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Verizon Jetpack - a Mobile Hotspot Worth Mentioning

Updated on October 16, 2015

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I Live in an Area Almost Known as the Dead Zone

If you look at most coverage maps of where internet provider service covers, the areas where there is no service are a different color. Well. If you look at the map and on the State of Minnesota, there is a teensy, tiny dot in my area that shows a slight amount of no service.

Yep. That's my yard. If you sit on my couch, facing East, with your head cocked slightly to the left and your elbow elevated slightly, you will catch some service. On the other hand, if you take it and walk into my kitchen, the caller will ask you to repeat things a lot. If you walk into the dining room, you might as well have said "Talk to you later!" since the caller will hear a sharp tone and a message will appear on the screen. Call was lost is usually what I read at that point..

Trees and Hills Affect Service

We have had a few cellphones in our time. When the kids were in sports and needed us to come get them upon occasion, we bought cellphones. It all started when my husband wanted to be able to call home from the fish house when he was out fishing. There was a lot of space out there and probably the satellite was easier to hit.

We have trees in our yard and it's very hard to catch any wireless service at all, so I am somewhat happy with my current plan.

I have Verizon's jetpack. It is a small, fist sized piece of electronic wizardry that allows me to have internet at home or away from home. I don't have an iphone or smart phone that shares data, just a flip phone.

Jetpack Not Affected by Snow

I have had internet from a company that provided service in town and when we moved to the country, we were able to get the same service from a small provider. Then, something happened and we lost our service.

Then, we had a house phone and we contracted a few satellite type company's. We tried Skyway Internet. That worked slightly better than dial-up but at the time, you needed to have a telephone in your house to use it. Then we had Hughes. We had Hughes for quite some time. It wouldn't work if there was rain or snow on the dish.

Then, my brother had the Jetpack and I went looking for one of those. He lives in Oregon, so he was using his Jetpack in Minnesota and it seemed to travel with him okay.

Verizon Lets You Borrow Them to Try Out

One summer, late early August, I had to make a trip up north to a family reunion. We have a cabin and instead of getting a hotel, I just stayed at the cabin. The cabin's satellite service with the phones has always been fairly minimal.

I one year walked out of a restaurant to talk to my daughter. We were joking around about 'Can you hear me now". I said it several times when I was talking to her, and a man walked out of the restaurant and gasped and said, "What???? I can't believe that someone is ACTUALLY saying that..." Well, I told him I said it just be funny because I had seen the commercials. He laughed, too.

Well, anyway, I had the jetpack from Verizon as a loaner to see how it would work. They actually let me use it for free.

It worked for me. So, when I returned it, I signed up for one.

It's Not Always 100 Percent

It works, but doesn't always produce 100 percent, but, even so, I appreciate the fact that I can get internet where I live.

Smart phones don't work as well as the jetpack. A friend of ours, and my children, are always trying to surf when they are at my house and the service is lousy.

Again, my yard is in a dead zone.

I Have a Joke to Tell You

This is supposed to make you giggle.

Why do cellphones not work in a cemetery very well?

Because it is a dead zone.

Introducing My Jetpack


Dishes are Messy and Leave Holes in Roof


How About You

Do you have Internet service where you live?

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    • Elsie Hagley profile image

      Elsie Hagley 3 years ago from New Zealand

      Yes having internet service can be very annoying.

      The only way I can get it is by satellite in New Zealand, because I live in rolling hilly bush country also no cell phone coverage either.

      In bad weather I have rain fade and no internet at all, sometimes all day.

      The satellite isn't cheap, but at less I can use the internet.

      No youtube watching or I go over my quoter.

      Glad you found a solution it can be very frustrating.