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Increase Google Page Rank in Few Steps!

Updated on February 25, 2014

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Blogging has never been so much tough until people found its potential for earning chunks of money in a short span of time . People now run after the money rather than writing good qualitative content so the giant Search Engine Google introduced various changes to its Search Algorithms as well as new Terms like Page Rank , Page Speed etc .

The main motive behind such action was to give priority to Quality content writers rather than to re writers who spin the articles and publish them back on their Blog .

In today's Post , I shall be discussing about the Page rank , What it is actually , What are its Benefits , How it can be increased etc . Most of the people might know already about it and certainly would have worked to increase it . You might have been getting lot of Tips and Tricks to increase page rank which may or may not have worked for you So i have come up here with a Well researched factors on which Page rank depends and How it can be increased efficiently .

If you follow the below steps dedicatedly, then you can get Page Rank of your Blog easily upto 5. Let me tell you more about it so that you can Know what the Google page rank is all about and in what terms it can be beneficial to you and in what terms not !

What is Google Page Rank ?

Google Page rank is a numerical value assigned to the web pages out of "10" stating how important that web page is actually considering the fact that it gets many good inbound links from another website .

Google considers it as a voting system and each link to other website is considered as vote . More the no of votes to a website or web page , more will be the Google Page rank correspondingly . A maximum of "10" is given to very important website or web page as a page rank whereas it can be as low as 0 (Zero) or even worst can be N/A Status . So now you know what is Google Page Rank , lets have a look over its benefits .

Earlier , All the Webmasters considered it a very important factor as it would help in SERPs But , to answer the above question in present situation , Webmasters have splitted forming two groups . One group says , that Page Rank helps in SERPs, better indexing and crawling , Making money by advertisement on high Page Rank Blog etc whereas on the same surface , the other Group says , that , Page Rank i.e PR is of no benefit at all .

They say , there is no need to run after it as it is no more linked to Search Results now . It do not help in getting better rank in Search Results .

What do I feel About Google Page Rank ?

Google Page Rank is not very important factor which Webmasters need to work upon but still it is a part of hundreds of changes Google make every year in its Google Search Algo for ranking the websites . So, We cant ignore it completely . Google Page Rank Increases when inbound links from other sites are increased and correspondingly decreased when the either outbound links from your site to other are increased or inbound links to your site are decreased .

There must be some hidden benefits of Page Rank which are not yet out publicly from the Google but I Dont recommend people to run after it and do link building all the time . Better i would suggest you to spend time in better link building with relevant informational tags etc though there is no harm in getting good Page Rank .

How Google Page Rank can be beneficial ?

  • Higher Page Rank is equal to Higher Authority

Higher PR makes you look like an expert (even though if the PR is faked) . Generally , it is seen that People talk about the higher PR Blogs more than that of the lower ones . Moreover , Higher Pr make you look good in the eyes of Google and chances of getting penalized by it are thus diminished .

  • Quick Cash Making through Page Rank

If you have got a website or either having a web page with a Higher Pr , then people would certainly be willing to pay you nice amount of money for getting a link from your website . More the Pr , more willing will be the people to give you money for a link .

  • Better Indexing and Crawling along with Traffic

As High PR results from large amount of Inbound links , we can assume that people who are interested would be turning to your site as a traffic by Clicking your link from other websites as they would be linking to you relevantly .

Moreover , Chances of crawling and re indexing your Blog are also increased as Google Bot see your website getting linked from many sources . Now as we know What is Actually and What can be its Benefits , Let us discuss now about How can we increase it .

How To Increase Page Rank ?

  • Quality Content - Dad of Everything !

This is the foremost requirement to increase your Pagerank in real terms . We all know , Content is the King . So Write Qualitative And original content which should not be copied at all to get High Search Engine Ranking . It will benefit you in Both Terms i.e Page Rank as well as SERPs .

  • Article Marketing

Another method to get your Page rank increased is an article marketing . It is majorly a Guest posting where you need to write an article of about 300 to 400 words and submit it to other High PR Websites or Article Directories like Ezinearticles .

  • Commenting on Other Blogs

Commenting on other Blogs has got a lot much potential than anyone could ever thought . You need to find Blogs providing Dofollow links in comments in yuor very own same niche and then need to comment over it . Nofollow link providing Blogs would not be helping to get High PR .

  • Manual Link Building

Find out the High Pr Message Boards or Forums (Google Search will help you for sure :P) and then register there . Then , add your website url in your profile as well as in signatures . Though it is time consuming , but it helps a lot .

  • Requesting to Other Bloggers

This method i believe rarely works but it can be the best easy way to get backlink if you manage to convince the other Webmaster to put your Blog url in any of their High PR page .

  • Buy and Sell

This method indeed works for sure . Though Google strictly Says that it will not be sparing anyone who engages in paid link building but if it is done correctly , Even Google cant penalize you . Either you can buy High PR Backlinks with money or can provide some services in return . These days , lot of Facebook Groups are active for the Same Purpose .

  • Directory Submission

Though this process is really very time consuming as well as boring too , but once you successfully submit your website in a High Authority Directory , you will enjoying the High Ranking in SERPs in no time as well as be getting Good PR I hope , you have got enough exposure about Google Page Rank and you will get nice Page Rank if you wish to go for it by employing the above discussed methods . If you have any problem or want to ask anything related to Page Rank , Ask it via comments , I will be happy To assist You .

Happy Blogging . :)


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    • profile image

      arther 4 years ago

      Lovely Post :]

      thanks for the great info

    • profile image

      miguel 4 years ago

      thanks for this amazing post!

    • profile image

      Todd 4 years ago

      great post.. lots of good information!

    • profile image

      Terry 4 years ago

      Good tired of putting my website in the comments - DUMB. Need to hear more about linking blogs and webpages.

    • profile image

      Rob 4 years ago

      Content is key to help you rank and get leads!

    • profile image

      Natalie Rodreguez 4 years ago

      Awesome, more SEO stuff to learn :) eventually I'm sure i will become a pro at it :P There is just soooo much to learn tho! :) Great information, thanks!

    • profile image

      Mark Nelson 4 years ago

      Google page rank is crucial if you are trying to get opt in leads online. Content is king

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      steve 4 years ago


    • profile image

      joseph 4 years ago

      this is great info as i have been trying for a while to find out more about PR and how to get it up :)

    • profile image

      Veronica 4 years ago

      This is great information. Some a bit technical but I got the main points I think. I have been trying to do most of the tips. I did sign up for ezine articles but I'm yet to use it. So much to do :-)

    • profile image

      Cheryl Inniss 4 years ago

      This is really great info ... I have to use this in the very near future

    • profile image

      leonie 4 years ago

      Great advice - thanks so much!

    • profile image

      Alli Sylvestre 4 years ago

      Google strikes again. We absolutely need something to keep up

    • profile image

      Nick Ritchie 4 years ago

      Great post, and very valid points, create great content, syndicate through ezines, create recipricol links through commenting, and more... :)