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Internet explorer not working? Find out why?

Updated on March 3, 2015

Your computer hasn't been updated

How it effects your computer

There are several ways an outdated computer can effect your web browsing for the worst causing it to be utterly useless. First of all an internet browser or computer that is not updated can be slow in nonfuntional because as time passes more is required to run internet add-ons and access certain websites. Internet explorer 7, for example, cannot access certain websites and features on the internet because it does not have the components to make them work. If you have a browser that is so old, you may be able to access every website but, you can't do or see anything on them- what good would that be?

How to fix it.

Update your computer and your internet explorer. That is the simply way of doing it. Often times resetting a computer is enough to start an updating process. Updating process that your computer tries to enact every time it is being rebooted are very important. These updates may usually be what needs to happen if it is an isuue of your browser or operating system being outdated. There are also methods of going into a computer's system in order to check and see if there is an update that needs to be done.

You're not running antiviruses on your computer

How it effects your computer

Nearly every time you log onto the internet, data ends up on your computer as a result. What the data is and what purpose it serves depends on what you are doing on the internet. Your computer takes note of the sites you have visited. Websites place cookies or bits of information in your web browser. Every time you download any file, there are more than likely other files attached to it that you may not know about. These other files may be detrimental or even malicious towards internet explorer. Most of these programs are commonly referred to as viruses.

How to fix it.

Get some antivirus software. Most virus scans are cheap or free. Usually however, the ones that are completely free are not necessarily the best. Free things aren't necessarily the best in terms of quality. Norton is very inexpensive and it does a very good job. Put it on your computer and you will likely not have very many more issues with your computer. Don't forget to actually use it. run it every single week. Almost ever computer has a certain way to schedule a virus scan so that it automatically runs. This will keep you from forgetting to run it. Make sure to set it on a day and time that you know that you will be doing light computer work. A virus scan will not run if your computer is off and you do not want it running while you are doing something extremely important.

An Add-ons are disrupting your computer's well being

How it effects your computer

Internet explorer has the ability to download certain "add-ons" or gadgets that help your web browser do certain jobs. They are very much like applications or programs for internet explorer. Whenever you upload a webpage, every single one of these add-ons must upload as well. When one of these add-ons is simply taking too long to upload it may slow down or stop your internet explorer from working. The browser may be so slow that it has to shut down and try again. This is a very common issue and it is certainly the first thing that I would check.

How to fix it.

This happens to me all of the time. Me and my brother often use the same desktop computer. He and I might have downloaded something that we may not have necessarily wanted so, I check the add-ons of internet explorer. The add-ons section will show everything that you have on your browser and how much time it takes to upload it. Usually if there is an unfamiliar add-on or an add-on that takes a very long time to upload, that is the problem. Go into your downloads or your computer registry and delete it. It cannot be done from internet explorer.

Cookies are jamming your web browser

How it effects your computer

A cookie is a piece of data or information that is usually transferred from a website to your web browser. They have very many purposes including, but not limited to surveying what you are doing on a website. often times website owners want to know what you are doing so that they can know what is the most attractive thing about their website. Unfortunately, some cookies will slow down or even stop internet explorer by.overloading it with information or simply being a nuisances by disabling important features of your web browser.

How to fix it.

Delete the cookies. There are a few ways to do this but, the best way is to go into your internet browser and delete them manually. This upclose and personal method is the most surefire way to fix the issue.


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