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If you own a phone get a bluetooth

Updated on September 27, 2011
My Jawbone wireless bluetooth.
My Jawbone wireless bluetooth. | Source

I had friend tell me a long time ago I needed to get a bluetooth for my cell phone,at that time they we're a new product on the market and fairly expensive so I didn't get one.

That was a mistake.

A wireless bluetooth is worth its weight in gold to me, it could save your life and it will improve the quality of your life if you use a cell phone much at all.

I love it because you can talk on the phone

  • Drive
  • Clean
  • Play guitar
  • Browse the internet
  • Work
  • Write Hubs
  • Just about anything.

I bought my Jawbone brand bluetooth off of Ebay and it may well be the best money I ever spend in my life.

I had never realized how much work it is holding up a cell phone until I had about 3 or 4 days in a row where I had to be on the phone and it hit me that I needed to order a bluetooth and now I can honestly say that I don't think I could have a cell phone and NOT have a bluetooth I love it that much.

Syncing your Jawbone bluetooth to your phone

It is so easy to use, all you to is charge it to a full charge and then open up the bluetooth on your phone and hold the 2 buttons on the jawbone and the light will go into sync mode.

You will know it is in sync mode because the light will flash fro white to red and it will do that until it is synced or for 3 minutes.

You can talk for 14 hours on a single charge and it has an amazing noise elmination that takes all the background noise out so you actually hear better than when using the phone regularly.

I bought the jawbone brand because it is military grade and has a range of 38 feet handsfree away from your cell phone,you can walk to the kitchen and get a drink while on the phone.

I'm telling you if you don't own a bluetooth get one now, just the fact that it could potentially save you life while using ut driving makes it a very wise investment.

Until next time God-Bless-You-All


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  • carter06 profile image

    Mary 6 years ago from Cronulla NSW

    Thank you for this, Manthy. I really do need to get one now!

    Great Hub. Cheers

  • manthy profile image

    Mark 6 years ago from Alabama,USA

    Thanks for stopping by Entourage

  • Entourage_007 profile image

    Stuart 6 years ago from Santa Barbara, CA

    Great hub, you have me convinced. I'm so tired of using a wired headset