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Interesting Windows Utilities

Updated on March 11, 2010

There are thousands of amazing utilities in Windows which serves what they are designed to do. We are becoming buzy in computing day by day. And we need handy tools with the change in time. It's not posssible to install all the vaialablt softwar into your PC. But it's possible to select one some of the best out of the thousand software utilities or combinations, which can fullfil your needs. And here, we are going to talk about some interesting tools and utilities which works on Microsoft Windows, which are capable of providing a cool environment despite of your small or ocassional difficulties while computing.

Ditto :-

If you are a person who work with documents daily, or surf the web to find text information, then you may need this tool. This tool is very small in size because it's function is also small. But the effect as a whole is appreciable. We use to stuck in situations where our clipboard overwrites the urgently copied text with the most recent one. In this condition, the clipboard shows only the most recent text that you selected to copy and only that can be pasted. But what if your clipboard stores multiple sections of text to be marked as copy and paste. That means you will be able to copy and paste multiple lines of text using ditto. This is a free software and you can download it from the home page. Just search for Ditto Clipboard manager. You will get it.

Or You can download Ditto Here.

Switch off :-

This is yet another tool which enables to you to schedule any kind of system tasks to be completed at a particular time. It can automatically shutdown your computer, restart, start or stop your favourite applications, run predefined scripts, and more. It's very easy to use. It works on the basis of a timer. This is really an effective tool and it's available to download for free. This is one of my favourite applications in Windows, because it performs scheduled tasks with producing any errors. It has also enhanced features like Force Quit, which is capable of stopping a non-responding application or program before the system goes for a shutdown or restart. It requires very less memory, with a timer running and active on your system tray. Try out this tool and it's really easy to use.

Download Switch Off


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