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Internet Dating (very scary)

Updated on December 20, 2012

It's Certainly Weird that is for sure

Internet dating sites. Watch what you do. I have come across a lot of people but one girl I 'met' online who wanted to be friends has the idea that I was 'offending her country' and i did some awful things to her so she posts it on the internet for half the world to see. I know I may write a lot but this is insane. I apologized to her. Being from Africa, she may be used to other customs. I guess I did not want her help after this weird comment about my offending her and her country. I thought she may be a lunatic. so I unfriended her. What happened was a big mess. I know I do not usually take the Internet seriously it is just an outlet for writing.

Another weird thing is when someone asks for help from India. I told the person I could not be their 'partner' and go in with them for money as there are a lot of scammers. I did not get what she/he was trying to tell me. Therefore, I did not go along with it.

One other time someone asked me to 'bail them out of the country they were stuck in' and they would repay me by visiting me. Well, he claimed to work overseas but I think he was from Chicago so I did not trust him. Therefore he said he was stuck in this country. Why would I give a bunch of money to a stranger? Just be careful there are a lot of scammers and is the biggest I have seen. I have gotten job offers, modeling offers, etc. It is not a good site. :( I enjoy the blogs but that is about it. I do not try to get involved with people. All I did was write a blog warning them about people such as this and I get a whole ton of blame. I am no longer posting blogs to this site.

If you decide to go on a dating site, be very wary of strangers telling you things or asking to support them as they are in Africa and they need college funding. I do not have the college funding as I am a student myself.. I guess they want to make us look bad?

Have a nice day and be cautious!


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