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Installing test Web Server on your PC or Laptop for Testing offline webpages

Updated on October 7, 2012

This system is what I use to test webpages before uploading them my website, it also handy for testing plugins, modules and components for Content Management Systems (CMS) like Joomla, Wordpress, and Drupal.

It is really easy to setup a test Web Server if you know what software you need. The software that we will be using is Apache, MySQL and PHP, all the software we will be using is open source and free to use.

Xampp is the software we will be downloading; it will install all three separate pieces of software, you can download Xampp Free Test Server Here.

I am downloading and installing on Windows but there are versions for MAC and Linux, pick the version that matches your operating system.

When the download has finished double click the installer, let Xampp do its thing don’t change any options and keep clicking next and then finish.

Operating Xampp Test Web Server

So now Xampp is installed you will want to know where to copy your test webpages and how to display them in your Web Browser, copy any test webpages to this directory “C:Xampp\WWW” you can create multiple folders inside the WWW folder, this is useful for separate projects.

Now to open your test webpages in your browser, look next to the clock on your desktop for an Orange icon click this and make sure Apache, MySQL and PHP are running, when you have done this open your default Internet Browser and type in the address bar “localhost” any test webpages in the WWW folder will be displayed in your browser, if you have created folders inside the WWW folder will want to type “localhost” follow by a \ and the folder name, like this: localhost\myfolder.

That’s it you now have a test web server installed on your PC or Laptop computer.


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      Johne493 3 years ago

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      dhruvesh 5 years ago

      srever installation in full detail in practicallly.