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Adsef - Internet's First Auction Platform to Buy/sell Ad space

Updated on August 30, 2015

'ADSEF' The New Advertising Auction Platform

I am not someone who is an avid writer but I write whenever something new or unique arise on the internet. I came across 'Adsef' very recently and after some research and deep thinking. I thought I would write about it. Of course there is a selfish reason for this; it has been quite a long time since i wrote for hubpages so I was looking for something new to write about.

Buying or selling ad space is not a new thing in the online world. Ever since internet became popular, blog/website owners have started using advertisements to earn revenue and there are plenty of sites where you can buy or sell website/blog ad space but obviously the revenue you earn depends on how popular your site is. Some pupular auction sites in different areas include, Ebay which is a popular auction site to sell/buy almost everything whether it is new or used; Flippa is an online auction site to buy/sell your website/domain/app. Adsef is also an online auction platform but to buy/sell ad space, which is pretty new.

What is New About Adsef?

Well, as mentioned before it is the first of its kind. I am not aware of any other Auction site to buy/sell ad space by letting buyers bid for your ad space. In case if I missed out, please leave it in the comments below of any auction platform to sell your ad space. So if you have a website or blog with a good flow of visitors, why not turn it into revenue? So you may say 'well, we can use Adsense that is much easier', but i beg to differ. I am very much frustrated with Adsense and to be honest I hate Adsense.

I run my own blog and I used to run adsense in my blog and was making pretty good amount of revenue. One day suddenly they suspended my account for no reason. When I contacted them they said 'there were invalid clicks' which to my knowledge is completely ridiculous and false. I tried so many methods to get another account but google is as strict as it can get and there is no legitimate way you can regain your account. I know of so many bloggers an website owners who had the same experience and never had the chance again to make the amount of money they used to make with Adsense. If you understand my frustration, then you know, this article is also aimed to Adsense and I am taking my revenge! Adsense has more stringent laws which is getting very hard and annoying to their customers.

In my hunt for an advertiser to publish on my blog to make some revenue, i stumbled across Adsef and that's when i thought i would write an article about it first. The site is just recently launched and it looks promising for new and established websites to advertise their ad space and earn some revenue. On the other hand, if you want to advertise your own site on other popular website/blog, then you are able to bid for other popular or up-coming website's ad space. In addition to bidding, there is also a buy it now button so if you can't wait for the auction to be over, then that is an instant gratification!

What Do You Think?

I have had my turn, now its your turn to comment below your experience with adsense or any other advertising platform. Which one have you used and which one worked well etc?

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Adsef in anyway, I am just a part time blogger and I write about anything that I find interesting and has some knowledge!

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