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Is Internet Phone Service Really All That?

Updated on June 16, 2009

Internet Phone Service and You


For many Americans, technology updates so quickly that just about the time one understands an advancement, everything else we thought we knew has changed. From computers for the cars we drive to “smart” houses and animatronics science displays, technological advancement has become the norm. Of course, these rapid achievements are of great use to the way life is lived. One such advancement that is benefitting many of consumers is internet phone service.

Internet phone service or VoIP has been around since the late 1990’s, but many have only become aware of it in the past few years. The beauty of this technology is that once you have acquired broadband internet service for your computer, getting internet phone service is easy. This is due to VoIP, voice-over internet protocol, which works by using your web connection to replace your plain old telephone service (POTS). When you use internet phone service, you can save money because your “pots” line is unnecessary.

The nice thing about combining, or bundling, your phone service with the internet (aside from the money saved) is that you get many features that you pay extra for with “pots” as part of the standard package with VoIP. These free features include call waiting, call forwarding, caller ID, voice mail, being able to adjust your account via the web and not needing to spend time on hold waiting to talk to a CSR and even voice mails sent to your e-mail as attachments. Using VoIP also allows for unlimited long distance calling, so staying in touch is even easier. Additional features of internet phone service available for a nominal monthly fee are personal 800 numbers and multiple area codes for the same number.

So, what does this great advancement in technology cost? Depending on the company you choose (extra features excluded), internet phone service can cost from $10 to $35 per month with initial activation fees that range from free (Verizon Voice Wing) to $39.95 for BroadVoice. With the cost of “pots” always rising, this is one technological improvement worth getting.

VoIP is not going anywhere, except to get better. So, what is holding you back? Sign up for internet phone and take advantage of the latest in personal home phone communication.


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