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Installing Flash 11 On Power PC (PPC) Macs

Updated on October 20, 2012

Power PC Based Macs Get Left Behind By Flash 11

If you own a Power PC, or PPC, based Mac running OS X, then I’m sure you know that Adobe decided to end support of Flash on PPC Macs with Flash version 10. The problem with this is that most flash based websites and online videos require Flash 11 to play. This basically renders older PPC Macs obsolete for viewing videos and online content.

You Can Install Flash 11 On Power PC Macs?

However, there is a work around for this. You can hack Flash 11 onto PPC based Macs! This might sound tricky or even risky, yet I assure you that its quite easy to do. The only caveat is that Flash 11 is not optimized for PPC processors. On a Power Mac G4 upgraded with a 1.5GHz G4 Processor, youtube videos load and play and the audio is just fine, yet the video is somewhat choppy. This might not be a problem on faster G5 processor equipped iMacs and Power Macs.

Installing Flash Player 11 On A PPC Mac

Drag the downloaded Flash Player plug-in into the Internet Plug-Ins folder on your Mac's hard drive.
Drag the downloaded Flash Player plug-in into the Internet Plug-Ins folder on your Mac's hard drive. | Source

How To Install Flash 11 On A Power PC Mac

To do this, you must download the Flash 11 plug-in from here. After it has finished downloading, unzip the plug-in and copy it somewhere easily accessible, like the Desktop. Then, open your hard drive and from the root directory, browse to the “Library” folder, then to the “Internet Plug-Ins” folder. Once there, rename the flash plug-in located their to something like “flashbackup.” This will let you keep the original plug-in just in case something goes wrong and the new one doesn’t work.

Drag the new flash plug-in into the “Internet Plug-ins” folder. Close and reopen your browser for it to load the new plug-in. Try viewing a video on YouTube or an embedded YouTube video on Facebook. If the video plays, then you have successfully hacked Flash 11 onto your PPC Mac!

TenFourFox And Flash Player 11

Enable Plug-ins in the about:config tab of TenFourFox
Enable Plug-ins in the about:config tab of TenFourFox | Source
After restarting TenFourFox, check the about:plugins tab to see if you have successfully installed Flash 11
After restarting TenFourFox, check the about:plugins tab to see if you have successfully installed Flash 11 | Source

TenFourFox And Flash 11 On Power PC Macs

If you use TenFourFox as your browser of choice, you will have to enable plug-ins so that you can even use the Flash 11 plug-in. TenFourFox installs with plug-ins disabled by default as the developers wish to avoid any instability that plug-ins may cause. However, plug-ins can be easily enabled and I personally have not noticed any issues or crashes with plug-ins enabled, especially with Flash.

To do so, open a new tab in TenFourFox and type ‘about:config’ and ignore any warning dialog. In the search bar that appears at the top, type in ‘tenfourfox.plugins.enabled’ and double click the entry for it to change its setting to ‘True.’ After that, close TenFourFox and reopen it and type in ‘about:plugins’ and hit enter. You should see various types of plug-ins listed. Congratulations, you can now play flash videos on your PPC Mac!


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    • profile image

      7 years ago

      Thank you! This works great on my computer.

    • jesimpki profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Radford, VA

      That's interesting...but the videos didn't play before, correct? If they're playing now, I'd assume its fine.

    • profile image

      Tanner D 

      8 years ago

      The videos play just fine but it still comes as Adobe Flash Player 10 even with the Flash player 11 plugin in both my personal Internet Plugins Folder and the Root one. I even tried a reboot, and TenFourFox and Safari, all of which say Flash Player 10...


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