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Internet of Things - Day 2

Updated on August 17, 2016

Doing chores at home has been a breeze since we slowly replaced our home appliances with those of latest technology. My wife no longer complains as much thanks to the help she gets from the new gadgets. For instance, she no longer has to constantly check the inventory in our fridge as the built-in intelligent system of the fridge would always look out for shortage according to the given list, then triggers her to place order when certain conditions are met. Household maintenance has been easier too as most appliances are fitted with sensors that constantly monitor for degradation and outages, send out prompt notification when they are not performing to the standard; so that we can engage serviceman in timely manner; not only that it eases our load, but also saves us the maintenance cost.

After sending us off for work and school, my wife would start her exercise routine in the gym. Before leaving the house, she checked that all doors and windows were locked via the home automation app. Few steps away from our front yard, she was notified of a need to perform a backwash on our main water filter; she immediately walked over to the water filter then set a 10 minutes timer before turning on the backwash valve. Upon reaching the gym after a 10-minute walk, she was notified of the completion of the backwash; the valve was switched back to normal position after the timer expired.

As she stood on the trackmill, it recognized her from the id band (also a fitness tracker) that she was wearing, immediately pulled out the list of settings that she always use, prompting her to make a selection. Before she started her run, being the first person in the gym, she opened all the blinds via the member only mobile app. As the sunlight intensified, the window would adjust the tints to the level that's comfortable to the eyes, and keep the room temperature stable.

On her way back home after the exercise, she was notified (through a tracking app) that our dog had run loose again; this time ended somewhere near the pond next to our community centre; she wished there is an app to recall her back, unfortunately if only she were a robotic dog.

As she was preparing her lunch, a notification triggered by the fridge informing her that certain food was running low, prompting her to order from Tesco; she chose to ignore it as they can last till the weekend when she will place a bulk order once other items were running low in number too. In the middle of her lunch, she received a call from the hospital she paid visit to last week after a small health episode when she felt a sudden sharp pain on her chest area, informing her that the data collected from the monitor kit that she had been wearing since then turned out positive; she can take it off and return to the hospital; she immediately texted me to inform me the good news.

After her lunch, she went through all the utilities bills on her email; we no longer received any utilities bill in paper since all had been upgraded to smart meters. The electricity bill even gave us a breakdown of the zones utilizing the most power, and also how much we gained by selling electricity back to the grid.

Her phone rang, it was Rachel calling to inform her that she was just another 5 minutes away from reaching our house to pick her up. She immediately keyed in Rachel's car registration number into our resident community app, granting her the access to our housing are. Once Rachel arrived at the guard house, the boom gate opened by itself. As they were chit chatting in front of our house, a notification came, telling her that it's time to leave else they will be late for the after tea session with their group of BFF. As they approached the last traffic light near to their destination, Rachel tried to make a quick dash as the light was turning red, her car took over the control and decelerated by itself as it sensed the red light; it's hard to beat technology these days. While they were busy catching up, a notification came again, reminding my wife that it's time to pick up our daughter from school due to the traffic condition. She immediately called up a car via a ride sharing app, choosing a self drive option; the car came 5 minutes later, and it was without a!

Preparing dinner has been very convenient with Zebo around, as my wife can easily combed through the recipe by simply calling out the cuisine and the main ingredients like the type of meat, seafood and vegetables she had in house. After she cleaned up all the dishes, it was time to put our daughter to bed.


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