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Instantly Transporting Matter

Updated on November 26, 2013

World of Physics

Recent technology has made possible the transportation of small amounts of materials or pools (called protons)from one specific location to another. "The Philadelphia Experiment", supposedly carried out from a shipyard in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania( in the Naval shipyard there), occurred on October 28,1943 and the Navy ship, a destroyer escort, USS Eldridge, was rendered invisible and remained that way and then reappeared in Norfolk, Virginia, some two hundred miles away. It was then transferred back again to Philadelphia for a period of time. This was called "Cloaking" and was of great interest to the military during the war. The experiment was also identified as "Project Rainbow". The entire experiment was supposedly based on Einstein's theory or "The unified Field Theory". The theory described mathematically and physically the interrelated natural forces making up electromagnetic radiation and gravity. The scientists were to have used giant electrical generators to bend light around an object(such as the ship)and to render it entirely invisible.

The U.S. Navy was to have sponsored the event, and it was of great importance because it would provide a cloaking effect for our weaponry used in the war against our enemies. Anti-gravity experiments were said to be done in Nazi Germany during his time also. It was said that the entire experiment required only a few seconds and the big naval ship was completely invisible and appeared in an area in another state of Virginia at Norfolk, about two hundred miles away. It then vanished from sight and reappeared again in the ship yard in Philadelphia. Some of the ship's crew were reported to have been embedded in the metal of the ship and others had nervous breakdowns and were placed in sanitariums. It was also reported that some of the crew began to disappear and reappear from time to time, but these strange occurrences were denied by the officials sources that were supposed to be in charge. Much of this experiment was covered in great mystery, and the real facts were unclear, that took place in this time frame of 1943.

The breaking apart of structure and even people, into sub-atomic particles,boggles the mind in the intricacy that would have to be involved in this process. The fact that most human beings or animals would be killed in such experiments, prevents acceptance that these events could successfully be carried out. Human kind would then have to be reassembled in all of the complex make-up and this makes it hard to encompass that this process would be viable. The body would have to be re-generated or brought back to life, in order for there to be a survivor of this experiment. Most scientists agree that the human body could not withstand such extreme pressures and that this would not be possible in accomplishing.

One researcher from Japan, states that he believes that within about one hundred years that our scientist will successfully accomplish this regenerated transportation of matter, and that it will indeed be factually backed in the near future. He is a physicist and this statement was made within this past decade. This may be further explored by searching the topic of "Teleportation". Our understanding of physics at the present time, limits us in what we are able to accomplish. There will have to be a great amount of research and experimentation carried out before we can safely say that these kind of processes can be possible and put into good use by human kind. Hopefully no humans will be the guinea pigs and that other sources will be used in carrying out future experiments, rather than the reported Philadelphia incident.

Some scientist claim to have been working on this very process within the Department of Energy.This is reported to have been going on since 1997 and is making good headway. The sources that report this are listed in the internet articles about new forms of energy and in journals of science. It is listed under "High energy Invisibility"'cloaking' technology".

Some UFO's have supposedly used this kind of technology and a strange case was reported in the former Soviet Union country of Voronezh in more recent years there. A UFO reportedly landed in a busy town there and was witnessed by several people in the community. A weird creature having several eyes, approached a young man and pointed a device at him, rendering him invisible. A few minutes later the boy reappeared, unhurt.The alien ship and creature became invisible and then later reappeared, as if they had been there all along, making many witnessing this occurrence, very puzzled and upset. These incidents have been connected with teleportation and will be further addressed in future hubs.

The popular television shows about future space travel and being "Beamed Up", may well some day be common practice. Some modern abductees that were claimed to be brought aboard alien crafts were teleported or rendered invisible, only to reappear in tact, and seemingly unhurt by this strange process. This has happened to too many people from all walks of life to be lightly passed as trivial fantasy. When professionals, and especially law enforcement officers, have been witness to these events and thousands of apparent subjects have been used in experimentation of varied natures, then this should be regarded in a most serious and determined approach, by those in charge of our country's security. This is approaching the fringes of another subject that I may write about in the near future, and I will leave it at that. We are a very bright race of people and I believe that the limits to our potential knowledge and capabilities are infinite, in the future of this civilization. I do hope that our brains don't swell, because this will most certainly lead to our getting the "Big Head".


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    • whonunuwho profile image

      whonunuwho 4 years ago from United States

      We may soon be able to accomplish more astounding things.

    • Rodric29 profile image

      Rodric Johnson 6 years ago from Peoria, Arizona

      I would love for to beam up in the future or now. I love Star Trek.

    • jfay2011 profile image

      jfay2011 6 years ago

      so true. The capabilities are endless if we let them. Very interesting hub.


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