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I’m Dropping Out Of The Cell Phone Race

Updated on June 9, 2010


I remember when I had my little Nokia phone that was red, small and would get so hot next to my skin that I was sure I was going to have cell phone survivor numbers burned into my cheeks. I called it “My Little Cancer Stick” but how I loved it. As time moved on I got on the “Crackberry” and then weaned myself off of it and onto the “Smartphones” from there it was iPhone all the way baby. I didn’t love it, in fact I didn’t even like it (watch the video here but it didn’t stop me from upgrading to the iPhone 3GS. Now Apple is putting out yet another version of the iPhone that so many people are lining up for like they’re waiting to buy tickets for a Doobie Brothers concert in 1978. Well, it’s official, I’m dropping out of the cell phone race – Don’t Get Me Started!

To say that I hate my iPhone is perhaps too strong. In fact I love it for everything accept for the phone part. In Las Vegas I go through a zone everyday that I call “The Dead Zone” where the phone always cuts out. In this day and age when there are satellites on top of satellites if anyone can explain to me why AT&T has “Dead Zones” even in major cities I’d love to hear the story. I’ve had more calls fail than relationships on the damn thing and while I was once enamored with the way that the screen would change its orientation depending upon the way I was holding it I spend more time now flicking my wrist as if I’m going to make a magic trick happen to get it to the correct orientation, in short I’m no longer enamored with this feature as well as many of the other ones.

Everyone else in my office got Droids from Verizon (which did you know that Lucasfilms has the copyright on the word, “Droid?”) and they love them. They love to tell me how much better it is than the iPhone, how many more things it can do and how I’m living in a world so out of date that I may as well be wearing shoulder pads and parachute pants.

I’ve always like gadgets, in that respect I guess I’m not unlike most men and a lot of women. I like to call myself a Bitechual. And while I’ve been through a lot of cell phones since they came out I think the fact that you are completely now tied to one leaves me wanting less out of the phones and more out of real life.

When that phone dings that something has been posted on Facebook or a text has come in or an email or anything else, I immediately stop, drop, roll and do whatever it takes to get to the phone to respond as quickly as possible. It doesn’t matter if it’s work related, play related or life related. There is no longer the luxury of saying, “I didn’t get your message the machine at home isn’t working right.” Sure, you can say it but everyone knows you’re lying. Yes, while the phones may cut out on you or cause a myriad of other problems like causing you to swerve into oncoming traffic while you’re trying to answer it and drive at the same time (forgive us all Mother Oprah, we know not what we do) the texts, emails and voicemails come through and keep coming all day and all night.

I love the convenience of having of a cell phone but the fact that I have to carry it with me wherever I go (thank God, we got over wearing them in holsters from our belts like IT lesbians). I’m tired of constantly wiping the face of the phone off from the oils of my face on anything that is nearby, from a shirt to a pant leg to someone else’s shirt or pant leg. And going through the panic that I’ve left it somewhere when I can’t hold it or see it every second of every day.

Maybe I’m showing my age that I no longer want to keep up with the Jones’ or that I don’t feel the need to be one of the cool kids and have the latest phone as my overpriced accessory. Maybe that’s the key to the whole economic thing. Maybe we’ve gotten so out of control, living beyond our means that we actually think it’s a “deal” to get a phone for $299 (or even the new price of $199 for the latest iPhone) that is great for everything but when used as a phone. We all need to start living within our means and so here’s my small step. I’m sticking with the iPhone 3GS, will not be upgrading (and I love that there are some people who are all excited that AT&T have made their renewal date earlier so that they can get the iPhone and only pay an additional $18 in addition to the $199 for the phone – hello, Mr. Potato head it’s called marketing and ripping you off by getting you to sign a new two year contract and no longer giving you unlimited data usage – read the fine print). Call me old fashioned but I long for the days before widespread texting and I even think I’d give up the scrolling with my finger across the screen to have that little red cancer stick I loved so much back again that only made calls, received calls and took messages for me most of the time. Maybe I’m romanticizing but it never dropped a call yet was not so advanced that I couldn’t claim to have not gotten your voicemail. Ah, the good old days. I’m dropping out of the cell phone race – Don’t Get Me Started!

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    • Earth Angel profile image

      Earth Angel 7 years ago

      I love reading your words in the morning Scott!! The put a spring in my step, a smile on my face and a chuckle in my belly!! Blessings always, Earth Angel!!