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History of Internet and web brower

Updated on August 1, 2016

The Internet was first connected in 1965 by Thomas Merrill, Lawrence G. Roberts. They connected a Q-32 in California to a TX-2 computer in Massachusetts. By using a low – speed dial- up telephone line. Once the lines were connected it created the first large area computer network built. In 1966 Lawrence G. Roberts had an idea for the” ARPANET” which was the first name for the Internet and he published his idea in 1967. In 1968 SRI was first connected to the “ARPANET” which was the first time a host to host message sent.In 1962 J.C.R Licklider of MIT started sharing his “Galactic Network” idea. He imagined a set of computers that were connected globally. This would make it so people could gain access to data and programs from various sites.


The first web browser was created in 1989. The first widely used browser was called NCSA Mosiac. The same group of creators named the first commercial web browser Netscape Navigator. Later on the creators changed the name to Netscape Communicator.



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