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Internet in Japan

Updated on December 6, 2012

Text Mad

Wasting time texting
Wasting time texting

Internet Changes in Japan

Japan has been blessed with amazing internet speeds. They are easily the fastest in the world. A recent study put Japan's median internet speed at 6.1 megabits per second compared to the USA which scores a measly 1.9 megabits per second. That is a lot of power. And combine this with a government hands off approach that allows file sharing and you have internet heaven.

However, change is in the air. Two things have recently caught the attention of the corporate-political body that runs Japan Inc.

Firstly, the government has been doing their homework regarding their antiquated laws about 'broadcasting'. For nearly a decade possibly millions of folks living in Japan have been pulling off movies and music for free from a variety of torrents and file sharing sites with iniquity. They have a vague notion that it is illegal but since the media has never discussed it or shown anyone busted for file sharing many of the citizenry have rightly concluded that it is unofficially O.K. Now sadly (unless you are a content mogul) that is about to change. The government is fixing to fall in line with copyright obssessed America and microsoft. A bill will go before the Diet this year to end the downloading party.

The other change that is in the offing is about third generation wireless cell phone unlimited internet access. After being the first in the world to offer such a service, the mobile phone providers are now discovering they cannot keep up with the demand for bandwidth. It seems that the Japanese are having a field day downloading porn onto their cell phones. Not only are they proposing to put filters on mobile phones to stop kids getting the stuff, but also they are thinking about limiting bandwidth because they are running out! I'm sure unlimited access will survive in some form but obviously porn downloads to mobile phones will become more regulated, and probably more expensive.


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