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What the internet doing to our brains pdf? Positive and negative impact on tv streaming

Updated on November 14, 2016


As the time passes our choice changes. The factors which affect our choices are widely based on the matching between our interests and the available interests. Internet has given us a lot of improved flexibility of selecting our videos, articles, photos and community. On the other hand our TV is a reliable source of videos so far.

Now the trend is changing for some people. They are migrating from TV to internet. But still it is the choice of a individual. Let us discuss few points about the both.

TV known as television in your life.
TV known as television in your life. | Source

TV aka Television:

TV is one of the great sources of entertainment and you can find easily many people saying that without TV they can’t live. Such a high addiction is increasing because of plenty of channels and high quality programs easily at any time. With the development in video shooting, audio recording and professionals in this field we can find best quality content.

With university courses for each skill required in for any TV content the quality is increasing continuously. At first people were using antennas at their roof tops or over their TV receivers getting very poor picture quality. Later on with satellite usage for TV signal transmission the cable TV network get evolved. And nowadays direct to home services also known as dth services are getting popular. I have already mentioned about this technology in my other hubs also. One of the example of dth service popular in India are tatasky, airtel dth, big tv, Videocon dth etc.

Internet accessing on your laptop.
Internet accessing on your laptop. | Source


As I have mentioned few important points above which keep us attracted to our TV sets. But now the giant which is getting popular hugely had started its pace from the nineties. Yes, I am talking about the father of all networks that is internet.

Firstly the PCs with slow processing speed and lower storage capacity came. But later on now we can feel the roots of the internet through every gadget we use today. Laptops, tablets and your smart phones are the best example of the careers which boosted the internet.

Internet is like a virtual world for too many people. Each and every taste of person can find a site of his or her interest. For example I like to write though I admit that my English might not be good at some times because I am from non English speaking country. But I still write here and love to continue because it is my hobby.

Again back to the point that I was discussing that internet give us so much flexibility that it now our life. You will feel this feeling only when you will get into a community. Social networking sites are also another example of people attraction towards internet. I have been reading many articles mentioning how people get indulged in it. People open their profile two three or even more times.

What it shows that we love both the technologies and it is the matter of time? Sometime we can be found saying that yeah I love TV, I love watching my favourite show but at the same time you also like your social network on internet.


So, it is the individual choice and it can change at any moment of time. According to me both TV and internet are equally important for me. Now I am waiting for your view, you may write your view in the comments and let me know what you feel.

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