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In House SEO Training

Updated on July 17, 2010
In-House SEO Training
In-House SEO Training

Why bring your SEO in-house?

Why bring your SEO in-house rather than outsource? The answer is simple, no one knows your products, your industry, your customers and your marketing objectives better than you do. Furthermore, SEO is not some form of esoteric knowledge known only to a few industry professionals, rather it's a form of knowledge that you can quickly learn and apply yourself. The investment in time and money spent learning SEO will be returned time and time again.

The objective is to teach you and/or your marketing staff valuable SEO techniques that will increase your online visibility amongst your target consumers or buyers. These techniques include:

  • How to conduct effective keyword research.
  • How to increase search engine visibility.
  • How to maximize click-through rate from organic results.
  • How to increase customer acquisition from site visitors.
  • How to increase sales value and frequency.
  • How to increase brand awareness and product reach.
  • How to use e-mail to encourage long term customer retention.

You will gain an understanding of Keyword Research, Competitor Research, Unique Content, and how these tactics underpin and maximize the return from your website by driving pre qualified visitors to your site who, for the most part, have already decided to buy.

In-House SEO Is A Growing Trend

A recent study indicates that around 52% of companies will opt to keep their search engine optimization in-house rather than outsource to a SEO company. For these companies undertaking SEO Training aimed at keeping in-house staff up to date with recent Search Engine developments and best practices makes perfect sense. This lets you to concentrate on marketing your business without revealing your business goals or strategies to a third party.

In-House SEO Training Puts You In Control

With so much at stake it's easy to see why more and more organizations see the benefits of brining there SEO activities In-House. To aid in this transition our In-House SEO Training provides Marketing or IT staff with the knowledge and support they need to become completely proficient in best practice SEO techniques.

More information about In-House SEO Training Courses in Scotland and throughout the UK are available from SEO Scotland.

Essential SEO Resources

For many small businesses and new start-ups the price of SEO training can be prohibitive and the DIY route is often the most practical option. There are excellent resources online to help you on your way some of the most notable are listed below.


Compelling content drives the Internet, so the content is the marketing. And using the right words in the right way will determine not only how well your site converts visitors into sales, but also how well you rank in search engines and how many links you get.

IIMA - International Internet Marketing Association

The IIMA is an organization that helps marketers understand the value and potential of marketing on the web and strives to raise all marketers' abilities to a new level.

Search Engine Guide

The latest search engine news is posted here each day. Additionally a searchable directory of articles allows you to research any search engine related topic.


SEMPO is a non-profit professional association working to increase awareness and promote the value of Search Engine Marketing worldwide. an Not For Profit Organization of search engine optimization consultants and internet marketers developing and implementing a set of " best practices " standards for search engine optimization professionals.

SMA-NA - Search Marketing Association

The SMA-NA is an association for people and companies involved in the study, promotion and practice of search engine marketing in North America.

Traffick - Guide to Portals and Search Engines

Traffick charts the rise of search engines with a special eye toward the business side and how search engine marketing is changing how everything and anything is sold and marketed using the internet.

Webmaster Radio FM

WebmasterRadio.FM offers an all-star lineup of radio shows hosted by the most respected names in the Internet business world. On WebmasterRadio.FM listeners can find programming with a vast appeal to anyone looking to be a part of a community destination and learn industry specific information from the most successful marketers and technology experts in the world.

Internet Marketing Scotland: Promoting business online with professionalism and integrity.


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    • ZarkoZivkovic profile image

      ZarkoZivkovic 7 years ago from Serbia

      I like to be in control, plus, like you said, I don't like telling my secrets to others. there are things that everyone should know and than there are things that took me years of doing SEO to find out the hard way and I'm not about to share it for free. When I do decide to share them that will be one hell of a link bait :)

    • Peter Hoggan profile image

      Peter Hoggan 7 years ago from Scotland

      True, often this understanding is used by busy business owners to better project manage their in-house marketing/creative teams or an outsourced contractor.

    • billyaustindillon profile image

      billyaustindillon 7 years ago

      The key is this gives you control and intimate understanding of what you need - nice work.