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How to Install Windows XP on a Computer

Updated on April 19, 2013

How to Install Windows XP

There are many reasons people might want to install Windows XP. Are you one of them? Do you want an OS to install on a virtual machine? Or will you use it to dual-boot? Do you want to replace your OS with something lighter? I will show, step-by-step how to install Windows XP.

The Installation

1. Once you have booted from the CD, you will be presented with this screen. Press "Enter".

2. Press "F8" to agree to the licensing agreement.

3. Select the partition you want to install this on and hit "Enter".

4. Hit "Enter".

5. Wait for the drive to be formatted.

6. Wait for the files to be copied onto the drive.

7. Wait for the configuration.

8. Wait for the reboot.

9. Wait for the installation to begin.

10. Click "Next".

11. Type your name and click "Next".

12. Type your product key.

13. Hit "Next".

14. Type a computer name and password. Then, click "Next".

15. Select your time zone, then click "Next".

16. Select Typical settings and click "Next".

17. Click "Next".

18. Click "OK".

19. Click "OK".

20. Click "Next".

21. Select "Help protect my PC by turning on Automatic Updates now", then click "Next".

22. Wait to check the internet, then click "Next". If you are not connected to the internet, click "Skip".

23. Select "Yes", then click "Next".

24. Chose to activate it now or not, then click "Next".

25. Type your name in the top field, then click "Next".

26. Click "Finish".

27. Congratulations! You are finished!


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    • My Cook Book profile image

      Dil Vil 4 years ago from India

      Excellent step-by-step guide to install OS in a computer. Good hub with pics. Thanks for the good guide.