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Internet of Things (IoT): Good or Bad?

Updated on August 23, 2016
Internet of Things (IoT)
Internet of Things (IoT) | Source

Internet of Things (IoT) has too much talks going on since last several months. Every single time one reads this word IoT the question occurs. Is it for humans? Is it going to affect us? Is it going to affect the environment? How? What is the need and why create infrastructure for this upcoming revolutionary technology?

Explaining the current setup, future predictions with the advancements expected in human life:

Internet of Things is not a big thing worldwide today, but it is for certain that IoT is going to be the biggest in upcoming decade. As per the current scenario there are about 15 billion smart devices exchanging information about us and by 2020 according to Intel its going to be 200 billion active smart devices doing things much faster than the current ones are doing. This certainly means that after a decade, the pocket devices will be computing faster than our today’s machines and clouds will be all over the place, gathering large amount of information.

“Smart” word itself has evolved in last decade to such a level that appliances, phones, houses, and office shave started becoming smart. With Internet of Things in existence, say a decade from now, your coffee maker, your wristwatch, your car, your home and your gym will be connected transferring message to each other, which you might not be aware of. Technology is always neutral and with Internet of Things the right messages will exchange for the betterment of human life, although technology itself doesn’t guarantee it.

Can Intelligent Technologies Help Environment?

Digital technologies might help save 7.6 Gt carbon emissions by 2030. This finding was based on the #SMARTer2030 study by the Global e-Sustainability Initiative (GeSI) and Accenture Strategy. The study also revealed that the carbon emission level can be kept to 2015 level with the use of intelligent technologies like Internet of Things. The IDC white paper “The Internet of Things and Digital Transformation: A Tale of Four Industries,” and many other reports have already mentioned that the IoT will drastically influence most business processes with estimated cost savings of 15% to 30%, if we generalize the findings of the first IoT projects.

IoT will majorly help six industries utilities, transportation and logistics, manufacturing, retail and consumer products, agriculture and food production, and construction. These six industries are highly resource-intensive businesses, it is safe to assume that the IoT will likely help reduce carbon emissions significantly helping environment with following applications:

  • Strategic asset management
  • Remote maintenance
  • Environmental scanning for precise navigation, logistics
  • Weather prediction, and agricultural planning
  • Product maintenance and service ideas

The question looming for IoT is revolving around 2 different things:

  • Setting up the infrastructure for such large network and predicting and allocating the cost for the same.
  • Security of a technology driven world from the hackers.

The scary part of this technology driven world is that humans are more or less controlled by the statistics of the technology. One had coffee 5 times in a day, 200 ml each time. Sometimes, it feels as if someone is constantly keeping a watch on you, infringing your privacy and NO that’s not God but Internet of Things. More importantly when all good things happen in technological world, never forget to consider the evil. A hacker who is technological geek can destroy you by hacking your car software and operating your car steering remotely while you are in the car at the hacker’s mercy.

Lot of things to think about and envision of the society always has the dark side. Improving and maturing the Internet of Things IoT to create a better world and better environment is definitely the “Smart” way to go about it.


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