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How to Save Money On International Phone Calls Using Cell Phones

Updated on August 15, 2011

Top 3 Phone Card Companies

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Save On International Calls On Your Cell Phone

Cell phone rates are getting cheaper and cheaper every year as competition amongst the major cell carriers become more competitive. Almost all major cell carriers now offer free nights and weekends. And many people do take advantage of these free minutes as it literally cost them nothing.

But what about if you have friends who live overseas? Well your free minutes do not cover international calls. And international calls incur the most costs in cell phone contracts.

The country I call the most cost me .27 US cents a minute if I use my cell phone. On top of that there is a $3.99 US per month charged to my account. So if I spoke an hour this international call would cost me $16.20 US. Multiply that by 7 days, which is not unusual for me and the cost skyrockets to $113 US a week. And a month well you do the math but it's not pretty.

Now I'm not rich and that's just not going to work for me.

So my best option is to use a Prepaid Calling Card. These cards work for long distance and international calls as well. But I use my cell phone these days everywhere and long distance calls are included in my plan, so it only drains my minutes but I won't incur any extra charges.

The prepaid calling cards I buy are from the Internet and not at the convenience stores. The advantages of buying over the Internet is:

  • Better Price
  • Instant Recharge Option
  • PINless Option
  • Convenience

For international calls made on a cell phone prepaid calling cards are invaluable. The company I use saves me $50 US a week and what I like the most about using a prepaid calling card purchased over the Internet is I don't have to remember a long PIN number. I just dial in a access number provided to me by the prepaid calling card company and dial my destination number and I get connected. Simple and easy as that.

Now there a lot of prepaid calling card companies out there so you do have to be careful when choosing one because some charge hidden fees.

You can check out This website lists the top three reputable calling card companies. Check out each site to see which country you are calling is the cheapest. All the fees you see are upfront so you won't be surprised and start wondering where your minutes have gone.

What are the fees for?

All calling card companies charge fees such as maintenance. The reason why calling card companies can offer better rates is because that is all they concentrate on, the phone lines. Major telephone corporations have to maintain more than phone lines, they have to maintain the higher amount of employees they have, the infrastructure and whatever makes a large telephone company tick.

While a smaller calling card companies such as the ones in focus only on the phone lines, so their overhead is much smaller and they can pass on the savings to you. But the larger phone companies do charge prepaid calling card companies a maintenance fee and in turn some of the costs are passed down to the consumers.

But even with the small fees I still save $50 US dollars a week using a prepaid international calling card then using my cell phone provider.

So if you're like me and you make a lot of international calls. Then do what I do to save money. Make your calls on nights and weekends and use a prepaid calling card. You'll be saving money in no time.

Check Out A Video On A Great Prepaid Calling Card Review Website


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    • GreenResources profile image

      GreenResources 9 years ago from Thailand

      Hi Edwin, I do believe you have the very best info on international phone service, and I think you surely deserve a higher hub score!

      I am a bit of a hobbiest on saving money on international calling....I spend from 4 to 5 hours a day on the phone, calling almost exclusively internationally. My total long distance bill averages $15 per month. That includes using my cell phone, but I also use the computer systems available.

      Now, you may say, oh yeah, I have Skype and do Skype to Skype calls. You are correct, but they are less then 20%...the other 80% are calls to landline and Cell phones.

      Maybe the REAL unusual part, I get EXCELLENT reception, and I live aproximately 12,000 miles from East Coast USA. I call Europe and USA everyday.

      I would say, I can very likely tell you HOW to atleast cut your bill in half again, maybe more.