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Improving your cellular signal

Updated on February 4, 2016

Now more than ever, we are reliant on technology to ensure that we are connected to the world 24/7. For many people this is a part of their job whereby they are needing constant access to the internet as well as having to be able to get others on the phone to carry out their business.

Reasons for poor reception

t can be extremely difficult to fix the issue of having a poor signal in your home or place of work. In many newer houses and flats, the issue is that due to building regulation codes there has to be more structural support for the building. The problem that this creates is that since there is an abundance of materials that will support the building, these are normally ones which inhibit a phone signal.

This is also an issue for those that work in office blocks in that again, to meet building regulations, they need to ensure that the right materials are being utilised to ensure that the building is as safe as possible. However in office blocks the problem is further exacerbated. This is due to the fact that there can be an extensive amount of partition walls put up which is used to separate larger areas up into smaller offices in order to maximise the amount of space that is available.

Further, the influx of extra wiring that is needed to support multiple offices as well as the extensive array of computers can also block a signal from successfully reaching a phone properly. It may also be the case that you live, or your office block is in an area that already has a less than perfect signal strength. Due to this, before you even factor in the issue that your home/office might have the issues mentioned above you’re already going to have a problem getting a half decent cellular signal.

How can you fix a signal issue?

The end result of this is that you are left with you having an extremely poor reception to the extent that you would be better off not having your phone on at all. For some people in their houses, they have found that the further they stand to the windows, they will be able to get a proper reception.

The problem that this possesses though is the fact you might be needing to make a private conversation and doing this right beside the window is far from ideal since this of course raises issues of the amount of privacy you will be getting.

In the case of office buildings, it would be possible to fix this signal issue by going down the route of installing a cellular WiFi system. This works by tapping into your pre-existing internet connection and using piggy backing off the Wi-Fi in there. However, this also presents itself with an issue that depending on the speed of your internet then it may not be possible to get an optimum connection to support everyone being on their phones via this route constantly.

Further, whilst some people in the office block may be able to go near the windows to get a half way acceptable signal, not everyone will be near a window. It is not uncommon for them to be stuck in between several offices and thus the reception will be particular poor so this is not an option for them either.

Utilising a signal booster

There are many signal boosters on the market that are able to assist you when it comes to gaining the upper hand regarding cellular phone strength. Signal boosters as the name suggests is a way that you can maximise the potential of any signal that you can get on your phone.

Whilst there are many brands available to purchase on the internet, one such brand in particular is Wilson. The Wilson Pro Booster line of products are designed to work with every cellular network in North America. The benefit of this is that you have the complete freedom to allow everyone in the building to be able to use the booster, unlike some other brands which can only boost the signal from certain networks such as Verizon.

Further, with a great reputation over the last 20 years with customers ranging from Microsoft and ExxonMobil, you know that the signal booster you buy will not only do you for a long period of time, but you’ll be able to have peace of mind in any after sales support that you may require.


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