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Install and use two operating systems on your computer, Windows 7 and XP.

Updated on April 29, 2011

How to install and use the same computer simultaneously in two operating systems, Windows 7 and XP to take advantage of the strengths and advantages offered by

If you use some version of Windows on your computer, you will understand that each has its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages, of course Windows 7 is the highest point in the evolution of these operating systems, but still not perfect and has several limitations. 

The ideal solution is to have Windows 7 on a Windows XP partition and the other with a boot menu that allows us to choose which operating system to start, this method allows us to leverage the strengths and qualities of both operating systems, for example: 

  • Continue to use and not giving up earlier programs only functional with Windows XP. 
  • Continue to use and not to give up older hardware devices that Windows 7 does not recognize and for which there is no drivers available as printers, video cards, modems, etc. 
  • Advantage of new features of Windows 7 that have been added and did not previously exist. 
  • PC to connect to our devices successfully tech hardware such as phones, cameras, smartphone, for Windows 7 which brings including drivers. 

How to make this installation? There are several methods, on the next page you can read a tutorial which explains step by step procedure, all available options and choose the most suitable for your specific situation; you can even do it without having to modify the Windows that you use today. 

Install and use both operating systems simultaneously on your PC, XP and Windows 7.

You can also read the methods that allow simultaneous use of several different operating systems, either on the Windows platform, Mac or Linux. 

Enable booting two operating systems with EasyBCD 

Finally I recommend the following page on additional options for the installation source, either from a disk, flash memory, a local folder, etc. 

Install Windows 7 from a USB flash memory or local folder 


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