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Industrial and Double-Swing Doors

Updated on September 17, 2010

Double-Swing Doors

Industrial Double Swing Doors

Many businesses can benefit from double-swing doors. The unfortunate part of this fact is that many of these businesses don’t realize that they need them. Double-swing doors may seem like an insignificant addition to a building, but they can provide great results. These doors are specially designed to be lightweight and easy to move. The double-swing action allows people to pass through from either direction without needing a free hand to grab a handle. Plus, they have a snug fit that prevent temperature and noise from passing from one side of the door to the other.

Industrial doors are another great example of a potential business improvement. In industrial settings, large and heavy equipment is used every day. Often, loads can’t be moved from one area to another as quickly as they could due to insufficient doorways or weak doors. The doors in this setting may also suffer from the extensive bumps, scuffs and scrapes they receive from the heavy equipment. Industrial doors are made to withstand these collisions. They’ll last longer and make it easier for a crew to move around in the space. They also have windows built in to prevent collisions if people are approaching from both sides of the doors.

Double-swing doors can also be made with an industrial setting construction to withstand regular impacts. Or they can be lighter weight and thinner, depending on what the business needs. Industrial doors, on the other hand, can have single- or double-swing action. A wide variety of businesses can benefit from these two types of doors, including restaurants, factories, industrial freezers and refrigerators, schools, receiving docks and warehouses. In each of these settings industrial doors or double-swing doors can have a significant, positive impact, whether it’s making a job easier, moving products more quickly or improving safety conditions.


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