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Installing apps on Kindle Fire HD from outside the USA

Updated on December 15, 2012

Amazon's Kindle Fire HD is a sweet tablet to own, especially if you want a good tablet that does the basic things and still comes at a reasonably modest price. Kindle Fire has a lot of things it can do and also allows the owner to install apps on it directly from the Amazon app store for which it was originally configured.

As a Kindle Fire owner outside the USA, I've come to know that Amazon doesn't offer support or downloads to users outside its supported zones such as in the USA. The big question then is, "how does someone outside the USA still install apps?"

Basic things needed to install apps on Kindle Fire HD

Ordinarily, to install apps on your device, you'd need the following things:

  1. An internet connection
  2. Sufficient disk space
  3. App download website or apk file

In the case of Kindle owners in the USA and supported regions, one can easily go to the apps page from your Kindle home page and be able to browse, search for and install any apps you want. For a kindle owner who is not within Kindle's supported region, you would have to install apps using third party sites which are reliable.

Yeah, if there is any specific app you'd like to have that is listed on the Amazon store, wether for paid or free, chances are that you can always get it from another trusted competing app site but you should know that Amazon doesn't recommend you doing so and that's why by default, installations from third party app sites are normally forbidden.

So for Kindle Fire users outside Amazon's supported regions, you'd need to do a 4th thing:

4. Enable installations from third party sites by going to More > Devices > Allow third party installation

Other places to download Apps outside of the Amazon store

  • (Works only with Google play app)
  • apk file from computer or peers

How to install apps outside of the Amazon store

From apps website:

  • Go to third party app website e.g.
  • Select or search for the files you want
  • Allow to download and install
  • Open file when installation is finished by going to apps

From an apk file

  • You can copy it from your computer, phone or even your friends
  • Copy it to Kindle internal storage using a micro usb cable or bluetooth
  • Open the file using an ES explorer
  • Allow to install
  • Open app when installation is done.

*You can get an ES explore by downloading it from or Amazon appstore


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    • felix09 profile image

      Felix Okoli 4 years ago from Nigeria

      Actually, I would suggest going to to get your ES file explorer. You would find it easier to download from there than from the Amazon store.

    • profile image

      John 4 years ago

      Still trying to get an apk installed onto a Kindle Fire in Canada.

      Just trying to get a file explorer, which is necessary to install any apk.

      Found ES File Explorer, but...

      Exercise in futility so far.... Amazon app store "not supported for your country"... google play looks promising, click install, it says "the app will be downloaded to your device shortly"... 20 minute wait and nothing, no messages etc. and no app in the app list.