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Inbound Marketing Overview

Updated on September 8, 2013

Inbound Marketing

It is amazing how the internet has revolutionised marketing in recent years. Today consumers do not have to depend on TV spots and billboards to get information about the newly developed products; outbound marketing. The web has empowered the consumer, readily providing a platform for researching before buying the products. Inbound marketing; the modern marketing communication, enhanced by social media, has changed the game.

Cost Effective

Inbound marketing has also triumphed because it is cost effective, as compared to the traditional methods of advertising. The traditional methods suddenly have begun losing attention; it has been established that:

a. Only 66% of direct mails are opened; a waste of postage, paper and time

b. Only 14% of television viewers concentrate on television commercials

c. 85% of people aged 25 to 34 have opted out of a website due to annoying, intrusive, irrelevant ads.

d. Cost per lead for inbound marketing is much lower, compared to that of outbound marketing

Emphasis on Earning

Inbound marketing does not put emphasis on buying, instead it focuses on earning. This is achieved through engaging content and social media. Engaging content includes white papers, podcast, and blogs.

The content created is interesting to the target reader, is informative and brings value. The consumer is therefore in a position to develop positive connections to the product, hence increasing the chances of purchase. This method therefore is cheaper when compared to outbound marketing, and has a better Return on Investment (ROI).

In the UK it is easy to find a company for inbound marketing, but be sure to chose one that advertises as a HubSpot Partner UK. This will show they are a HubSpot certified partner and will guarantee that you get all the benefits associated with this excellent platform.

Out Goes Outbound

Outbound marketing comprises of only one way communication: Customers are enticed through radio, TV, cold calls, print and banner advertising.

The fall in outbound marketing can be attributed to current changes in consumer behaviour. The companies are in full control of what the consumer gets, but in inbound marketing the consumer controls the kind of information they retrieve and by which methods.

This is evident in the fact that many users are blocking certain call numbers and burning some websites, while others unsubscribe to certain companies’ email lists.

In Comes Inbound

Inbound marketing is achieved through info-graphics, podcasts, eBooks, white papers, V logs, and blogs, and so on. Information is obtained, shared and spread through social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, twitter, YouTube, etc.

The viral growth and spread of information increases visibility of the target company. For instance the company information links grow, search engine ranking increases, referral traffic booms leading to sales and leads. This is how the inbound marketing method generates revenue, not just mere leads.

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