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Internet Communities - NERDFIGHTERS

Updated on March 10, 2012

With the invention of the internet came a unique and unprecedented platform for friendships to be made and communities to spring up around pop culture subjects, lifestyles and interests. One such community is Nerdfighters.

What is a Nerdfighter?

Well the first thing to know about nerdfighters is THEY DON’T FIGHT NERDS. Rather they are nerds that work to “decrease world suck” and stand proud in there nerdyness. Nerdfighters are made of awesome and know that it is important to understand the world and people around them.

The Origins of Nerdfighters

Nerdfighters are a community of primarily teens and young adults, though they can be older or younger, that have sprung up around two brothers on YouTube, Hank and John Green, known as the vlogbrothers.

Nerdfighter People

John Green - The older vlogbrothers. John is a best selling author with titles including Looking for Alaska, Paper Towns and the current hit The Fault in Our Stars.

The Yeti - John’s wife actually named Sarah Green though called the Yeti because while she is often talked about she is never seen.

Henry Green - John and The Yeti’s adorable toddler who is seen occasionally

Hank Green - The younger of the vlogbrothers. Hank is the co-founder of DFTBA Records, the founder of VidCo an annual YouTube convention, creator of EcoGeek a major environmental publication, and the inventor of 2D glasses. Also a Nerd musician with records including Hellen Hardcastle

The Katherine - Katherine Green, Hanks wife is actually is seen.

Nerdfighter Animals

Tiny Chickens - (imaginary) the source of disease, they lay things like snot and sneezes.

Giant Squid of Anger - (imaginary) a term for internet trolls and angry people.

Puppy-Sized Elephant - (imaginary) Adorable elephants that had they existed would probably never made it on an endangered species list.

French the Llama - (imaginary) Not really a French llama but rather an exclamation of excitement.

Willy - John’s dog, a West Highland Terrier

Lemon - Hank’s retired greyhound named after Tina Fey

Things Important to a Nerdfighter

The Project for Awesome (P4A) - A yearly charity event on YouTube where both money and awareness os raised for hundreds of charities that Nerdfighters support

Worldsuck - The thing that Nerdfighters fight. It is all of the sad, bad, and unfortunate things in the world rolled into one.

Happy Dance - What it sounds like. The dance you do when happy. The sillier the better.

DFTBA - stands for: Don’t Forget To Be Awesome

Puff Levels - An indicator of John’s stress levels measured by the height of his hair

The Pwner - Hank’s guitar. Named because of it’s inscription “This Machine Pwns n00bs.”

“In your pants” - A game/ phenomenon where if you ad the saying “in your pants to the end of book titles the titles become much funnier. (ex. “The Secret Garden” your pants or “An Abundance of Katherine's”... in your pants)

Places Important to Nerdfighters

Your Pants - The official Nerdfighter online forums

Evil Baby Orphanage - I humane concept for how to stop baby Hitler if you had the chance. It’s an imaginary place where we could send potentially evil babies to be raised to live happy non-genocidal lives.

Nerdfighteria - The conceptual island that Nerdfighters inhabit.

Why Be a Nerdfighter?

  1. John and Hanks YouTube videos are the perfect mix of educational and fun
  2. You can become friends with smart people who know how to have a blast
  3. Songs about particle physics are involved
  4. People are accepting and friendly
  5. It’s a gateway community to other things you love
  6. You will never forget that you are awesome

How to be a Nerdfighter

Anyone can be a Nerdfighter the moment they decide they want to. All they have to do is make a decision to do what they can to make the world a bit of a better place by trying to decrease suck and increase awesome. It helps if they want to have fun, be silly and generally really like stuff and like people who really like stuff.

Hank Green Music


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