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Industries That Use Measuring Tools with Custom Scales and Dials

Updated on September 1, 2015
Scales and Dials
Scales and Dials

Scales and dials are used in many instruments, usually for measuring such things as temperature, pressure, humidity, and others. These can be seen in instruments that are used regularly by ordinary people, like those that are used to measure the weight of things, or those that are utilized for checking the heat of an oven. These are also used by numerous industries for their many needs, and these industries rely on such gauges to help them operate safely.

What are the industries that often use such measuring scales and dials? Do they have these customized to meet very specific requirements? What tools use such measuring gauges, and can these be replaced by digital counterparts? There are actually quite a few industries that use scales and dials on their equipment, and these measuring tools are used to help with the safe operation of such facilities.


Kinds of Tools Used By Various Industries and For What

The industries that use measuring tools with gauges, scales, and dials, include some of the industries that we depend on every single day. These include water industries, sanitary industries, power generation companies, oil and gas production facilities, and the pharmaceutical industry, to name but a few. Included in this list are factories that produce various products that we also use or depend on every day, and businesses that produce items that help us with our daily chores, help us get from point a to point b. In short, almost everything we use in our lives come from companies that use these measuring tools.

To help you further understand, here are some of these industries and the kinds of gauges and tools with measuring scales or dials that they utilize.

Power Generating Companies – these are what supply homes and other buildings with power, and before these can be distributed to consumers, these have to pass by a number of steps that have measuring gauges on them. The kinds of scales and dials that you will find being used by these companies include those that measure temperature, pressure, wattage, and many more. These businesses also use measuring scales or tools that measure the amount of fuel that is in a tank, how much is being fed to specific equipment, and so on.

Water Industries – these include those that pump fresh, clean water to homes and other establishments, as well as those that remove waste water from these very same entities. The most commonly used gauges you will find being used by industries that deal with the delivery and removal of water are those that measure water pressure. These companies also utilize tools that measure heat, calculate how many liters have been sent or removed, and other similar gauges.

Pharmaceutical Industries – these companies have quite a number of dials and scales within their facilities, and these are used to help manufacture various medications, cures, and other similar items within. These are used to ensure that the formulations being made are at the right temperature for these to be safe for human use, and for these to be mixed properly as per their manufacturing guidelines. These industries also have gauges that help determine pressure, speed, weight, and other pertinent factors that are required in the manufacture, testing, and packaging of pharmaceutical products for safe use.

Custom Scales and Dials
Custom Scales and Dials

Other Industries That Use Similar Gauges That Are Brand Customized

While some companies have gauges customized for their manufacturing needs, there are some that require customization for their specific brand and marketing needs. Take for instance the automotive industry. These vehicle manufacturers usually have speedometers and other gauges that have the same type of use across the board, but these are custom-made for each brand, and for each type of vehicle even, simply because the brand requires such customization.

Other industries that have such measuring tools customized for branding purposes include manufacturers of measuring equipment, like those businesses who make and sell weighing scales. Since there are many businesses that do make these weighing tools, either for weighing humans with or items with, these need to have dials that carry the brand of the manufacturer. You will also notice that, depending on which manufacturer you choose to patronize, these custom scales not only carry the brand and logo of the company, but also the contact details and even custom scale features that may not be present in its counterparts.

There are quite a lot of industries that use scales, dials and gauges for their many needs, and these include manufacturers of many different kinds of items like construction vehicles, food manufacturing equipment, farm vehicles, and so on. This shows that scales as well as dials and gauges can be used in so many different ways and by so many different industries, that it is somewhat difficult to actually count the many different kinds there are out there.


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