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Interact Intranet As The Best Sharepoint Alternative

Updated on May 22, 2017

Sharepoint has long been the standard when it comes to collaborative software that assists teams in working together to get things done, and 16 years and 160 million users cannot be all wrong. However, if you are willing to opt for a product that is a little less known then there are a myriad of features which place Interact above the rest as an out-of-the box alternative. So, what is the best Sharepoint alternative? Let's have a look at all that is offered by the Interact Intranet.

Ragan is the name of an organization which provides "news and ideas for communicators," and there is a lot of quality content and suggestions which come from their articles. They polled many respondents about their intranet situation and the vote for top Sharepoint replacement went to Interact Intranet. That is really no surprise because when you take a closer look at the offering there it is much improved and does not require the often complicated and tedious customization that Sharepoint often needs in order to get it running effectively and with all of the features desired.

Savings Per User

One of the primary selling points might be the fact that the price per user is generally consistently lower across an organization when you use Interact as a replacement. In fact, it is almost 7 times lower on average with Sharepoint monthly costs generally weighing in at $48.47 and Interact users only costing $7 per month. When your bottom line is one of the most critical components in any purchasing decision then this should help make the choice simple. Interact Intranet still provides the myriad of functionality while not denting the wallet quite as much.

Ease of Deployment

Anyone who has struggled with the bulky strain that is Sharepoint while trying to deploy it across an organization will understand that Microsoft leaves much to be desired in the terms of configuration and installation. So if you want to keep things simple then Interact is the ideal alternative. It eliminates the need to pay for third-party additions and the need to have to work with unique customizations which are tailored to work only on premise. Sharepoint consultants make a living from making house calls in order to work through all of these problems, and so there is really no incentive to keep it simple.

Intelligent Content And User Profiling

One of the most important elements of your intranet is the ability of employees and users to be able to find everyone that they need to get in contact with. User questions need to have readily available answers when they have been asked before, and documents should be all ready to go through as a benefit of the DMS (document management system). Interact has things like a smart People Directory as well as advanced search and other features which all make use of learning algorithms so that user feedback and statistics will begin to shape the form of what is returned. It basically gets better with every iteration.

Aimed At Communicators Not IT

Sharepoint has long been such a complicated system to work with that those making changes need to have special training or something like the equivalent of a software engineering degree in order to make the necessary adjustments. Users and communicators need to be able to use the software without getting tied down with internals which will keep them from being as productive as they are capable of being. That is why Interact is made specifically for that user base rather than the system admins in basement cubicles. So many of the features are drag-and-drop and otherwise intuitive to the point that even the new guy down the hall can be making additions on his first day at the office.

Intranet Benchmarking

A slow intranet and DMS is not going to benefit anyone. There are so many performance metrics behind the scene and available through great looking dashboards that those in the know will be able to tell you what is causing slowness across the system. Benchmarking will allow timing of activities to be recorded so that processes and methods can be improved. Once again, slowness in the intranet amounts to the same thing as stagnance due to complexity. Both cases are going to hinder the quality work that you know your employees are capable of. So, Interact sets itself apart here as well.

Enterprise Search

Their is a new way to search delivered by Interact through its advanced enterprise search core feature. What this means is that user feedback is greatly taken into account through the use of a ranking system so that others are able to find the answer faster if they need it later. Results can easily be filtered in various ways so as to keep everything in the proper perspective while there is also an allowance for saved searches so that the most needed information can be easily at hand. Artificial intelligence is deeply embedded so that things like the "Best Bet" solution are the first to be presented. Overall, it is just a level above Sharepoint's implementation.


Microsoft has its market share, and some enterprises and organizations have their reasons for standing by the software giant. However, if you are looking to save a ton of money while still getting some of the best features available for intranets then there is no reason to look elsewhere besides the software that was rated as the #1 Sharepoint alternative solution. There are free trials available so that those browsing options can try it themselves in order to see what ease of use facilitates the Interact software.

There is a reason that Sharepoint use is declining, and it's because everyone from the smallest companies to the largest organizations are beginning to realize that there is other software that meets the need in a much better way. Have a look at the Interact Intranet so that your employees can step up their game without you having to develop software just to get them up and running.

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