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Installing Buddypress for wordpress

Updated on March 25, 2012

I know you’re reading this because you want to make your blog more social, make a social network or whatever the heck is on your mind so to do so you might have come across the name buddypress from some article,google, bing ,a friend suggestion or someplace and so you've decided to give it a try but you’re stack with the installation. Don't worry you ‘re in the right place,you’re going to see how actually easy it is to accomplish this task, Before we kick start the process am assuming you have already installed wordpress. (if not) download it by clicking this link and install.

What you need for this Installation.

1. Wordpress version 3.0

2. Buddy press version 1.2.7

1. Download buddy press. To download follow this link:

Important information for you

Buddypress is a wordpress plugin
Wordpress  MU has been integrated in wordpress ver. 3.0

2. After downloading buddypress Unzip and upload the downloaded folder to

"/wp-content/plugins/buddypress/" in your wordpress folder.

3. Login to your Wordpress admin control panel and select "plugins"

Buddypress installation

Buddy press instillation
Buddy press instillation

4. Look for “Buddypress” and select activate.

5. You will need to update your “Permalinks” in order for buddypress pages to function properly. To do so select the link “…….you must update your permalink structure…..”

Buddpress permalink

Buddpress permalink
Buddpress permalink

Or you can set this up in settings >permalinks menu in your admin area.

6. What we are left with is to activate a buddypress compatible theme, let this not worry you because buddypress comes prepacked with a theme, To activate the theme go to Appearance>themes menu in your admin and select BuddyPress Default 1.2.7 >activate.

Or you can make your current theme compatible to Buddypress. To do so go to and download the template extension pack. Install the plugin, the plugin will run you through the process step by step.

For a selection of themes. check out Sarah Gooding's best themes post on


[For a professional install you can email me at dexizy[at] ]


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