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Increase Your Blog Traffic In A Day

Updated on June 22, 2015

Simple Ways to Get Traffic Fast!

There are tons of sites and blogs on the web. Each passing day new sites find their way on the world wide web. The truth is that many of these sites do not gain the exposure that they need to make a business owner successful. Unless a site is search engine optimized, a site owner will need to drive traffic to their own site. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to a site that is created to be visible on the web. Most sites today are not search engine friendly which means when a person does a search for something in particular that they are one of the first sites to be noticed within the search engine. There is hope after all. Use the ideas below to build traffic.

Create an Email List

Anytime you talk with a person about your business make sure you get their email address. After you get their address, add them to your email list. Make sure you store your email list in two places. If you type it on your computer, save it on a flash drive or use a free email service like Mail Chimp to tract your contacts. A free Mail Chimp account can be created at

Share New Blog Post

If you are a blogger, share new blog post on social media or send them to your email contacts. When sharing new post, ask friends and family to share them also. Even if your contacts only forward one email and share one post, links could go viral. Join relevant groups on facebook and make it a goal to post at least ten links daily. This means you've got to do some target marketing to find the best groups suitable for sharing your blog post titles.

Make Youtube Videos

Youtube videos seem to be the thing today in terms of marketing a business. People are creating funny videos, promotional videos, service, and product reviews. The key here is to embed a link to your site or blog and to also make sure you let viewers know how they can subscribe to your blog. Youtube links can also be shared on social media, websites, blogs, and by email.

Email Product Reviews

If you sell affiliate products, write honest reviews and email them to your contacts. When writing reviews try to include positive reviews that have been written by other affiliates selling the same products you sell. This can be done by researching product reviews for the products that you are selling. Then include a link on your review directing potential clients to other reviews. Amazon is a great place for finding reviews on products.

Browse Your Contacts

By taking a look at your email contacts, you will know how to target potential clients. Find out which contacts may be interested in the products and services that you sell. Then simply invite them to visit your blog by emailing them. In your email description, give them brief details about your blog. Make sure you include your business link and a promotional deal. If you are not using an automated email system, you will need to send out new emails as often as you need to. Sending out emails like this once a month will help your company gain the visibility it needs. Now if you have so many contacts that manually sending them out will take some time, try sending out only a few a day. If you still feel you just have too may, try using an automated email system.

Create a Promotional Deal

Create a promotional deal that potential clients can not refuse. The world wide web is filled with people promoting services or products until in all honesty it seems like a rat race. If this is the case, what would make your promotion different and unique? This is something only the business owner can figure out. Doing a little brain storming and preplanning could mean that your business attracts the eyes of many.

Do Some Target Marketing

Get a piece of paper and simply write down the names of friends and family members that may benefit from what your business has to offer. Before there was such a thing as the world wide web, we had telephones. Use telemarketing skills to simply call some of the people you know to let them know what you are doing. Not everyone is computer savvy or has access to the web.

Create a Facebook Business Page

People are using facebook everyday to take advantage of free ways to maket their business. Create a facebook page for your business and join business networks on facebook that will help you get the word out about your business. There are groups on facebook called Facebook like groups. When business owners join these groups and post links, other business owners will like their facebook page, but remember a like for a like.

Put Ads in Free Online Classified Ads

There are many places online that will allow business owners to place ads either in free directories or free classifieds. Facebook, Ebay, & Manta are three free ways to advertise a business. Facebook has many free classified ad groups so do your research. Visit to list a business in their free directory. Go to for more free ad space.

Share Holiday & Birthday Greeting Cards

There is nothing like making a person feel special. Create greeting cards and personalize them with your business name on the greeting cards. As a rule of thumb, always include your link. Your card may say something like XYZ Company wishes Jane Doe a happy birthday or WXY Publications wishes you a Merry Christmas. Yes this takes some extra time but there are plenty of free tools like free photo editors online to help your blog gain the exposure and traffic it needs

If Your Blog Offers Services, Share Your Price List

Often not only are people curious about products or services that a business owner may have, but they are also curious about how much money is involved. Creating a price list that details everything your company offers along with prices helps you the business owner by answering the question that will eventually be asked later. How much do you charge?

Ask Your Facebook Friends & Family to Share Your Link

Create a simple ad including a link on the wall of your facebook page. Simply send a few of your friends a message and ask them if they will share your link. A simple way of sharing a link is to upload an image on facebook along with a link and tag as many facebook friends that you would want to see your ad.

Increasing traffic to your website or blog in a day can happen if a business owner takes the necessary steps that it takes to create unique realistic ways to gain exposure. Some of the things listed can be done in a day and some may take some time but if a blog owner takes the measures to follow the ideas listed, in time an enormous increase will take place.

Increase Website Traffic in a Day is Copyrighted Material/All Rights Reserved - Victoria Sheffield - Hubpages Article Writer

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