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Internet Hoaxes

Updated on November 30, 2011
I saw you on the internet Babe. Are you real?
I saw you on the internet Babe. Are you real?

Who Died?

The internet is probably the best invention of my lifetime. Better then the cell phone. I can use the internet for shopping, answering questions, socializing with friends, making new friends, making money and other endless tasks. Damn I can use the internet to get a date, buy condoms and Viagra for the date, and book the restaurant and motel room. Of course I'm a married man and would never do those things. However I heard Tiger Woodswas good at it.

While the internet is one of the best things, it has it's faults. Video games have turned most of today's youth into zombies. Adults are experiencing the same effects from the internet. How many warnings must be given out before people realize, not everything you see on the internet is true? Maybe computers should come with warning labels. Like the mattresses, make removal of the tag illegal. (Jail time for mattress tag removal? }

Many times someone has come up to me and said, "Did you hear about.................I read it online." Like a fool, I'll rush home a turn on the news. Nada,nothing, not even a hint of what I heard.The internet is like the Wild West. It's completely unregulated. No laws. People are allowed to post anything anywhere.

While this isn't a bad thing. Some stuff is pretty comical if you're smart enough to know it's fake. That photo of the boy with three heads was great. Photoshopped, but great. Yes my fellow surfers, you can put fake pictures online. The tabloids at the supermarket register have been doing it for years, That farmer didn't really shoot the giant grasshopper. Aliens didn't meet the President, although two party crashers did. Nice job Secret Service.

My whole point is we are becoming lazy.We are taking everything we see online as truth. Trust me that 26 year old supermodel your talking to in the chat room is a 50 year old fat, dirty ,slob, sitting naked at his computer taking a break from surfing porn.The internet crosses fantasy and reality. We, the users, have to be smart enough to separate the two. If we can't then our brains, like the brains of the youth, will turn to mush. I don't want anyone slurpping my brains through a straw in my ear.

Of course this could be a conspiracy by an alien life form to take over the world. Maybe it's the socks. I digess that's a different story.

That's all I can write today. According to an internet story I've been killed by group head hunters seeking to shrink my head. There is even pictures. It must be true, it's on the internet.


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