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Internet censorship – The pros and cons

Updated on August 23, 2014

Internet censorship

Censorship is the having power over information and ideas flowing in a society. As internet becoming one of the most powerful weapons, every country whether democratic or non-democratic likes to use it. Also with the burst out of communication technology and tools, it has turned into all-pervasive. There is a difference of opinion as to whether censorship is good or bad. If used properly, censorship serves as a priceless tool. However on the other side, it can also be easily misused.

Pros of internet censorship

  • Preventing young children from viewing pornographic stuff which can escort to them being ill educated about sexual health.
  • Religious conflicts which can be seen around us every time can be avoided to a certain extent as offensive religious based content can be blocked and not published.
  • It can help protect people‚Äôs privacy. Also this is very important to note that nothing is private anymore. Everything can be searched through net.
  • By stopping the broadcasting of events, which might create violence or ill thoughts in the minds of people.
  • A particular community cannot be targeted.
  • Censorship is essential and is compulsorily needed to preserve the secrets of a particular nation.
  • Also Censorship is helpful in hiding susceptible military information which cannot be brought into public DOMAIN.
  • Scenes of people or a particular group doing things that are not meant to be copied or imitated by public at large.
  • Censorship proves indispensable where people or youth may copy dangerous unsafe stunts shown on TV or movies.
  • Can be used to avert politically aggravated propaganda.
  • Plagiarism is definitely prevented.
  • Companies which spread imprecise or nauseatingly exaggerated claims about their goods will then be scared from censorship.
  • It endorses political correctness and also pin down vulgarity and obscenity.
  • Anyone can learn to create bombs and firearms can be created online which can be prevented and this needs to be prevented because youth is needed for the nation and not against the nation.
  • Drugs which spoil one self and others related are also one click away and censorship is definitely required there.

By shielding the principles of society and restraining where means protecting its own people, there is no doubt that censorship should be allowed.

Cons of Internet Censorship

  • Creativity is hampered and people are not allowed to think freely.
  • Dictatorship comes into picture when it comes to censorship but is it really dictatorship?
  • Censorship may give a glimpse of a vigor which is against globalization, just a glimpse.
  • People have a right to know and here constitution and other rules and regulations come into picture that people have right to know but what to know is to be decided by the government and the authorities and thus it becomes very important that what prevails over what?
  • Also that sex related topics are censored totally then the dangers of HIV AIDS etc cannot be taught to children. There are other means too and if not totally then education purposes are different issues.
  • Freedom of speech and expression is compromised by public at large.
  • Encroachment on freedom of press is also an argument against it which may be taken validly into consideration.
  • What is the functioning of the authorities is to provide a safe environment to live in where people are free to make and implement their ideas, and here it has to block by some sanctions.
  • Censorship is the custody of information and it leads to unawareness in the society.
  • Censoring of information may lead to a wrong image perceived by the public.
  • Censorship in books, plays, videos and movies etc may compromise the importance of leisure and enjoyment.
  • There is a general tendency that if one hides something from the other, the other becomes more curious.
  • If the Nation is truly democratic and transparent than censorship has no role and place in it, IF.
  • It is used to control people.
  • People would not be able to see the other side of the world and will live in the world created around them by their, so concerned authorities.
  • Censorship can be used to block legitimate criticism and can be used by government to avoid their critics and statements going against them.
  • People should control government or vice versa?
  • Every individual has its own requirement and thus blocking will be stopping one from being him or her.
  • If only one thing is shown than it leads to particularization and people should know only that which is been shown.

It is very important to understand what is to be done on internet. Pros and cons of censorship is a debate but what is important that censorship done or not done should yield fruitful results to the nation as well as people part of it.


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