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Implementing VoIP - Large Capex or Small monthly payments?

Updated on July 5, 2011

Financing a VoIP System

When a business utilizes certain services, there's always a decision to make regarding the methodology of its implementation. Many large companies who have the time, money, and expertise prefer to build their own systems rather than outsource them to a third party if they feel it's worth it and if it's part of their business proposition. For example, Google owns its own datacenters which host their servers. Most companies outsource that responsibility since it's just too expensive. Similarly, each business service must face the same scrutiny and VoIP is no different.

The choice before every company is whether or not it wishes to spend the capital expenditure on building its own systems or spend a small monthly amount for the service to be outsourced. It's not always just a question of cash flow either. Spending your own cash requires you to perhaps deviate from your core business and divert your attention and resources elsewhere. It forces you to spare time and effort into a system. With VoIP, companies have two options available to them. They can create their own infrastructure and spend the capex or they can outsource it to hosted PBX IP systems.

Build VoIP or Outsource it?
Build VoIP or Outsource it?

Build VoIP, or Outsource it

In the "build it or outsource it" debate, one crucial question is whether the service is an integral part of your value chain. Datacenters are clearly part of Google's value chain and vertical integration makes perfect sense for them since it's the bedrock of their business.

For most companies however, VoIP is a support service. It certainly enables the firm to function smoothly just like a website is a crucial generator of sales. But it's an ancillary service which can be outsourced without too much of a fuss. Spending too much time on creating your own VoIP systems means spending less time and energy on your core business which is something few businesses can afford.

It's hardly surprising therefore that data indicates more and more businesses are opting for hosted VoIP services which also offer rich features such as HD voice. Scalable HD voice PBX systems can really provide a boost to a company's productivity and change the way it works. It can also use it for free inter office communication when the offices are spread all around the country. It can represent significant cost savings and unlike building your own systems, you can get a return on investment from day one. Contact your ITSP to find out how you can get started today within 15 minutes.


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