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Internet Reading Pros And Cons: How The Internet Is Changing My Reading Habits

Updated on April 3, 2010

I still read a paper newspaper every day. And I still love to settle down in my comfortable chair and read an actual book. In fact, I’ve always been an avid reader. But I must admit I spend a lot more time reading on the Internet these days. So how is the Internet changing my reading habits?

It was first used by scientists and military personnel as an easy way to share information. As technology changed and internet protocols were developed and adopted for uniformity, everyone was able to take full advantage of the Internet’s power.

In my opinion, these are some of the pros and cons of reading on the Internet:


  • More information – there is a plethora of information from the common to the obscure. If you can’t find it on the Internet, you probably don’t need to find it!
  • More timely information – I learn about events much quicker, sometimes immediately after they happen.
  • Faster reading – the Internet allows me to read faster by the way information is organized.
  • Easy to research and find data – it is extremely easy to research & if one search doesn’t find what I want, another will – there are also many different search engines that may bring up different results.
  • Exposed to a wider variety of topics – I may read something I never even thought of reading about.
  • Ability to post comments – if I want to I can voice my opinion about what I’m reading.
  • Don’t have to purchase so many books anymore….but I still do.


  • More content but less quality – most people don’t want to read a lot of data so much of the content is more like an outline or is short without a lot of details or extra information.
  • Harder to read a computer screen than the printed page – my eyes get more tired watching a computer screen than reading a book.
  • Scan pages quickly and not read all the information – I tend to scan more and see if anything catches my eye, if not, I’m out of there; this could be a pro too.
  • Sorting out the good info– there is so much garbage on the Internet and it is sometimes hard to tell what is true and what is false.
  • All the flashing ads trying to steal your attention – I hate the flashing ads cropping up on all the web pages…very distracting… and now there are talking ones.
  • Computer crashes or the browser quits working and you lose the website you were on – this doesn’t happen a lot but it can and then it takes time to get back to where you were, if you even remember what site you were on or how you found it.
  • Very addicting – I spend way too much time on the computer.
  • No computer or Internet access available – this doesn’t happen too often but there are places I go where I have no access.
  • No electricity – no Internet…unless you have a laptop and a good battery… but when that runs out, you are out of luck.

I am a member of the Baby Boomer generation but I have been exposed to computers since the first computers hit the market. So I appreciate all the Internet does and can do for me. I expect my computer reading to keep on growing. However, I will not give up the luxury of slowly enjoying a good book or reading every story in the newspaper…. unless of course they become extinct. But that would be a crying shame, and I would mourn the loss. And I would hold ever tighter to my own collection of books.



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    • Rose Kolowinski profile image

      Rose Kolowinski 8 years ago

      Thanks for stopping by Thamisith! I think I will eventually be reading more on the computer than on paper, but when I want to relax in my chair I grab a paper book!

    • Thamisgith profile image

      Thamisgith 8 years ago from Edinburgh, Scotland

      I read the paper every day on the internet. I travel a lot and it's the only way I can get access on a regular basis.

      Reading on a computer screen is a bit of a pain after a while. I am currently waiting for a Kindle to make its way across the Atlantic (should be here by the end of the week I hope) which should be better as the display is not backlit.

      Even so, I think I will still need to read my newspaper online - unless I switch from The Scotsman to The New York Times of course.

    • Rose Kolowinski profile image

      Rose Kolowinski 8 years ago

      I'm sure some day I will be owning an ebook reader too! Thanks for taking the time to read and comment.

    • bittybrasize profile image

      bittybrasize 8 years ago

      Yes, this is a familiar dilemma. I own more books than I have room for, but still I have no plans to let any of them go. And I can't take my laptop in the bath the way I can with printed books. However, I was recently given a Kindle as a gift and it's certainly growing on me. The experience of ordering a book and receiving it in less than a minute is very satisfying.

    • Rose Kolowinski profile image

      Rose Kolowinski 8 years ago

      Thanks for the comments, Epsilon5. Lately, I've been making more time to sit in my comfortable chair and read a book instead of being on the computer so much. I've missed that!

    • Epsilon5 profile image

      Epsilon5 8 years ago from Eastern Pennsylvania

      I agree entirely: I'd be devastated if they stopped printing books. After all, there's nothing quite like curling up in a nice arm-chair in front of the wood stove/fireplace with a nice piece of well-written, old-fashioned, soft-cover (or hard-cover, if that's your fancy), printed fiction.

      Somehow, sitting in a nice arm-chair in front of the wood stove/fireplace with a laptop (or, for the moderately wealthy, Amazon Kindle) in your lap just isn't quite the same. :(