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The Internet is a Parody of Ourselves

Updated on August 31, 2011

The Internet, a thing so undefined mankind will never be able to define it. A thing that shares information, whether good, bad or indifferent. No fine line of truth is established with this thing we call the Internet. What should we do, or should we not do anything about it at all? The Internet is a parody of ourselves.

Fifteen year ago, I was introduced to the internet; it was a wonder, full of mystery. At that time I did not know what it could do. Fifteen years later, now I know what it can do. Our culture has become more abstract and bazar because of it. In a world where information is at our finger tips we can't even decipher what is real. What did we create? Outside the digital world we have laws and regulations in order to keep the peace, but not here. We have used this thing to create the world we all want, but don't want. Anarchy is satisfying because you are the controller of your own path with no rules or regulations holding you back. The reason why we cannot define the internet is because we created it to be undefined. When you go online you are truly being yourselves. In a place with no restrictions, what do you do? We have created an alternate reality where you are the controller and have no restrictions whatsoever. This parody of ourselves shows our true identity, who we really are. In a world where there are millions of kings trying to have other kings follow them. This thing we have created is ourselves. What do we want to do now?

The digital world is drastically affecting our real world, but what is our real world? With windows into our digital kingdoms all around us we can't help but see what we are trying to accomplish. We want to turn our digital world into our real world. We are selfish kings who all want to rule the world for our own self gratification. With no laws intact the digital world is a thieving, treacherous thing that we will not be able to stop unless we ourselves change. Altho we are all our own rulers, and no one can hold us back, we are fighting battles against other rulers. The weak kings will fall and the the powerful kings will gain a foot hold not only in our digital world, but our real world. Is the internet worth losing our real world? We are so gratified in our digital kingdom we don't even care what more powerful kings are trying to accomplish. The selfish ambitions we so desire are being used against us; for a kingdom larger than our own is building a wall around us.

I am willing to change to stop this thing we have created. We accept lies everyday without knowing if they are true or not. Some of us create lies ourselves to crave our selfish ambition. We have to listen to our conscience and do what is just. We must follow love, those who do not flow with the current but fight it. We look at teachers such as Jesus and Mahatma Gandhi who showed us what true love is. Let us not be kings and fight but be servants and love. Let us unite in a cause greater than ourselves.


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    • DavyCrockett profile image

      DavyCrockett 6 years ago

      I agree most of the things we create have pros and cons, and the internet does too, but it depends who is in power. Like the kings analogy we all have small kingdoms, but if the more powerful kings are corrupt what do we do about it? It's kinda like giving an irresponsible smoker a pack of cigarettes and telling him it's fine to smoke in the dry forest.

    • TicksProfessional profile image

      Talha Rehman 6 years ago from Lucknow India

      I don't think that internet is such a bad thing. The world is threatened by everything we ever created. Be it religion which throughout history has dragged the world into senseless wars as did politics or the modern industries that produce life threatening chemicals. We never took those things down, we just tried to find remedies to the ills these things created. Everything has its pros and cons. Fire helps us survive but it kills too so is it with internet.