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Internet of things security

Updated on April 6, 2016


Around the world, city, state and federal governments, as well as other public-sector organizations, are leading the way in bringing the Internet of Everything to life. According to one of the company that is leading the charge, there are many examples of how the Internet of Everything is improving the lives of citizens everywhere. Being able to get information quickly which in some cases could be critical to saving lives is really important. This is the exciting part of IoE.

But with every good thing, there are concerns. The internet today has now given access to all types of people with good and bad intentions. We now have all types of hackers; people spreading propaganda based on beliefs and others things that I dare not mention.

So even though the internet is and has been a great invention and is now getting ready to triple connected devices in our homes. It will bring mixtures of bad and good. The car, the home and all connected devices MUST be protected like never before. The consumers should be educated on all the downsides to free access to our homes and devices without restrictions. So unless security is at the top of our minds as we put IoE together we will leave ourselves open to all types attacks from all around the world.

There are some major concerns that I believe MUST be address. They are as follow:

How will we update the firmware on most of the connected devices in the home?

How will we prevent the bad guys from using connected devices in the homes as bots?

What happen if connected devices go offline for an extended amount of time and they miss critical firmware updates?

Will these devices be backward compatible?

It wasn't long ago when someone hacked a device in my so-called smart home thru a port I was using to monitor my security DVR.

In my opinion companies that are developing IoT should move away from using open ports to communicate and instead use secure connections to pull data from devices in businesses and homes that they will use as big data for IoT.

Companies must develop a robust security system around cloud and infrastructure to combat and stop the bad guys before they figure out to use our home devices as bots.

Consumers should be aware of the dangers of connected devices if proper security in not in place as we enter into a new world of connected devices in the home.

Security should always be front and center with anything we do online.

We have heard in the past year of many breaches into many US companies and government agencies. Most of the breaches happened to companies and organizations with 100 times better security than what you would find in a home. There may be little to no firewall that can filter web traffic in the home.

The consumers MUST be protected before big companies sell them products they have little to no understanding of and expose them to risks that may steal their live savings.


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