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Internet czar Jay Rockerfeller

Updated on January 16, 2010

Jay Rockerfeller says,that the internet is not safe for business ,government or the safety of the world ,in general.

Why,isn't the president as worried as he is? Or,the military? Or,businesses?

Why haven't we heard these concerns from them?

Could it just be that,the internet allows people too much freedom of information from his point of view,rather,than being a serious threat,to us.

Maybe he dosen't want the general public to see,hear or read anything,they might want to.

If,he thinks the military,is so helpless to protect us from attack through the internet.why not limit the militaries exposure to attack from the internet,rather than limiting the publics exposure to the internet ?

Why do these companies and government agencies have internet security companies for anyway.Can they do their job properly or not,and if not why not ?

Should the government limit public access to the internet

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