profit. That's stil just the tip of the iceberg. There are millions of complaints around about the Commission Junctions of this world. And merchants who disappear into the ether.

      3. In an attempt to underplay Adsense earnings the author quotes the Adsense profit split at 60-40 in Google's favour. Google's statutory public declarations since they floated demonstrate that the average "traffic acquisition cost" i.e. what's paid to publishers is closer to 70%. Yes, folk, that's about 70% to the publisher and 30% to Google.

      4. Sally's earnings calculations - and $3 eCPM - are not typical. If Sally's page is about lobsters and where to get good lobsters and if she has a half decent page design here's what she'll be getting based on today's Adwords estimates of click costs: She'll get 50 people clicking ads at an earning of $0.26 each. That's $13 or an eCPM of $6.50 (If Sally didn't get all of Richard clicks then Richard didn't get all of Sally's. She has 12 text ads on her page and a row of Adlinks. Richard featured in only one of the text spots). At the conservative 200 visitors a day Sally made $4,745 this year ($13 x 365 - the same as Richard). That's from her single page on what's a high value keyword. It is possible to make $200-300 a day from some of these high value keywords if done right. But we'll go with Sally who isn't pushy and can't be bothered optimising. We'll also take it that she hasn't stuck a couple of Adbrite CPM ads and some text ads on there, that she's not building a list herself or doing ANY other monetising of her site.

      5. In a year or two Sally can sell her site for anywhere from 1-3 years' income. May I remind you that Sally has forgotten she owned this site, she hasn't done any work on it for so long. You can't sell an Adwords account. You can't sell affiliate associations easily, there isn't a market.

      Let's do the calculations again: In three years Richard has made 4745 x 3 = 14,235 and spent a lot of time and worry. Sally made $14235 and sold her (one page?) website for $14235 making a total of just double Richard's. More importantly, there's was no time cost for her.

      I've been hired to write for this site on home businesses: This may be a good topic for my first article there so thanks for the idea, Greg.

    • lee'sview profile image

      Ebay Made Easy 9 years ago from The Great up North

      Great hub, ok I am on CJ , any tips for them ?


    • Dauda Idris profile image

      Dauda Idris 9 years ago from Nigeria

      An exellent hub. Please keep it up.

    • Greg from Maine profile image

      Greg from Maine 9 years ago from Maine

      Dauda Iris & C.J., thanks for your kind comments.

      Lee'sview, I have an account with cj, but don't do much with them. I would, however, suggest that you study the offers they have available and pick ones that you know something about. Keyword research is critical. The better you know your keywords, the more success you will have.


      Thanks for taking the time to respond with such a detailed comment. At first glance, it seems that we might have very different viewpoints, however, I think our views are closer to each others than might appear at first glance. I will try to respond to each of your points.

      First, I don't believe that my hub is as misleading as you claim, for reasons which will become clear as I respond.

      I never claimed that it isn't possible to make 6 figures with Adsnese. As a matter of fact, I know a couple of people who make more than that per month in Adsense earnings.

      However, they do that by using programs to scrape content and build websites. They don't do one or two, they do thousands. Thousands of sites each earning $1 per day is good income. I'm sure we will both agree on that.

      If a person has these programming skills, then Adsense can make them a bundle. Even Lyme99 stated if you are building websites by hand and creating content yourself, forget Adsense. You can't make it big that way.

      1. I understand auto-pilot very well. How is creating websites by hand auto-pilot? I have many ads that were written over a year ago and continue to earn a profit week in and week out. I don't have to do anything to them except let them run.

      2. I agree with your point. The higher up the food chain, the more risk there is. No disagreement there.

      3. We can debate this point all day long, but neither of us will be able to prove ourselves right, because only Google knows for sure and they aren't telling. When you say their acquisition costs for traffic is close to 70%, you seem to imply that all of that figure goes to publsihers. I've been in business for quite a few years and can tell you that there is such a thing as overhead expenses. I'm 100% sure that when Goolge says anything about "costs", overhead is included. This means that the share going to publishers is quite a bit less than 70%.

      4. I beleive Sally's earnings numbers are typical. 200 visitors and 25% click through ratio? This ratio is obtainable, but only if you don't provide much information for the visitor. How many people here are experiencing a 25% CTR? None that I am aware of. With spammy content, visitors then have no choice but to click away. Again, if you are using programs to automate the website building process, spammy content will lead to a much higher CTR.

      Your numbers on cost per click are not accurate. I believe this is where you yourself are misleading people. I've purchased clicks in Adwords for 20 cents in this niche from Google Search. Every expeienced ppc marketer will tell you that clicks are more expensive on search than they are in the content network. Sally is not going to get 26 cents per click. Not in that niche. Obviously, in other niche's it is possible.

      5. I disagree with your line of reasoning here. You are assuming that I direct link every cpa offer. Not true. I have sites, so therefore I could sell my sites just as easily as Sally could. My sites make more with cpa offers than they do with Adsense, therefore I could sell my sites for more than Sally (1 to 3 times annual earnings, higher earnings = higher value).

      My point with this hub is that if you are building sites by hand and those sites are getting some traffic, selling those clicks for pennies to Adsense is not the most profitable way to make money. Join a cpa network and put a targeted ad of your own there. You'll make more.

      That doesn't mean that if you have programming skills you won't make big money creating thousands of mini-sites that bring in $1 a day each. I know people who do that, and that certainly is viable way to make it big as well.

      But I agree with lyme99, if you are creating sites by hand, Adsense is not the best way to go.

    • beta1070 profile image

      beta1070 9 years ago from UK

      1. It's not the creation of sites that's auto pilot, read the evergreen content comment again, it's autopilot after you've created/bought the site.

      2. Contrary to your claim, you DON'T know any individual making more than six figures per month in Adsense.

      3. I've owned scrapers. You may not know but the big money from scrapers was long ago. That ship don't sail no more. It was good while it lasted.

      4. 25% CTR is low for some perfectly good sites; the EPC I quoted is conservative. I note that Adsense isn't reeally your game so appreciate you may not be that familiar with it.

      5. With site sales: your affiliate site is pretty worthless. The only value is in the domain (if that) and the copy (which is easily reproduced). The typical affiliate site doesn't have any decent content to add value. Your sites may make more from CPA than Adsense but they rely on your constant campaign management skills. The CPA earnings are worthless from the POV of calculating NPV as the associated cash flows disappear the moment you and your Adwords campaign leave the building. The only exception is if you have free traffic sources like SERPs.. for which you need content, SEO etc.

      Trust me, I understand the business of selling sites.

      I do get your point with this hub and I do agree that the affiliate game is good money; I've had a CJ account since their first year and a CB feed since before I got a driving licence. I agree with you 100% that there's big money in lead/sale generation. My point is that your comments about Adsense are inaccurate, mistaken and misleading.

      Thanks for leaving my reply even though it was harshly critical of your comments.

    • Marco_Man profile image

      Marco_Man 9 years ago from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

      I appreciate that info. Very Informative...To each its own.

    • profile image

      dafla 9 years ago

      Great hub! Great way to describe the hierarchy.

      I am glad you mentioned that it took you two years to get to where you could quit your day job. Most people go into this thinking they can get rich in a couple of months, and actually, unless you're using black hat tactics, that isn't the way it is at all.

    • Jenn Knows profile image

      Jenn Knows 9 years ago from USA

      Some great information and tips here. Thanks for this great hub.

    • FELEX84 profile image

      FELEX84 9 years ago from KL

      great hub,i do agree ,it is really hard to earn money from google adsense,the requirement is so hard to achieve,maybe some people manage to earn like shoemoney CEO ,he showed a cheque that he received,is amazing,i personally think that is it really hard,is still depend on the person how he/she market the website.

    • profile image

      hendus74 9 years ago

      I really enjoyed reading your hub, it is interesting writing. It really cleared some things up for me.


    • profile image

      hendus74 9 years ago

      I'd also like to add that it actually relieved some stress, or tension. Looks like I'm going to be a regular here at Hubpages from now on :)

    • mroconnell profile image

      mroconnell 9 years ago from France

      Doesn't AdSense's referral program let you be an affiliate? Plus, doesn't having an account with share-a-sale or whatever pack only translate to dollars if you have a website with good content (i.e. work as much as a minnow)? I feel like this hub is condescending toward the amount of work "minnows" have to do even though the eventual advocacy is to do that work (generate good content) and join a site like AdSense but use their referral program rather than use their PPC. Am I misreading?

    • Swancky profile image

      Swancky 9 years ago from Maryland

      Could you write a shorter version of this beautiful article? Heh Please?

    • gunsock profile image

      gunsock 9 years ago from South Coast of England

      Fantastic hub. Informative, well written and interesting.

      Thank you!

    • artchastudio profile image

      artchastudio 9 years ago

      Great! Vey informative! Thank you

    • Shaur online profile image

      Shaur online 9 years ago from Kansas City, Ks

      This is a great overview of how internet marketing works. Lots of stuff to think about. Thanks

    • Shaur online profile image

      Shaur online 9 years ago from Kansas City, Ks

      This is a great overview of how internet marketing works. Lots of stuff to think about. Thanks

    • profile image

      dertixo 9 years ago


      Great info. i am new to all of this, any comments on using SEO elite,content king, or Traffic stampede software. Are they useful or are they scams? also any good books to read, i have been educating myself but have run into conflicting ways and ideas. thanks for any input.

    • Sandilyn profile image

      Sandilyn 9 years ago from Port Orange, FL

      Great content! I agree with you on Adsense! There are so many better places to put your money. Especially if you are just starting out. Some people rave about it but I am with you on this one!

    • Keny Luger profile image

      Keny Luger 9 years ago

      Cool hub. Nicely put together. Adsense should never be anyone's focus if they're trying to make money online.

      Since I'm already participating on Hubpages, apart from doing PPC and email marketing I might as well get the adsense since you cant really opt out of using it. Other than that its a waste of time.

    • profile image

      Ronald Daniar 9 years ago

      There is no wrong if you put adsense on your webpage. It is wrong if you focus on the adsense itself rather than the quality content or service of your website and make connection with readers or clients.

    • profile image

      ba-ankh-amen 9 years ago

      I believe that poor Sally needs some support here. Affiliate marketing pays more, but it does require more effort and ad investment. It all comes down to what really made you get into the web arena - to make money, to become known, to meet people, to share what you like, etc.? I happen to like Photoshop Art and Egypt Travel, so I have sites on those topics. With Adsense and a sprinkle of affiliations I've been making enough money to keep me encouraged to further develop my sites. Of course, content makes traffic grow so my revenue keeps increasing.Everyone should be aware that what makes someone successful, financially or otherwise, is an honest approach to content and a willingness to help others. Notice how Greg promptly responds to reader's comments.

    • profile image

      Leigh Cowden 9 years ago

      Love the post. Thanks for the valuable info. If you ever publish or write a "how to" I'd love to read it.

      Leigh Cowden

    • profile image

      susan 9 years ago

      Greg, This is a great site to find additiona info....I would like to know

      which article submitter you use.......Most seem to rely on, but

      Squidoo does not edit articles....I'm leaning toward JetSpinner....they spin

      articles to create unique content from one article and submit to 25 SEO's

      per day, until 400 articles have been submitted. And they also provide

      many back links as well. What is your theory on this method?

      Thanks, Susan


    • Dumbledore profile image

      Dumbledore 9 years ago from Somewhere in Ohio

      I believe that if you can create content that people will read that there is real money to make with AdSense. The trick is creating good content.

      By the way, this hub exceeds the mark for what I would call good content.

    • Life's Good profile image

      Life's Good 9 years ago from Australia

      Hi Greg,

      Thanks for this hub and information. Also Beta1070 for her alternative viewpoints. Yes, the gurus sell to the 2% internet market people and who can check their claims? Recently I joined some big guru launches and in one they boasted that their (other) friend sold $4m during their launch. Now, they said they would limit the members of the new launch to 500 (to make people crazy to join for fear of losing out. That worked out to be 2000 members. I asked for my money back. They sure don't need my money!

      I think with the Adsense, even though not a lot of money compared to others, it is a good beginning. Then learn other ways to up our game. In IM, the learning curve is high. With patience and small consistent wins, we can motivate ourselves to stay in the game.

      All the best! Ivonne

    • vikkycab profile image

      vikkycab 9 years ago from Quezon City, Philippines

      Wow, this is the single best article I've read so far about online business. Straight to the point. No frills. Thank you so much for the analysis and the interesting comparisons of the players in the food chain. Now I know what areas I have to concentrate on, and which ones to put least attention to. I can't wait to read the rest of your hubs.

    • monitor profile image

      monitor 9 years ago from The world.

      I wanna be richard. Keep writing I will keep reading. Your fan.


    • monitor profile image

      monitor 9 years ago from The world.

      Where is your blog?


    • compu-smart profile image

      compu-smart 9 years ago from London UK

      What a nugget of a hub!!

      Many of my questions and answers pretty much answered!! Im now off to sift through a lot of dirt and hopefully find some gold!


    • Suprmn2008 profile image

      Suprmn2008 9 years ago from Conyers, Ga

      I also like what you have to say. I'm very new to this world, but, i have come across a lot of good looking ways to create income. I have been in real world business opportunity dealings for many years, and my lumps from falling off of the horse are many. Yet, fear will keep you broke. I will read some more of your hubs, and, you will probably hear from me again. I'm big into honest people, as I am, myself. So, Thank you for sharing your wisdom!

    • donnaleemason profile image

      donnaleemason 9 years ago from North Dakota, USA

      Thanks for breaking it down to make it so much easier to understand. Great article. Donna

    • profile image

      moviestoota 9 years ago

      I think you are quite right , adsense sucks and does not make any substantial money. I've tried it many time on my website. Great blog.

    • meucci24 profile image

      meucci24 9 years ago

      wow, I have been a member of Hubpages for all of 1 hour! This is the first article that I have read, what a great pick! Best article on internet marketing I have read since starting my IM education 4 months ago.

      Thanks Greg and all of the commentors, both were incredibly helpful!

    • charlemont profile image

      charlemont 9 years ago from Lithuania

      Very informative hub, thank you!

      I think that concentrating solely on AdSense is a mistake, but in terms of Multiple Streams of Income it does make sense. Do not store eggs in one basket ;)

      And the biggest advantage of AdSense is that it educates newbie marketers. IMHO.

    • profile image

      abhig 9 years ago

      Great hub, I was really hooked.

      I will point out few things though. I think you should try to be as high in the value chain as you can afford too. Google owners are multibillionaires, Google employees make 6 figures in salary plus a fortune in stock options.

      Also, if you are a whale you would earn more money, based on how good you are. If You get a happy customer you get repeat business from the customer. So, even if you pay commission to affiliate once, you get potentially higher margin from the customer later.

    • profile image

      Bram 9 years ago

      I got 50 (sites and blogs) one of them is each site and blog earn about $0.63 per day, so far I earn $0.63 x 50 x 30 =$945.00 only.......

    • Neil Sperling profile image

      Neil Sperling 9 years ago from Port Dover Ontario Canada

      Interesting thread. Loved the analogy to animals and whales etc. One other thing I feel important is to find a product or service you bleive in - then you must find the way to get "that" product or service to the market place. Every product will require a different form of online marketing strategy.

      Keep writing - Thanks

      Neil Sperling

    • profile image

      adri 9 years ago

      Thanks for your info I have tried with feed affiliate also good way as hunter affiliate

    • askweb20 profile image

      askweb20 9 years ago from So. Florida & Houston

      Very informative and well presented.

    • JHwebsites profile image

      JHwebsites 9 years ago from UK

      Adding adsense is something I would not advise because it takes a lot of time and effort to get visitors to your website and they could dissapear in one click. OK so you may earn a few cents from them moving on but the idea of setting up a website is to get visitors to view it, be it an information, brochure or online shop, you want browsers to stay long enough to check out your published data.

      There are alternative advertisments that can also earn you small commissions.

      WidgetBucks and GimmieLinks are a few that I would put on blogs.

    • ngureco profile image

      ngureco 9 years ago

      I believe we should not mix issues. Every site should have a core business that should make you the money that you want. If adsense is your core business then you should become an affiliate and sell adsense ebooks and softwares from the likes of CB, CJ, Ebay and Amazon in your site. The Google adsense ads in your site are actually not your core business.

      Google adsense ads are meant to be a small fee to encourage publishers to provide the web with quality information, and at no time should the adsense pay be equated to be the value of their published work on the site. Without quality information, no one will visit the web - there will be no affiliates and adsense.

      Google adword ads is a risky thing and should not be for everyone because you may lose your money - some people will do better in the stock market than with adwords. If adwords was easy, all publishers in CB, CJ and Amazon would use it 100 percent rather than spend extra in commission of 25% to affiliates.

    • eswar profile image

      eswar 9 years ago from India

      That 's really a great post, i started as a hobby now turned out crazy, basically i am a warhorse and since adsense is giving me a tough fight i decided to go for it, and searching for some spark, since you said you are on the making of a website while answering jonathan, mail me also the url, show me spark to light let me go. Once again it is great post, Greg, thanx for the information and do mail me the site add.

    • eswar profile image

      eswar 9 years ago from India

      That 's really a great post, i started as a hobby now turned out crazy, basically i am a warhorse and since adsense is giving me a tough fight i decided to go for it, and searching for some spark, since you said you are on the making of a website while answering jonathan, mail me also the url, show me spark to light let me go. Once again it is great post, Greg, thanx for the information and do mail me the site add.

    • profile image

      shermanchoo 9 years ago

      Great Article.

    • profile image

      mastamind 9 years ago

      Hi greg

      Great hub, i was in the process of starting where Richard started without knowing that it was the best place to start. but now you have really put it all in perspective for me. THANKS


    • goldendragon profile image

      goldendragon 9 years ago from USA

      I have to say I agree more with beta1070 about Adsense from my personal expenience. You can make big money if you do it right. You don't have to use automatic site generation tool. SEs give them harder and harder time. Manually generating a site does take some time. But the key is traffic not the site. Traffic generation take much more time than site generation. With big enough traffic, you can use Adsense to monetize. But Adsense is just one of hundreds ads networks. Other than CPC ads networks, there are CPM, shopping networks. Yes, you may be able to make more money with CPA ads networks. At least what I heard. I am testing it now.

    • lemmyC profile image

      Ben 9 years ago from UK


    • walalce989 profile image

      walalce989 9 years ago

      uhhh all i can say is wow but the problem is im always lost in a sea of confusion all i know is blog with key words then put your affillate links on them ill def have to check out the affilate sites you use thou o yeah that kinda income is mind blowing im still confused looking @ those numbers

    • DominiqueGoh profile image

      DominiqueGoh 9 years ago from Singapore

      I agree with you about the Adsense not earning you anything substancial.

    • profile image

      Rick 9 years ago

      My name is Rick and just getting started trying to make money on the internet. It seem like there is to much information out there it is so confusing but I will keep trying .

    • grumpyjacksa profile image

      grumpyjacksa 9 years ago from south africa

      Makes you think , doesn't it ?

    • Heresteve2 profile image

      Heresteve2 9 years ago

      Hey Greg,

      Great hub. Very well laid out. I like everyone else have read all kinds of stuff on making money and everyone seems to have a different opinion. And like you I know how expensive college is! Will be paying my student loans for far too long!

      Anyway wanted to get your opinion on my process. I am blogging to make money with AdSense. My real goal is to get to the top of the Serps in Google. When this is accomplished I would look to add some Affliates since I'll be getting the free traffic from google. Does this make sense? I don't have any money to invest to buy google ads at this point so although i like your exlanation it will take money to make money as they say.

      Would love to know your thoughts! thanks

    • adrienne2 profile image

      Adrienne F Manson 9 years ago from Atlanta

      I am so glad I came across your article, because what you explain, is my exact experience with adsense. I do better with pay per post programs, and I love it. You are right there are a lot of ways to make money online besides adsense.


    • Pashun profile image

      Pashun 9 years ago from Harpyland

      What an informative article...I admit I came across hubpages because I found an ad on craigslist that said I could generate an income using Adsense. "...hundreds, even thousands of dollars" it said. Being a college student I'm pretty desperate for money... I was under no illusions that I making in the thousands but this certainly drives home the reality that this will be mostly pocket change.

      Thanks for the great information for a hub newbie. And also for the advice on what not to do.


    • beachartist profile image

      beachartist 9 years ago

      This is a great eye-opener for some adsense advocates. Adsense has hit its limit. Got to be other ways of making ad dollars. I will explore other alternatives. Thanks for the timely hub. Great job.

    • Gadzooks profile image

      Gadzooks 9 years ago from United Kingdom

      I make a little with adsense, it was what got me started with trying ot make money online. First I wanted to cover cost of hosting, which I did, then I used the profit to buy more content (hire authors) and get various bits of software... it got me off to a good start, however, it is difficult to scale adsense earnings so I am now looking at aff stuff instead.

    • jboland profile image

      jboland 9 years ago from Chico, CA

      This is an excellent article. I do make a good bit off adsense, however I can't say that it was easy to garner the traffic to earn that money. As with all programs and online activities the key to success is diversification. Don't put all your eggs in one basket. Adsense is an excellent program and it is tailor made for good quality content sites. Jesse

    • SciFiMaverick profile image

      SciFiMaverick 9 years ago from Omaha, NE

      Excellent information! Thanks for sharing it with us!

    • rajans68 profile image

      rajans68 9 years ago from SECUNDERABAD , INDIA

      Its really a great hub. I have tried making money on Adsense and I have only spent money to buy info from the socalled Gurus, unfortunately I have not received any money so far not a cent .


    • Gadzooks profile image

      Gadzooks 9 years ago from United Kingdom

      Hi jboland,

      Yeah you should not put all your eggs in one basket thats for sure.

      The thing I really like about adsense is that you can monetise any site with it, no matter how small the niche. Its very flexible, and easy to manage... well you dont even need to manage it. I use it a lot...

    • jezzbb profile image

      Jess Ba-ad 9 years ago from Philippines

      You have to get lots of traffic to earn from adsense.

    • Tessali profile image

      Tessali 9 years ago from United States

      Thank you. This is the best explanation of the internet food chain I have ever heard! Very clear and makes a lot of sense.

    • solarshingles profile image

      solarshingles 9 years ago from london

      Wow, that's just amazing guys! I am learning so much reading your lines! And not just new knowledge, but it is new motivation for me, as well. I am so excited by earning on Internet, if i compare that work to my regular one.

      Thanks guys for sharing your knowledge and experiences!

    • profile image

      wcb1315 9 years ago

      I am new to all of this and I'm so glad that this is the first thing I read about it. So thanks!

    • Coffeemugged profile image

      Coffeemugged 9 years ago from Florida

      I have one adsense site that I created a few months ago. I made $134 in March; the reason I think that's great is that I haven't added to the site since the beginning of February. I wrote a bunch of ezinearticles to promote it, and I haven't written any more articles since then. My strategy was the same as yours - I picked a niche that had high paying adsense clicks.

      Now, I do hear that people make a lot more with affiliate marketing, so I am trying that next. I plan to buy and use products and if I like them I will recommend them. But still, I can't help thinking, what if I had ten adsense sites and got them to a point where they ranked on Google - I have a PR2 - and they all made decent money? That would be over a grand a month of PASSIVE income. So I just created a second site and I'm going to try again.

    • profile image

      Phlatline 9 years ago

      Well, I know it's hard but it's possible. I don't belive that all blogs can earn that much money but there are some niches that pay off very well. Blogs about bloging, making money online, technology and sex are very good. My brother has a blog about sex and he posts one-two posts per 2-3 weeks and his views count is aroun 4-5000 a day. I have a science fiction blog (for four months now) and I got around 100-300 views a day :)

    • vanhove profile image

      vanhove 9 years ago

      greg, great hub. This is by far the best and most helpful hub i have read on hubpages. You explained everything so well. The income you earn off your websites is remarkable. How many websites do you own, and what are their url's?

    • Chris Stirling profile image

      Chris Stirling 9 years ago from Vancouver

      Greg - this is one of the best Hubs I have read on this topic. Very well communicated - I love the story format, not only because it was easy to follow but beecause it mirrored my experience with PPC and earning an income online.

      Consider me a fan of your hub pages!


    • My 2 Cents profile image

      My 2 Cents 9 years ago from California

      Great HUB, lots of very important info. I also fell for the Adsense Promises from the gurus when I first started out, I know better now, and for I have taken all adsense off all my websites, is it just a competing annoyance because the adds are generated by the content on the page and it just takes people away from my site.

    • profile image

      Charlie 9 years ago

      Great info! Well written!

    • profile image

      adrienne 9 years ago

      Greg-I certainly relate to what you are saying, when I first started working on the internet I spent an unbelieveable amount of money on books, and products. I found out some the best money making programs are free, of course I discovered this after spending thousands of dollars.

    • guruette profile image

      guruette 9 years ago from Lake Park, FL

      Great HUB, very informative. I especially like the "food chain" anaogy, it really fits!

    • profile image

      Kumarcwc 9 years ago

      You hub was very informative and great. I had tried Adsense before but could not make any money. Instead I spent a pretty amount on Adwords trying to promote my website with adsense. I don't know what happened, but my adsense account was cancelled. I was not paid a dime either. I am a novice in the internet business and have spent quite an amount without any result. I am still trying to earn some money in the internet. I would like to know more about your system and would like to try it out, if it is free.

    • Chris Crow profile image

      Chris Crow 9 years ago

      @ Beta101--I read your comment. I've had a similar experience with Adsense. I earn good profit monthly from the program. I am at the point where I want to start purchasing content so I can ramp it up a little.

      You mention purchasing "packages of content+domain+history in SEs (i.e. WEBSITES)." I would love to hear more about this. What are your experiences with buying fully made sites with PR, content, links, etc? Do you recommend a company or website to buy from? Or resources to learn more about this?


    • profile image

      zylla3 9 years ago

      Lots of information to process...wonderful point of views that could put things in perspective for different individuals. I'm a slow learner when it comes to the wiles and guiles of the internet business world, and so far, the only thing that I understand at this point is 'blog scrapper'. I figured out that some sites scrape blog to have the adsense...I discovered this when I accidentally stumbled upon 'that site' and saw 90% of my content. What I could not understand why it would continue to scrape more blogs even if it has no more adsense for the last 2 months...I believe the term is 'not indexed by google' anymore?

      I'm glad I found this's a starting point!

    • profile image

      shalani 9 years ago

      Really new to me

      nice one

    • rictownsend profile image

      rictownsend 9 years ago from Australia

      Great article, Thanks.

      Thought it all sounded great as I only make a little money through AdSense. Spent a couple of hours gathering info and filling in the application for PrimaryAds, I'm an Australian living in China, used my Australian address, nope they will not let you do it... hiyaaa :-) I guess I can only follow your advice when I finally go home.

      Thanks again


    • msms profile image

      msms 9 years ago

      The tremendous research Greg you have put here is eye opening. Thanks for sharing.

      You are a darling advisor here.

    • profile image

      Anne 9 years ago

      What a great really explains the internet and the various forms of internet traffic. I am going to watch the video now :)

    • Madison Parker profile image

      Madison Parker 9 years ago from California

      Excellent article. Thank you for sharing and for spending so much time on this piece. I'm just beginning to learn about this "business," and realize, that even though my first love is writing, if I spend my time jUST writing, that is as far as it goes with very little financial reward. There should be a way to turn that into profit and your article, and others on Hub, as well, help point novices in the right direction and we appreciate efforts like yours, PGrundry and Shallini to help out! Thanks

    • Dave Saunders profile image

      Dave Saunders 9 years ago from Washington, DC

      In my third month, I received a check for slightly over $12,000 from Google. Yes, you can make money with Google AdSense if you think it through and stick to your system. Sadly, too many people expect to get rich quick with little effort so they end up disappointed and seek to point the finger at everyone except for the one responsible.

      It's easy to make money, and it's also easy not to. It comes down to making choices that override your competing commitments.

    • aerialadvertising profile image

      aerialadvertising 9 years ago from Virginia

      Very informative hub. I'd like to throw in my 2 cents...

      1) Figuring out your strengths and weaknesses will help you decide what path is best to pursue for your personal online goals. People are making money online in many different ways and the common trait is that they followed what they were good at. I would go so far as to say, if you hate what you're doing, you're not going to be too faithful at doing it - even if it makes money.

      2) Any online money-making method will cost something. Primarily it costs your time in getting through the learning curve. Then you can either choose things that cost less money but take longer to scale without automation (ie, build websites that are monetized through adsense) or cost more money but can be scaled faster (ie, run PPC until you 'get it' and find a winner that converts and hope it keeps converting for a while.)

      I'll keep it to 2 points though there are more to consider. That'll be a penny each. :)

    • Mike Goodchild profile image

      Mike Goodchild 9 years ago from Dartford

      Great Hub Greg - Very informative - Ironic that you have to have adsense on hubpages so you will earn from them even if you don't want to.

      I use adsense on some of my sites and blogs but do not see it as a main sourse of income - The sites are going to be there anyway and if i earn some from adsense as well as other income streams then so much the better.

      I also love affiliate marketing But most people just don't get it - Pay for your lead then give them great information for nothing - You must be crazy!

      Thanks and Keep up the good work greg!

    • glycodoc profile image

      glycodoc 9 years ago

      Great hub! Lots of good info + the comments were all very interesting also. Good reference hub to direct others to.

    • Anamika S profile image

      Anamika S 9 years ago from Mumbai - Maharashtra, India

      Interesting Hub! It describes thestruggle of an internet marketer to succeed. I struggled for over one and a halfyears before even starting to make pocket money with internet earnings. I have learned a lot in the journey and is still learning. I know i would succeed because i do not give up on my efforts. All in all an encouraging hub.. Keep it up~!

    • profile image

      sylvan 9 years ago

      This is just filled with useful info. I faced the same problems as you with domain parking, I had over 20 domains, but barely got any traffic. Now my adsense problems are like yours as well. I hope I can do better now with programs like hyper vre.

    • gr8archer45 profile image

      gr8archer45 9 years ago from Pakistan

      hi, really informative hub! I agree with u completely since i've been thru this too.

    • profile image

      StopWastingMoneyOnGurus 9 years ago

      Yeah and people need to stop wasting their hard earned cash buying the next flavor of the day from the "gurus."

      Pick a strategy and stick with it till you make some coin.

    • JBatt profile image

      JBatt 9 years ago from Las Vegas

      It's so easy to think that it will all come so fast, but it takes time and effort. Thanks for your informational hub!

    • kenbiz profile image

      Kenny Tan 9 years ago from United States

      You posted a very good information and definitive guide about making an income online, yes, it is true about what you said, anyone who wanted to make a full time living for more money should not just focus on adsense only, they should go a bit more futher for PPC instead, that's the only way to build your income streams online for sure on long run.

    • profile image

      Johhny 9 years ago

      This was a great article to read. It really did sum up a lot of questions out there that people have including myself.

      I have read a lot of stories about Adsense with Google and the success it brings. I'm going to try it just to see how it plays out. But I have just one question.

      Isn't the main goal of earning income on a website from adversiting to replace the google ads with REAL company ads? Like I am creating a tecnology review website. My goal is to start with adsense, generate traffic, then replace the google ads with dell, hp, microsoft, etc.. Is my thinking on this correct?

    • profile image

      bestimtools 9 years ago

      These HubPages folks are so "stupid" - they monetize your page with AdSenses. They are losers and do not know how to make money. Or...

      maybe not everything is that bad about AdSense :)

    • crashcromwell profile image

      crashcromwell 9 years ago from Florida

      There is such a wealth of information here, both from the author and all the comments, that I think I'll have to bookmark this. There's no way I can digest all this information in one sitting. Great hub!

      Jim from Maine

    • Holmeslbc50 profile image

      Holmeslbc50 9 years ago from Clinton, Maryland

      I want to start by saying great Hub.

      I'm brand spanking new to this hub stuff; I'm still not sure all the in's-and-out's yet. I'll get more experienced over time.

      Well, I feel I have a good carreer but am always looking for the residual revenue to; always looking for a way to help others and myself be securely sound in financial stability.

      Your hub is very informative and definitely worth reading and earning of consiteration. With all the time it shows you have spent yourself trying new things, i'm happy things are working good for you. I wish you continuous success, and hopefully I can share an amazing piece of story like your's.

      Thanks again.


    • profile image

      sylvan 9 years ago

      some very interesting things I never thought about in here. I will still try adsense, but I will also be using affiliate links and amazon ads.

    • profile image

      jeffshp 9 years ago

      my experience is that it is really harder to make money using cj.

    • profile image

      lme7898354 9 years ago

      Although I had success running a brick and motar business, I have yet to crack the internet as a revenue stream. I have been trying different things, but so far no luck. I was laid off from the mortgage industry in Nov, 07 and have had to take a big reduction in salary. If some of this stuff works I'll be glad to try it.

    • Krish.IH profile image

      Krish.IH 9 years ago from India

      Making money on the Internet is tough. It doesn't matter what vehicle you choose. You really have to plan and stick to it.

    • JJC13 profile image

      JJC13 9 years ago from Liverpool

      If you rely on adsense to earn a living you are definitely taking the wrong path. I ventured into internet marketing and guess what? I am happy with the results. One precious tool i used is stumbleupon. I made a hub about it.. you guys might want to check it out:

    • profile image

      Cheap Drum Sets 9 years ago

      Great Hub!

      I agree with JJCC13

      "If you rely on adsense to earn a living you are definitely taking the wrong path."

      So many people get hung up on adsense, and the 'Big G' in general that they really miss the boat on so many other avenues to make money online. It takes time, but patience and stickivity will pay off.

    • profile image

      Cheap Drum Sets 9 years ago

      OOps, sorry JJC13, my finger stuttered on the 'C' :-)

    • guidebaba profile image

      guidebaba 8 years ago from India

      This is an excellent guide. Even though the hub is little long, I was not able to resist myself in reading it completely.Thank you.

    • 02SmithA profile image

      02SmithA 8 years ago from Ohio

      Goodness, what a wealth of information! Great job!

    • profile image

      Demmy 8 years ago

      The only way to make money through adsense is to build quality sites with updated and useful content, then buy traffic from low cost traffic resources. This is called "Traffic Arbitrage".You can make great money like that.

    • Die'Dre' profile image

      Die'Dre' 8 years ago from The Great Pacific Northwest

      Thanks for sharing this potential. Your hub is well written and you show proof of results.

    • gss profile image

      gss 8 years ago from Florida

      Excellent hub. Making a lot of money online is definitely a challenge. Thanks for sharing.

    • profile image

      James - Forex Trading Blog 8 years ago

      I totally agree with you regarding the low earnings from Adsense. I went back to Adsense on my blog last week and earned a measly few dollars with about a 1% CTR.

      So far this week, however, I put affiliate links back up and have already earned $54 from 2 leads (from the same amount of traffic).

    • nicolap profile image

      nicolap 8 years ago from Dorset, UK

      Great explanation of how the links in the MMO chain work - we could all do with being 2 or 3 people in that chain to maximise our potential earnings.

    • profile image

      Steve H 8 years ago

      Great article for the newbies to Internet marketing (like me). I am going to keep working away to develop my site(s) as much as possible - more as an experiment, and out of curiosity, than as an alternative/replacement income source - as my sites will contain content about something I have a passion for. But, hey, if it works - that's a bonus.

      No... must join Hubpages!!

    • profile image

      Hal  8 years ago

      Hello.. i'm a newbies in hubpages, kindly help me to make money on this site..hope u can email me. Thank you so much!

    • doodadsshop profile image

      doodadsshop 8 years ago

      Talk about a newbie, I'm ppobably the newest. I will be 61 yrs next mo and have no schooling in computors.  Graduated in 66.  None of this was taught back then. I recently retired and decided to buy a computor to take up some of my time. I been searching since april and finally found this website monday that sets you up with a free webstore. To my surprise it's all free. Domain, hosting, shopping cart, and pruducts. They even handle the shipping and credit card processing. You make the commisions monthly when your store sell the products.  Anyway I need a way to get traffic to the store is how i ended up here. Know nothing about hubbing so before posting one I thought I would read a couple. This is my 1st one and wow I sure didn't know it was this complicated but I sure am glad I read this one. I read it all, even all the comments. Wow, I' amazed. Don't know if hubbing is the way to go but I'm going to try one in the next couple of days after reading more blogs. I hope it will send me some traffic.  I don't have a lot of extra money to pay for traffic so I'll start here one step at a time.  Thanks for the opportuity of reading this greg.

    • rharper profile image

      Robert 8 years ago from West Texas

      Question: What if Greg was selling motorcycles?

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      friend earth 8 years ago

      making money on the internet is not difficult.

      You just need dedication,concentration and sel confidence.

      The most important thing is the never give up attitude.

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      fourseasons 8 years ago from Pink City


      Very nice and informative hub, what is your website URL, please mail me



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      Vamily 8 years ago from Western Cape, Kuilsriver

      Great hub !!! thanks

    • Vamily profile image

      Vamily 8 years ago from Western Cape, Kuilsriver

      Great hub !!! thanks

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      sabir 8 years ago

      i am a newbie and find your hub very informative. iwas thinking for making a website for many days. but now i have changed my decisions and now trying to focus to become affiiliate for some good products that really sells on net.

      please help me further to become a good hunter, i am waiting for your answer.....

    • maygrant profile image

      maygrant 8 years ago from word wide web

      hey this is cool, i wish every one will read this. though adsense could also be away to earn extra income for those that blog for fun.

    • Neil Sperling profile image

      Neil Sperling 8 years ago from Port Dover Ontario Canada

      Wow - Amazing hub and GREAT comments with replies. Thanks- I'm now again at a new beginning.

    • buhrandt profile image

      buhrandt 8 years ago

      Really great hub! You should write an ebook about what you know.

    • Destinyrk2 profile image

      Destinyrk2 8 years ago from

      I'm new at this and reading your article was informative a bit discouraging and at the same time intriguing. I appreciate any information on this topic and will be looking for more of your articles in the near future

    • garmentmerchant profile image

      garmentmerchant 8 years ago from

      Yes definitely good information to be had

    • profile image

      Abdo 8 years ago

      awsome.. i dont normally sit down and read about everything about "how to make money" sites often because their mostly scam to make you buy a product in the end! but urs was awsome and am going to put it under a serious consideration to become a hunter.

    • profile image 8 years ago from EU

      Nicely written.

    • profile image

      HigeGain 8 years ago

      It's true I've heard many stories to about people who earn thousands of dollars with adsense. Hard to belive...the truth is that only a low percentage of people can earn decent amounts of money. These people are few.

      Nice written article I must say

    • profile image

      Marty 8 years ago


      Great article, but I could find things to argue about, however i really didn't stop here to argue either now did I? I certainly hope not. Maybe you should have called it the internet ocean of marketing or something like that. You liked the seafood/life analogy ;)

      Actually I stiopped by to find some ways to get my own site off the ground. I have been giving hours upon hours (days and weeks in reality) of thought to becoming a 'hunter' and if life treats me good i might just convert my entire site over to that idea. it's still very new in development and if you stop by you'll see the initial mistakes I made and how i have to transform it all... Wouldn't it be just wonderful if every site we ever made turned out to be a winner from jump each and every time without so much as having to think let alone work? That's how the "GURUS" or the "EGG Spurts" make it out to be.. HA! huh?

    • bingbongplop3 profile image

      bingbongplop3 8 years ago from Los Angeles

      grg this is a great hub. I hope you make it real big. You make everybody understand you are just like us and if you ever become a Whale you will be an icon for all us online money making thirsty hubbers :]

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      redpony 8 years ago from PA

      Great hub! Thank you for the explanation. It all does make sense.

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      kamrulmi 8 years ago from Bangladesh

      Thank you. Realy a lot of information I have got here.

    • Aidan James profile image

      Aidan James 8 years ago from Sydney

      Big lot of info - well done :) Would have to say though that in some instances adsense earnings are on a par with affiliate earnings.

      For instance if it takes 100 clicks on an affiliate ad to generate a commission of say $25 while adsense is paying you 25c per clisk then it really does not matter whether your visitors follow your affiliate link or click on your adsense ads. I'm in this situation with one of my sites right now! (though I've changed the amounts mentioned to ensure compliance with adsense TOS).

    • profile image

      vietnamese translation 8 years ago

      I don't see any future with adsense either. The time spent setting those things up and earned my current number is indeed ridiculous!

    • A Robinson profile image

      A Robinson 8 years ago from Pacific Northwest US

      Great hub, especially liked the food chain analogy. I can see the benefit of using affiliate ads instead of adsense, and the sense in spending $1 to make $2 (or more), but it is that $1 that is the hardest.

      I think that by using adsense on a topic you know when starting out is a good idea. If you write good informative content that attracts traffic, you can tell by which pages get visitied, which pages generate clicks, then switching out the adsense with affiliate links is a good idea. Plus it gets you in the habit of writing, and the more you write the better you get.

      While a person will not make a lot with adsense, you can use it to fund your "hunting parties". Say you have a site/page that is generating you $25 a month, use that $25 to advertise for traffic to an affiliate the next month. Then any revenue you generate from the affiliate + to the next months adsense revenue, use to advertise for more traffic. So on and on.

      Just my thoughts, good hub, looking forward to reading more.

    • ahmadnaim profile image

      ahmadnaim 8 years ago from Earth in where people's smile is worthful than platinum

      That's true, but if there's a will, there's a profit will be. Something we should learn more on how to be more accurate and expertise in any field of any kind of business because knowledge is powerful. I agree with you when you say it is difficult to get to the top of google for high traffic keywords and hard to make cold hard cash with adsense, although it is very hard we should find an alternative and learn something that left behind from our vision, doesn't matter it is our eye vision or heart vision.

      Truly I think you must be very experience in this kind of supercrazy thing, so hope you guys success always. I hope you can change the internet chain anology, what you called it?the food chain anology cuz it makes more people depressed and surpressed. have a nice day

    • profile image

      Toritseju2007 8 years ago

      First, I want to thank you for the categorization of online marketing. I am about starting out and find your article very different from advertisers in Nigeria have made us beleive. You need to read these adverts with their screeming headlines on how to make thousands of dollars through Adsense,etc. Being an affiliate seem to be interesting, but how does a beginner identify the right ones with varied companies and their claims?

      Thanks for the incisive article. This is a great place to be. Please, when you begin you website, do let me know.

    • profile image

      Steven  8 years ago

      Excellent Hub. That explains why the keywords on one of my blogs were high priced, but my revenue was pretty low.

    • profile image

      Julian 8 years ago

      Excellent Hub Greg, very good info for people who are just starting out.

    • earnestshub profile image

      earnestshub 8 years ago from Melbourne Australia

      Yet another thankful reader. I have not read a better explanation of the internet marketing food chain. Your writing is succinct.

    • profile image

      Learning Journey 8 years ago

      Love this hub, Greg. And I totally appreciate the blow-by-blow contributions and comments by many people here. Have truly picked up a few nuggets to improve what I'm doing.

    • JKSophie profile image

      JKSophie 8 years ago from Philippines

      Great hub! This opens my mind on how internet marketing works. I hope to learn more from you. Thanks!

    • Kika Rose profile image

      Kika Rose 8 years ago from Minnesota

      I'm content with the little earnings I get from Adsense, but if I ever decide I want to move up in internet marketing, I'll totally take your advice. Beautiful Hub!

    • adrainsean profile image

      adrainsean 8 years ago

      Well I agree with Greg, but somehow I am very miser and I dont employ any PPC ad networks to advertise my affliates, one main reason is i am paraniod of spending money on internet (lol) other than on sites like ebay, amazon, Also I am no where close to being a Whale. So I just mix and match adsense with affliate on my blogs and sites.

      I have tried many affliates but only being succesful in three of them namely :HidemyIP( atleast $24/sale) , adult friend finder (my bread and butter :) ) and interactive screensavers (HD virtual) ($10 and roylaty /sale).

      Of all CJ and Linkshare have been most beneficial to me yet, Clickbank has kept me confused till now...

    • philipmok profile image

      philipmok 8 years ago from Singapore

      Hi Greg,

      I appreciate your effort in writing such long page to explain Adsense, CPA, PPC & affiliate marketing. Well done!

      While some made good money with Adsense and others with Affiliate marketing, it is important to "Build Your List" in the process of affiliate marketing. In the long run, "LIST is KING!".

      I had started on a new affilaite marketing program & it highly recommend me to use Landing Page to "Build The LIST".

      Good luck to ALL making money online...


      Philip Mok - Singapore

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      tanyasee 8 years ago

      Loved this hub! I am grateful for the knowledge you have provided me with.

      Tanya See

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      aftab1003 8 years ago

      i love this hub, bcoz it open my eyes.


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      sherlynavia 8 years ago from United States

      This is an incredibly useful resource.

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      aleksander 8 years ago

      wow, great writing ! bookmarked!

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      dejagib 8 years ago

      Great Hub. I never looked at online marketing from this perspective. Being a hunter/affiliate is much better than being a whale. The hunter /affiliate bears much less risks and can leave a deal at any time without any losses.

    • profile image

      Oracle Forum 8 years ago

      I am sorry Greg but I don't agree with some of your points. Even though you have rightly identified the players in the online marketing food chain, there are many instances of overlapping. Also the so called "minnows" once they establish a user-base they can always directly get sponsored ads fro your "whales" eliminating the affiliate.

    • mcarolyn profile image

      mcarolyn 8 years ago from Philippines

      Very well explained! I hope I could get thousands of even just a hundreds of visitors a day :D

    • sceptic profile image

      sceptic 8 years ago from Christchurch, New Zealand

      Hi Greg, can I ask you something in the forums people really don't seem to believe that you can make money big money online. I am nowhere a millionaire and I certainly not rich, but I do earn good money on here. I am really new on HP but some people here seem to think that it's a good idea to ONLY use HP as an income stream do you agree with this?

      I don't only have one income stream if I did I wouldn't maximize the profit. One thing that I do agree with though is that I don't think that people understand how much work it takes to establish themselves. I think a lot of people have a romantic idea on how easy it's gonna be.

      I don't agree with charging people for helping them out, that would almost be to pray on desperation.

      I really love you HUB very informative! Oh yes one more question...does social bookmarking work for you? And why does people that are really successful online go around bragging about how much money they make. How come they don't understand to be a silent achiever and helping people that need it out?

    • yourpark profile image

      yourpark 8 years ago from New York

      If I don't use adsense, I can't make more money. Because I can't make any money from others. Can you give me some advice, my blog url is:

    • profile image

      Henry Luciano 8 years ago

      Thanks Greg!

      Simply the most accurate and definitely one of the best article out there that explains the food chain of internet marketing. However, I believe that as long as you have passion for what you are doing, you can still generate enough income even with adsense.

      This doesn't mean that you do not have to apply for multiple streams of online income. Anyway, there are plenty of good methods to earn revenue from adsense, and even if it's not big money, you can still have an optional online income. Most won't mind that, I guess..

      Being a HUNTER is a way of life, and it can provide an enormous success when dealing with affiliate marketing. It's all about having a proper attitude!

      Thanks for the hub page, for the article and for all the amazing comments provided by YOU people. It took like 2 hours or even more to read all the feedback but it was necessary.

      This post is a must for everyone out there who think about starting a business online.

      Cheers and God Bless You All!


    • Dorsi profile image

      Dorsi Diaz 8 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area

      This has been one of the best articles I have read on really breaking down the process of online marketing with ads (I love the fish/whale analogy- very visual!)

      I am starting to make decent money on Hubpages with Adsense ( decent for me is a few dollars a day at this point) So I guess I am fortunate unlike Sally who has to also do a lot of other web work to only make pennies a day.....)

      Now after being in business for over 14 years, I have to say I am in no way interested in being a whale ( too much weight to carry around, you know?) so I am specifically looking into caplitalizing on first- My writing skills. and second my intuition when it comes to advertising ( I was in the sign business so I learned a lot about marketing)

      I think this hub gives us all a lot to think about, where do we want to go and what exactly do we want to learn, which is a great thing....

      Thanks for taking the time to write such a detailed and understandable hub on this process.

    • Whitney05 profile image

      Whitney 8 years ago from Georgia

      I think that you are probably pretty accurate in your descriptions of Adsense, but for people using Adsense and other affiates as just supplemental income, it can be a nice check to have when you may not work to hard to get it. I don't do much in terms of marketing, but at the end of the month, I usually get a nice check from Google for my work. I like it, and it's great since I have a regular source of income. I think as a sole income source, it would take much more work than most want to put forth, which is why many give up.

      I believe that you can make really good money with Adsense and other affiliates but you do need to put in the work for it. Sometimes, and really in most cases, that means very long hours and little sleep, at least until you are able to get your site with plenty of backlinks and whatnot.

    • Juliet Christie profile image

      Juliet Christie Murray 8 years ago from Sandy Bay Jamaica

      Well this is a mouth ful. a very informative hub. I suppose I am at the minnow stage. Still learning what works and what don't This hub will prevent me making the full trip. I can stop and start focusing on the right thing.

    • John foster profile image

      John foster 8 years ago from South Africa

      Great Hub Greg. Well written and very informative.

      A word of caution to everyone running in to ppc - research and research more before you jump in, else you will just be paying google a whole lot of money for nothing. Find a profitable niche, a good landing site and spend a lot of time optimizing your ad to make sure that your ad is not just clicked with no conversions.

      For those choosing the adwords route, there is a free content generator that takes all the work out of building your sites. It is called Hypervre. Try the free version first and make sure you are happy with it. There is no obligation to purchase. Free link to hypervre can be found at . I must say that I agree with Greg - adsense stinks. Affiliate marketing is far better. I try to do it without PPC though and rather use organic traffic.

      THanks for the tons of information Greg.

    • profile image

      aftab-tekdad 8 years ago

      Hi It was very informative to go through this blog. Professionally I am a technical corporate trainer with a very hectic schedules. Thought to help others and share my IT knowlede with people to make their live easier in understanding technology and earn a bit of income from adsense. But your article is really an eye opener and the points are worth pondering upon and it gave a direction to my web presense. Thanx.

    • profile image

      amoxicillin 500 8 years ago

      Great Hub... I'm a PPC marketeer and just made a 'small adsense trial' and the conclusion: it stinks!

    • Chris Baker profile image

      Chris Baker 8 years ago

      good info!

    • profile image

      Primenet 8 years ago

      Great hub friend. Keep it up

    • profile image

      Riya 8 years ago

      being a adsense publisher it is very demoralising to receive few clicks after very hard work.I will heed your advice

    • billnad profile image

      billnad 8 years ago

      I have found over the years that as I rely less on Adsense my checks stay the same but i have really concentrated more on affiliate marketing and that is where my real income increases have come

    • myevilenemy profile image

      myevilenemy 8 years ago from Hollywood

      This is such a great article. I have worked online for three years now and it has been an uphill battle the entire time, along with the biggest learning experience of my life. Just when I think I have something figured out and a great plan, the rules change and I am back at square one. I have tried adsense and had very little success although I do know people who have had great success with adsense but it is just not for me. I personally enjoy affiliate marketing which has allowed me a good income but it can be very frustrating too if you are not on the ball constantly updating your ads on all of your sites. I am looking at better ways to promote my affiliate ads and campaigns. This is a great reference and I again feel like I have learned a ton from another great mind and the best part is that it was free which is usually the case. Thanks for all the great input and I admire the fact that you left the comments on here that did not agree with your article but they provided valuable information as well.

    • waynet profile image

      Wayne Tully 8 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom

      Making money online is best from any source you can muster, adsense is only one income stream that can be refined and checked probably once a week to test click through rates and so on, I prefer to set one line of income up and move on to the next income stream, that way if one stream of income dips slightly you'll have the others to fall back on down the road.

    • profile image

      Free Paid Surveys 8 years ago

      Great hub. I learned a lot from this article. Thanks for sharing.

    • profile image

      Investment And Money Matters 8 years ago

      Great. You done well and try to teach us well the food chain of internet marketing. Really intesresting and valuable information. Thank you.

    • razvan_razvan profile image

      razvan_razvan 8 years ago from romania

      CONGRATULATIONS!!!  U have made a FINE article there :) , it was a pleasure reading this very very useful information. I can see u are very experienced and that u have tried and failed many times in order to get to your actual success. BRAVO!  That's exactly what I'm talking about, the epiphanny of what I'm talking about :). I also think that Internet marketing is a great way to earn money and it actually changes your entire life, your lifestyle. It's hard in the beginning I found that myself :D but as u struggle more and more to learn the skills and have great success and become a better person that offers value to the world u see that your  income is incresing and suddendly u can't stop it from growing LOL . I think your article may have changed the entire course of my life. I mean I was interested in internet marketing before but I was also into adsense (especially cause a friend of mine was successful with it, or so he told me :D ) but now I don't think I'm gonna waste any more of my precious time to put interesting content on my site. It's very time consuming and I was very frustrated cause till now I didn't earn a lot with it, only a few bux per day :(. Anyway I'm very excited to see your other hubs cause your knowledge is very useful and promising for the wannabe hunters :)). I kind of know the tricks of an internet marketer and how he drives his trafic and I see that u are very very good at it :D I like especially that u made things much simpler by making those funny analogies :))Cheers to u and to us!

    • sunforged profile image

      sunforged 8 years ago from

      Very well done, you could add that those who acquire and develop writing and research skills of this quality have further ops as freelance copywriters and journalists

    • adelacuesta profile image

      adelacuesta 8 years ago

      Great hub! Both for information and motivation.

      Thank you!

    • Goran1971 profile image

      Goran1971 8 years ago from Croatia

      Hello!!! First of all congratulation for the great hub and I completely agree with you! I work also with AdSense program and you need to have 1000-2000 visitors daily who will click on your ads for make good money. I continued work with adsense but I put all my knowledge in other business, sex industry!

      Continue like this, I will love to read more of your content!

    • profile image

      Mike at Seo Web Design Services 8 years ago

      I always have said adsense is ok to have as an extra income, but you need thousands of visitors every single day just to make a few hundred a month.

      Great hub and great info, stick with affiliate programs, pre-sell in your content and keep building great quality content. Keep adsense as a small side line earner.

    • FrankRod profile image

      FrankRod 8 years ago

      I've made money on many methods, Adsense being one of them. You definitely need a ton of visitors to make decent money with Adsense, though.

    • Christoph Reilly profile image

      Christoph Reilly 8 years ago from St. Louis

      Very informative hub. Thanks for the great info! I'm always looking for ways to increase my internet earnings and this has helped immensly.

    • eovery profile image

      eovery 8 years ago from MIddle of the Boondocks of Iowa

      Thanks for this information. I am glad to see new info like this. I am a newbie, and I am trying hard to get things going. Yeah I spent about 10x on adwords, than adsense has brought in. Typical probably for a newbie.

      I'm still trying to figure out where to get CPA items. I am hearing this is going to be the next greatest thing since sliced white bread. But I am having trouble find sources. If anyone has some, please email me. I would appreciate it.

    • Misha profile image

      Misha 8 years ago from DC Area

      LOL Greg, I guess you were right and I was wrong. My Adsense is in a miserable state with this financial crisis. The year end is coming, and 6 figures are nowhere in sight, in fact I am back to the low 5 figures yearly on Adsense, at least twice as low comparing to the times we were having this lovely discussion here. :)

      So, I am testing different affiliate models to basically replace Adsense altogether - right what you recommended form the start. I guess I would have been much better off by now if I had started more energetic testing back then...

      Eovery, go to, you'll find a plenty of CPA offers there. Ebay and Amazon are CPA, too - like a plenty of others...

    • profile image

      Don Reed 8 years ago

      Great HubB!! I never had any luck with adsense., I could never reach the paypout threshhold. Then I don't exactly know why, but I got the Google slap and my adsense account was dis-abled. I never got an explanation or a reason. I don't know if it was something I did or if I was linked to a site that did something wrong. So for me adsense is now not an option in any case. I have retreated back to an actual (not MLM) business and hope to see some profit. That is more than I can say I got out of adsense. Keep up the good work. You are a good writer. Don

    • Laura Marie profile image

      Laura Marie 8 years ago from UK

      This is an excellent hub. I have been with adsense for a while but still haven't made payout. I am developing my blogs using good keywords, and am hoping I dotn get banned before I get paid

    • Artist and Music profile image

      Ben Glovere 8 years ago from Michigan

      This is Great you help me out and the knowlede you gave me from your hub you said it and you really know I just started on my hub 3 weeks ago and I don't see any future with adsense either. Great Hub

    • mulatto profile image

      mulatto 8 years ago from Indiana

      Seems everyone is so down on adsense, however I think everyone is forgetting that adsense is completely a numbers game. I mean if you have one blog that you are trying to make the guru numbers with, then you are just plain unrealistic. But if you manage say 10 blogs with several duplicates and put a little time into all of them with continued content. Then you can possibly create a good income. And there are a few tips for placement and coloring that help revenues as well. Seems everyone is looking for one way to make 10,000,000 off of one site. if you are a full time webmaster it is nothing to manage 10-20 blogs.

    • PLR Video Direct profile image

      PLR Video Direct 8 years ago from Warrensburg Missouri - Kansas City Area

      I believe that those 'For' as well as those 'against' Adsense have valid points. For me it is just another income stream.

      I have some websites that the only thing I want visitors clicking is my order button. If there were adsense ads on that page there exists the chance of them clicking on the ad and never returning to my page to make that purchase.

      Then there are those blog that as Mulatto pointed out, that if managed properly can produce a decent income. Set them up to have the content automatically fed via rss and a little tweek every now and then, and there is another income stream.

      Greg, thank you for the info and this is a great Hub.


      Steve Dougherty

    • photosoren profile image

      photosoren 8 years ago

      Thanks Greg, for your clever original input about the limitations of Adsense and being the 'underdog' of advertising and online earning. And thank you for all intelligent comments and your responses, too, Greg.

      I would like to know more about how to succeed with the CPA network. Are there some types of goods and services they are better/worse to?

      How much traffic do we need to come up with for being acceptable? My main stock photo site has around 4000 visitors pr day, but the whole stock photo busines is very tuff these years. Accordingly additional income would be much appreciated.

      Any suggestions?


      Soren Breiting


    • profile image

      Edward 8 years ago

      Firstlly thank you for you work this

      site save me month of looking

      for information..

      I personally don't trust google and the


      I live in israel and for us we can not use

      any service ppc that we can not get pay here

      and i thing that is a beg problem for most

      the user that dont live in the usa or uk

      that went to make money..

      May you have some advice for us...

      and google also make problem

      with the tax problem that they only

      talk about the usa...?

      thank you again,,


    • Silver_Lotus profile image

      Silver_Lotus 8 years ago from U.S.A.

      I have really enjoyed reading this hub and all of the comments. The bottom line, of course, is that different approaches will work for different people, and even for different web sites owned by the same person.

      My concerns with adsense are that those ads take visitors away from my site and the content I've worked to create. If Adsense ads could open in a new window, I'd feel a lot better about using them.

      My second concern is that there's a limit to how much you can control the content of Adsense ads and that geographical targeting means you don't always know what someone in a different location is seeing when adsense ads appear on your site in their location.

      Bottom line for me is that some of my web sites contain google ads and some don't.

    • FunFacter profile image

      FunFacter 8 years ago from Canada

      For sure Great Guide, Was mad on earning money online but after experincing a few scams had to get very alert.

    • needful things profile image

      needful things 8 years ago from Poland

      Yaiks!!! And I justed started with adsense... Makes a lot of sense though... Thumbs up!!!

    • profile image

      johnny yuma1 8 years ago

      Hi Greg,

      I thoroughly enjoyed reading this hub. I didn't get to read all the comments, but at 5:15 a.m. it is time to get a little sleep. I notiiced the comment saying you would send someone the address of a web site that you are building. Would you send it to me as well? is the address.

      My real name is Damon Brewer.

      Johnny Yuma1

    • profile image

      t08c15 8 years ago

      Thanks for the info.

      There's a lot here. I will go back later to digest it further.

    • profile image

      t08c15 8 years ago

      Thanks for the info.

      There's a lot here. I will go back later to digest it further.

    • karian profile image

      karian 8 years ago

      Thanks for the good article! I am a stay at home mom who is just starting out in this internet money making world...there seems to be a lot of potential and good money out there - I just got to learn about it and figure it out so I can continue being a stay at home mom...I am anxious to read some more of your hubs!

    • abeerer profile image

      abeerer 8 years ago from Earth

      Very informative and eye opener. Thank you for sharing your personal experience.

    • profile image

      Francis Tan 8 years ago

      Excellent info. Gets me excited about Internet Marketing. Good job!

    • livelovecoffee profile image

      livelovecoffee 8 years ago from Georgia

      Great Hub! I certainly have had no luck with adsense either.

    • Money79 profile image

      Money79 8 years ago from nijmegen/gelderland/netherlands

      wow!! great explanation. thanks

    • affiliater profile image

      Shankar Pandiath 8 years ago from India

      Good post, perhaps too good - but there are guys here, who still swear by adsense and surprisingly what they say is right. They earn more here because, it is here where the content and traffic is - and adsense loves fresh content and once you have a set of loyal readers and fans, the traffic is assured as well. So didn't give up on it yet...

    • Benson Yeung profile image

      Benson Yeung 8 years ago from Hong Kong

      thanks for sharing and in such a clear way too.

    • blondepoet profile image

      blondepoet 8 years ago from australia

      wow this story was amazing.So is it true with adsense you need around 100 clicks to make any money.Does that mean if I dont reach that target with any of my affiliates including Adsense I wont get any money.I am still so unsure how this works and how many hubs you need to write in order to get anything at all

    • profile image

      Buddy Dixon 8 years ago

      I have a partner in a business. We own 104 domain names together and I am currently building and optimizing sites, looking for affiliates, trying to get set up with Google & YAHOO! for ppc's on our sites, trying to find new ways to market our sites that are up...anyway, you get the idea. On top of all of that I have to explain everything step by step to my partner, and most of it I have to explain numerous times. Not any more!!! Now I just send him to your page(s), he reads it and understands more through you than me trying to explain it all. Thank you, thank you, thank you !!!!!!

    • SEO Resources profile image

      SEO Resources 8 years ago

      Impressive video... Ive been using adsense but may switch now

    • narindia16 profile image

      narindia16 8 years ago

      My Opinion........Adsense is Best

    • powerspike profile image

      powerspike 8 years ago from Sydney, Australia

      Good work on the hub, not only have you explained it well, you have given good examples

      *thumbs up*

    • HILLceo profile image

      HILLceo 8 years ago from RTP - NC

      Google's "PPC" Adwords started 8-9 years ago. It first surfaced in 2000 and took off in 2001. It isn't new. I remember since "organic" SEO specialists like myself were highly offended at the monetization of keyword-based search result placements on search engine results. It ruined the concept of search results purely based on content relevancy. Such is life, eh? Google needed money.

      I don't mind people using Adsense as a form of income and in fact, I encourage it. However, I am 100% against building web sites for the sake of running Google ads (or other PPC ads). If the site does not have unique, useful content, then it is a useless site that is obviously there for click purposes. People are getting wise to these Adsense-generated pages and simply navigate away without clicking on anything.

      The Adsense Ads that perform well are on web sites that are worth visiting because of their own fresh, unique content - with or without Adsense ads.

      HUBpages is a great example of that. People don't come here to read Adsense ads, but if they are researching favorite topics or looking for advice, the Adsense ads are right there displaying enticing offers along the same lines of the topic.

      Have fun and stick with it ;-)

    • privateye2500 profile image

      privateye2500 8 years ago from Canada, USA, London

      Hello Greg :}

      I have never seen anyone write such  vivid *brain-photomap* type article on internet marketing and  *How it works*...

      Are you familiar with the group called the Internet Marketing Warriors; run by Allen Says ?  If not I WISH you would join the forum and post this article to it along with others you have written regarding same.  It would be a great help to serious newbies and I belive you would run into a great deal of joint ventures there as well - it is chalk-full of serious minded, intelligent minds woking together to make serious $$$.

      I have been a member for about 10 years; one used to have to pay to join but it has been free now for a long time.  I know it is the MOST widely read/written to forum online.  If you type it into google, warriors forum - just like that, it is #1 with over 12 thousand direct links and within those 12 thosnad links each one of those goes to thousands of more...(it outranks even the movie, it outranks anything.)

      Get there by SE or  and then go into the Main forum here:

      You will not be disappointed, in fact, I think I am going to write a hub about them today!  No idea why I didn't think of this before.


       Forum devoted to Internet marketing, search engine placement and optimization, plus affiliate programs advice and - 34k - Cached - Similar pages -Discussion ForumLinks To Free e-BooksInternet Marketing ProductWarrior Special Offers ForumAdsenseThe Copywriting ForumPlug-In Profit Site Support ForumMind WarriorsMore results from »


      Check it out!  It also has the best web-hosting I have ever used in the 17 years online called Host4profit.  There is EVERY type of idea, concept, wayto do anything, 1000's of ways to make big name it - it's in there.  I have spent over the years probably 6 months just READING in there.

      Also, once you begin posing in there, your posts ed up on google really fast.

      This post will really help everyone - I promise, you just simply can't fail if you pick somethng there and stick with it - it's literally impossible.  BTW - as you probably noticed, I get absolutely Nothing out of telling you about this.  I am Quite certain there are  lot of Warriors here at the HUB.


    • privateye2500 profile image

      privateye2500 8 years ago from Canada, USA, London

      oh fooy - I spelled my link wrong because my keyboard keeps not putting in letters.! Sorry about that!

    • herbu profile image

      herbu 8 years ago

      you have given me a very good information!!

    • ontheway profile image

      ontheway 8 years ago

      If You Want To Make Real Money Online Forget Adsense

      it Was very well written, I support you, welcome to my hub

    • Ding.A.Ling123 profile image

      Ding.A.Ling123 8 years ago

      VERY Nice Hub! Please read my hubs!

    • RobertHassey profile image

      RobertHassey 8 years ago from United Kingdom

      Good explanation of the Ad Sense large earnings failed promise, how the good affiliate is the most reasonable middle ground, and how it's got the best income-to-work ratio. I'm into online marketing myself, and your explanations make a lot of sense.

    • onlinemarketingsc profile image

      onlinemarketingsc 8 years ago from United Kingdom

      I'm sure you're aware of article marketing, it's one way to generate targeted traffic to a website. I found your hub informative and believable that I think it's worth it to inform more people about your point. And one way to spread that is through submitting articles to directories, and in many parts (as your post can be divided into parts) so that more people can get to know your point of view. I'm into online promotion so I appreciate your perspective.

    • onlinemarketingsc profile image

      onlinemarketingsc 8 years ago from United Kingdom

      Your post touches a nerve in online marketing. I think there's been another post on hubpages that echoes the same disdain, something about how SEO is destroying the website reading experience because sentences were written to accommodate keywords, no matter how silly, and not readers, who actually stand to benefit from such content. As someone deep into online marketing I think there should be fine-lined expectations about the businesses' requirements of the writer, and the writers' expectations of themselves.

    • profile image

      UHC 8 years ago

      Had the most pleasure reading this tips. Congrats on it, and thanks for of luck, cheers!

    • Internet-Profit profile image

      Internet-Profit 8 years ago from India

      What a great piece of writing.  The number of comments and the lively debate going on are in itself articles.  A lot of insightful reading.  I wish I could write like this.

    • profile image

      Arju 8 years ago

      Thanks for wonderful writing. I tried to list all adverising sites in

    • cym profile image

      cym 8 years ago from Europe

      Interesting hub and well written. Nice explanation of the food chain of internet marketing. I'm still stuck at using adsense. Your hub surely makes some things about internet marketing more clear. Thanks.

    • yojpotter profile image

      yojpotter 8 years ago from Iloilo City

      This is veru informative and interesting read ^^ I agree with you..there are other things that you can do online to earn money...all you just need to have is persistent and innovativeness.

    • Info Help profile image

      Info Help 8 years ago from Chicago

      A completely agree that making a living strickly off of Adsense would be damn near impossible unless you are running a 100 or so websites all bringing in $10-15 a day which is very possible. Of course the "guru's' trying to sell you something will not tell you that. However I comletely believe in SEO, I only started building web pages maybe 3 months ago, started with a blogger hub and a hubpages account, I was recently diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and needed to find a way to make some money as I can not work right now. Of course my blogs where about me living with MS and MS in general. I quickly realized I was not going to make any money with these. I bought a domain name and got a webhost and build I also used blogger to create another site about basicaly the same subject as to use as a feeder site. Until about a week and a half ago I could never find my sites searching for any of my keywords on Google.

      In less than 2 weeks I jumped both sites into the top 10 in the serps for "make real money online with Adsense" by using SEO. As of ten minutes ago I am in the 1st and 2nd position for that keyword phrase (you and I seem to be fighting it out).

      SEO can really work wonders for any website and is one of the fastest ways to get listed on the front page of a search engine.

      James Bishop (wifes HubPage)

    • caymanhost profile image

      caymanhost 8 years ago from Cayman Islands

      Adsense is plainly a numbers game and those making the big bucks are those with a lot of traffic and/or a lot of pages generating ads in high paying niches. By a lot I mean hundreds of thousands of ad impressions on a regular basis.

      I run an article directory among other things and have thousands of pages running Adsense but my Adsense income is a long way from being the best online income generator for me. Basically, despite all that content, the traffic is not really enough to generate high Adsense revenue. This doesn't worry me as Adsense is not a main business model for me. I think that most people just can't grasp the numbers involved in generating a substantial income as an Adsense publisher.

      To make good money with Adsense you need to understand keywords and the high paying niches, without this knowledge you are handicapping yourself from the get go and most people just don't understand that unless their pages are optimized for high paying keywords they will often end up earning pennies per click as opposed to the potential $20 dollar clicks that are out there. You really do need to target the right niche markets and know how to drive traffic to your pages and to make sure that your ads are optimized for the highest click through rates possible.

      You need traffic and lots of it so you need to learn how to build and optimize and promote your sites, or again you will not make much money from Adsense.

      Additionally, if click through rates on your sites fall below certain levels you run the risk of becoming a victim of smart pricing and clicks on ads will generate barely a few cents. Do a search for Google Adsense smart pricing if you want to learn more about it.

      One useful Adsense report you might be interested in reading is the 5Dollar Minisite Formula. Even if the method is not for you, it will probably teach you a lot.

      I think it is ridiculous however to state that nobody can make a full time income from Adsense because, quite patently, there are people who do. Most of them are unwilling to reveal how they achieve it of course and a lot of the information out there is outdated and the methods suggested no longer viable.

    • profile image

      Samantha Red 7 years ago

      Thanks for all the helpful information. I have so much to learn. I'm new to hubpages and trying to learn everything so fast and I'm getting a headache some days. Thanks for clearing some things up for me.

    • profile image

      Musa 7 years ago

      I know you're right that Adsense is a waste of time. You have some at the top yet i know you put them for a chance. he he he he ...!

    • profile image

      Musa 7 years ago

      I know you're right that Adsense is a waste of time. You have some at the top yet i know you put them for a chance. he he he he ...!

    • profile image

      Musa 7 years ago

      I know you're right that Adsense is a waste of time. You have some at the top yet i know you put them for a chance. he he he he ...!

    • profile image

      vikas kumar 7 years ago

      best way to earn money is to simply complete easy surveys,each for$1-$25.joining is join just type in urlthis link,

    • profile image

      vikas kumar 7 years ago

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    • profile image

      7 years ago

      He is right about many things, especially the part on gurus.

      After years of research, I came to realize that when it comes to internet marketing, 99% of the information out there are either misleading or a whole chunk of important information is left out. And 99% of the people who come across that 1% of valuable info end up not taking any actions anyway.

      The more gurus(real ones) we have, the more saturated the market is. None of the ones who already made it to the top want that to happen. Unless you're paying for the information, which means that they have found a new source of income. :)

      I agree with the mom & pop homepage part, but I do not agree to adsense being at the bottom of the food chain. Let me give a good example: Markus Frind, founder of plentyoffish, earns a whooping adsense revenue of $250,000 PER MONTH. Probably more than what a lot of whales and hunter packs are earning. :)

      Having spent a considerable amount of time researching and going through trial and error, from forex trading to affiliate marketing to adsense, I came to realize one thing - Only a handful of people will ever make it to the top, the rest are just lost. And the advice given to you by the lost ones who are just like you will make you even more lost than ever.

      Learn, execute, fail, find out why, learn, execute, fail, find out why, learn, execute, succeed, learn, learn, learn, big success! That is how I spent my first year of internet marketing on. :)

      Have faith and don't just think, you have to DO IT!!!

    • Neil Ashworth profile image

      George Poe 7 years ago from United Kingdom

      Great content for a hub. I'll bookmark this one for later...

    • samironwebtrack profile image

      samironwebtrack 7 years ago

      very informative hub for me......gr8

    • World-Traveler profile image

      World-Traveler 6 years ago from USA

      Well, that gives me some background information that I did not have before. Thank you for that, and thank you for the time you invested on putting this information together.

    • profile image

      cheapwebdesign 6 years ago

      Hate adsense , they suspended me for no reason at all, Thanks for the tips , i shall give them ago. cheers

    • profile image

      deepakkumaarr 6 years ago

      you article is very useful .. this helped me a lot

    • Truetales profile image

      Truetales 6 years ago from Australia

      "Don't get angry, get even"

    • clickforseo profile image

      Stephen Davies 6 years ago from UK

      I like the technique you covered but i must say, adsense does work, but not off parked domains... I find your view on adsense a little subjective to be frank.

      For anyone reading, and wondering about the parked domains model, forget that angle and go back to good ole unique and interesting content. same reasons for a working model apply to chitika, simply and other ad networks. The ads need to match up to the quality of the content on the page visited, and vice versa.

      Sorry, but if adsense is to work for you, you need a bunch of high traffic sites loaded with niche targeted content or as you say, adsense should be forgotton by the marketer as a revenue stream.

      Nothing misleading on this tip but yep, many sales pages on about inflated earnings from adsense are mostly bogus. Those that do earn well know simple points - niche targeted, useful content, and visitor engagement (social media).

      If you dont have the time to do that, I wouldnt just say forget adsense, i would press on forget IM altogether and stick to a day job.

    • profile image

      escort bayanlar 6 years ago

      If you dont have the time to do that, I wouldnt just say forget adsense, i would press on forget IM altogether and stick to a day job.

    • profile image

      Shiva kumar 5 years ago

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    • mitshell profile image

      mitshell 5 years ago from worlwide

      there is one important thing that increases adsense earnings. i learn from here

    • profile image

      Somebodyotherthanme 5 years ago

      I spent about 6 months developing one blog basically just making a post a day sometimes not even that, built some backlinks and next thing you know its PR2 with a nice amount of income (500-1000$ per month although there was a small drop about 5 days before mothers day its already recovering).

      This blog is just one example but imagine I had 8-9 blogs, the posts are about things that will never change so they are always up-to-date and so now I don't even have to write anymore for that blog. I haven't written in weeks (however I am starting again now that I have the time for it).

      You can't seriously say that Adsense is a waste of time, you just have to develop blogs that have information that will always be searched for.

    • Doodlehead profile image

      Doodlehead 4 years ago from Northern California

      Very enlightening. About 10 years ago I used adwords and made good money selling my product online. No more. I am behind the pack.

      You have put the scenario in plain English, easy to understand. Thank you... I don't feel as bad now though it is still like a game to try to succeed in this area.

    • profile image

      Texas Cory 4 years ago

      Awesome! Just Simply Awesome!

    • profile image

      jhmnf 3 years ago

      Why are you using google adsense?

    • profile image

      Upenyu 3 years ago

      Greate story. I liked the animal analogy.

    • profile image

      Tony 2 years ago

      Great. You just gave me 11 months.

    • profile image

      jmg 2 years ago

      Great content.

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      daniel 2 years ago

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    • profile image

      Google 2 years ago

      Greg, you are banned from AdSense forever!

    • profile image

      Sergey Brinn 2 years ago

      I wonder if Greg is still around... Last replies 6 years ago :-) Greg, still in IM? Or... back to construction? Neat article anyway :-)

    • profile image

      Larry Page 2 years ago

      I hope millions were scared away from AdSense :-) No point in trying, all is lost! Go here and LEARN !!! That's how I made Google :-)

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      Asterisk PBX 2 years ago

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      megan rouse 3 months ago

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