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Information You Should Know Before Buy a Walkie Talkie

Updated on June 15, 2013

Walkie Talkie

Recently we received an email from a user who just tell us he want to buy a set of walkie talkie and ask us to quote him. This is not the first time we received this type of similar email by just asking us to provide them a quote.

To me, I am totally agree that this gentleman he is running out of time, and he want us to provide him a quote so that he could have some bench-mark price range before shopping in the walkie talkie shop. However from my stand point, I would rather think why he never check the price range at some e-commerse website, such as ebay, amazon or dseason? He should have immediately get the bench-marking price.

Understand Your Needs before buy a Walkie Talkie

Buying a walkie talkie could be very straight forward, you could just go to the shop and pick the unit. Before that, please ask yourselve if you understand what your needs? There are several parameters you need to consider instead of just saying “I want to buy a walkie talkie”.

Location of Using Walkie Talkie. Do you want to use the walkie talkie in the city centre of at te jungle tracking? Or maybe along the seaside. An experience walkie talkie shop may recommend difference frequency either UHF or VHF series.

Communication Coverage Distance. Try to estimate the communication distance you would like the walkie talkie to cover. For most cases, an walkie talkie could cover up to 3km however due to the building or geography interference, the radio communication system coverage distance is very much affected.

Appearance. Apart of the cosmetic design, there are mainly 2 type of outer design. 1) Walkie Talkie with a key pad; 2) walkie talkie without a key pad.

Walkie Talkie Accessories

Need Any Accessories to support the communication system?

There are severals walkie talkie accessories that will assist you during the usage or making your communication become more enjoyable. Understand with the shop what are the walkie talkie accessories that hey are offering. You may not need those accessories now but you may need those after some days of using the walkie talkie.

Just spend several minutes to go through the accessories before you make up your mind to get the unit.

Support after Buy Walkie Talkie

There are a lot more support needed after sometime of using.

Simple instruction of walkie talkie. There are many function for any walkie talkie you select. Please do not hestitate the walkie talkie shop to show you how to use the unit and explain the basic operation procedure. A more experience shop may also explain some routine failure mode so that you could quickly identify the root cause for any symptom.

Repair Service. A walkie talkie or 2 way radio product is an electronic product. All electronic products are facing component degradable which eventually leading to failure. Please check with the shop if they do have walkie talkie repair service. Not many walkie talkie shop has their own repair centre rather than sending the unit to the original manufacturer centre which require longer response time.

Frequency Programing. Most of the walkie talkie has their own default frequency channel. In order to setup the same group having the same communication group, you need to make sure all the unit are using the same channel and frequency. Unfortunately not all the shop know how to set the frequency. You need to go for the shop who are capable to do the job.

Communication Repeater

More Demanding User before Buying

For a dedicate user, they may require the walkie talkie to be used for their repeater system. Repeater system basically is the solution for user who want walkie talkie long range coverage. Not many walkie talkie shop provide this type of services unless they are experience and knowlegable in the field.

They are so many thing an user need to consider before buy a walkie talkie, just comparing the pricing may lead you lose out other importance aspect. Next time, while you to check out the walkie talkie price, please ask if you already clear about the entire picture before buying.


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