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In the Palm of your Hand - The mobile charge capture

Updated on May 14, 2014

Out With the Old

Students are converting from the use of notebooks to the use of iPads. Teachers are changing in their dusted over chalkboards for shiny, new Smart Boards and doctors are leaving behind the old clipboards in favor of their newest smart phones. This last part may be a shock, or all of this information may a surprise for you if you or a child close to you is not in school but it is all true.

General Benefits of the Mobile App

Doctors are beginning to use the mobile charge capture apps when out in the field. These apps can be downloaded onto the doctor’s Smartphone and used no matter the time and location. The actual benefits of these mobile charge apps depend on the exact mobile charge capture chosen by a doctor but a few general benefits are an increase in productivity and revenue, a lack of tedious paperwork, and more time for a doctor to help the sick and needy around him.

In order to properly look at the benefit of an increase in revenue, one must put aside all thoughts of selfless doctors serving the community for the good of society. Though this is true, doctors help society tremendously, they need to bring in a revenue in order to keep their office or a hospital up and running, in order to serve more people. The medical field can be considered a business because of its every driving force to keep its doors open. Yes, there will always be sick people but; there may not always be a decent price on medicine and equipment. As a result of the ever present push found in America for bigger, better, faster along with the ever present smart phone, doctors are able to devote less time to find the right code to send to their staff, to send to the medical biller, to send to the insurance company and more time helping those in need. This would all not be possible without the creation of mobile charge captures.

Benefits on a Case by Case Basis

Some more specific benefits include the ability to take a picture of a patient’s information and store it into a database on the mobile capture where it can be accessed at any time. A doctor can also say a code into their phone instead of typing the code into. The apps also allow doctors to send billing reports back to their office in real time. This would be essential when a doctor is out in the field during regular business hours. Not only would the report be processed the same day, but the bill would be sent out the same day as well. This would mean the intake of much needed revenue in the least amount of time possible, an asset to any company.

It’s the Doctor’s Orders

It is clear that the presence of these mobile charge captures will help the medical field operate as a streamlined business with the least amount of possibilities for mistakes as possible. As usual, this change in an age old profession has been brought about by America’s need to always have a smart phone in hand and be as up to date on everything as possible.



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