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Importance of Directory Submission

Updated on March 8, 2010

It doesn't even matter whether you have a great website with compelling content in it, or not. Unless you are incomeplete in your areas, your website seems to be useless. And this is a problem for numerous webmasters particularly beginners who passiontely come up with a new niche website after doing a lot of keyword research and brainstorming. So all your work on your website may be lost if it is not properly exposed to the world of internet. Without visibility, your website is yet another static object which possess low or little importance in existence.

This is the place where Directory submissions come with importance. You know there are numerous directories existing in the web which is capable of providing a great push and uplift to your site as well as to your online business. So the success of online business lies in the amount of visibility you gain in the short or long run. The thing is that you should gain it anyway even if you do PPC on it or not. So we better focus on the websites which doesn't work on the basis of PPC and these are the ones beginners are looking for.

There are a lot of Directories in Internet which lists a lot of websites holding a variety of niches. Normally, directory submission is not a prior task as far as search engine optimisation or link building strategy is concerned. But it serves you better visibility for those sites which are not even indexed on listed in the drectories. Link building techniques are usually implemented in such a way that you need not submit your website to directories manually. But you are going to optmise and tune the website in such a way that it should be indexed and listed with in days automatically. Effective link building makes it with in 48 hours. So if you are going this way, then it's ok. But those who have not been indexed, then you should do it fast. For those who haven't listed yet, directory submission is a prior task. There are a lot of directory submission services available on the net, both free and paid ones. I suggest you to go for only the free services and the need for payment doesn't arise at this point of time.

Being your websites listed in the directories are important even though that is not the primary task to be completed by any webmaster who wants to increase his/her site's visibility. Unless you are not listed, then you are really getting unknown even with a lot of good content in your site.


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