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Google Panda also refines your searches

Updated on November 27, 2011

In general, google panda might be thought as a tragedy of the commons. The goal of remove spammers was reached.

If you are asking yourself what you should do to improve the ranking of your pages on google search, Stop ! We need to be humble about that. Until recently it was quite simple to adopt search optimization techniques and get a good rank position on Google search engine. Now it is almost impossible to do so. We never really know to much, but we do get to know one thing: spend your energies writing for a niche.

In the examples below I will show how Google handle some queries. I use Job and career in my test. In the result set, Google listed and in the first positions.Why? probably these sites have high traffic, good page ranking ( old google ranking) and proper content.

Keyword: Job

Search result: Job

Search Result: Job Career

You can notice that when Google refine the search, it is using URL and title contents to select what site should come first. The difference between the examples are where Google appear to select keywords. Let's work on that. In the first search, Google only bold tokens on title and site contents. In the second one, Google highlighted parts of the URL. In theory, more you refine, more you are close to a niche. For all practical purposes, the way you structure your web content and site helps Google to take decisions.

Niche is still a important factor on today google algorithm. For example, adding new keywords removes and and introduced new sites to the top positions. Now, and take place on the 3 top results.

Another day I take a look on the statistics of my personal blog. It receives 100 around visits by day. In general, according to google analytics about 90% of all visits had a source on organic searching ( search engines). All sort of queries you could imagine, users from many cities.

Last week, I see a change. Google reduce my traffic to a niche. Many of the keywords users disappeared from statistics. Only searches based on 3 ou 4 keywords regarding a specific town remained. For example, my traffic was reduced to only users interested sort of "job career Boise printing". Is Google algorithm still changing?

Search Result: Job Carrer Boise Printing

Now, and were the top 3 addresses returned by Google search.

In fact nobody know why your site is receiving less traffic after Google Panda implementation. I haven't see any good answer.

My guess is that duplicate content and well designed site strategies are not the factors to determine what you will see as result of you query. I don't believe one this. However I believe those factors belong to a long-term strategy google wants to pursue, i.e., incentive web publishers to follow good web design practices.

Among other things, good net ettiquete is a point factor. You must understand this as part of the rules and never cheat. Google panda is an important factor, but target a niche is also important.Titles, URL are still important on Google search algorithm


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