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Interesting things to do on the Web whilst bored

Updated on February 21, 2012

Some days are a yawnathon

Umm what can keep me awake?
Umm what can keep me awake?

For the days that you have done everything and there is nothing left to do

You know how every now and then one of those days comes along when you are all up to date with your bills, hubs, and web life in general? So you sit in front of your PC and think what should I do now other than post on Facebook what I am going to have for tea which is probably the worst and most boring status update in the world. Well here are a few ideas some old some new some borrowed but none blue that you may like to check out on a quiet day on the Web. I have varied the content up to hopefully find one resource for all tastes.


Stumbleupon for those that have not tried it is exactly what it says on the tin. You sign up log in and pick topics on which you are interested. You then simply press the Stumble button to be presented with random content about topics that you like. This could be anything from a picture to a video or a blog. You can also submit web content that you like so that new Stumblers can look at your interests.

I have found some very interesting content my favorite so far is the video below which talks about everything from Apple to the Wright brothers and links them superbly well. For me simply believable.

Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action

Wayback Machine

The Web its no longer a baby running over dial up and being accessed by Pentium MMX processors. Time for the Web has moved on and not everything is once as it was. Websites change websites get erased and even providers pull the plug or go bust. If you are feeling nostalgic there is a chance the Wayback Machine might hold some surprises for you. Did you ever make a free page on the now defunct I tracked down my wife's old Expage site using the Wayback machine.

Link to Wayback machine.

From the site owners

"Browse through over 150 billion web pages archived from 1996 to a few months ago. To start surfing the Wayback, type in the web address of a site or page where you would like to start, and press enter. Then select from the archived dates available"

What can you find on the Wayback machine?

Hub pages as pictured by the Wayback Machine 24/11/2005

Hubpages 24/11/2005
Hubpages 24/11/2005 | Source


Founded in 2007 Points2shop uses Amazon to provided gifts for members in the USA and UK. Members from outside of these areas can use sister site Cashle to get cash payments directly into a Paypal account instead. New members get an instant 250 points credit to their account with an opportunity to earn more points be completing simple tasks such as watching videos playing games or completing short surveys (100 points = $1 or £0.65). A more comprehensive income can be built by referring new users to the site. Popular uses of this site are saving for a one of specific item i.e. a games console, Saving for Christmas. I personally use this site daily for 10-15 minutes my aim being to earn 100 points a day average to use at Christmas or a birthday.

Points2shop introduction

Points2shop earnings

My Earnings page last 30 days
My Earnings page last 30 days | Source

Yahoo Pool

Seems like its right from the Ark of the web, Yahoo pool has been running for what seems like forever. The interface still looks like it did 8 years ago and you can run it on a pre Pentium MMX PC so its good for everyone. They still use the cheesy variation of charactors to represent each player that have always been present. Yahoo pool is pretty much stuck in time though it is still a solid game if you can avoid the cheats using aim tools. If you never have then its worth a look and if you ever have then maybe its time to ressurect your career? Its still as popular as its always been so hop and see what has been experienced by thousands.

Yahoo games

Yahoo pool play

Science hack

Science hack is a fascinating website where members post videos of scientific experiments along with other interesting videos. Each video is verified by Scientists before being shown. There is therefore a wealth of factual videos to watch at Science hack when you have some spare time. Below one example of a video from the website and the link to the Home page.

George Smoot: design of the universe


Omegle is a website where you very simply chat to another random person. This can be done either by text or by video. In each circumstance you don't know anything about the person you are talking too. You can sign in with your social network account and Omegle will find people with similar interests to you but they will still not know any of your personal details. Omegle now has a new mode called spy mode in which you pose a question for two random strangers to discuss. You are not involved in the conversation but you can watch what they say. There have been a variety of news flash's about Omegle including people who met there and got married.

Hot or not?

OK I maybe scraping the barrel of boredom a bit with this one but If you are really that curious or vain you could find how how well your looks rate with the opposite sex. Hot or not is just one of a variety of sites where users can upload a photo of themselves and have it ranked from 0-10 by members of the other sex. To get ranked though you will have to first rank other members if you don't you wont get a ranking. Be prepared to view lots of people who are so popular they had to take a picture of themselves in the bathroom mirror complete with flash back from their camera. Be warned if you are of a sensitive nature or low self esteem this may not be a great idea for you.

Jonathon Keller Keller

Johnathon Keller Keller had time to spare for 8 years to be exact. Everyday for 8 years he took a photo of himself and turned it into a project. You can watch the video of him ageing 8 years in 1m 44s and find out all the other information about his project at the website he made.


So that's my list of a few things to do on the Web when you are bored hope you enjoyed it.

Comments with feedback appreciated and also if you want to suggest some more web sites then I can revise and add to this Hub or maybe make a part two.

I believe in Sharing so "Thanks for sharing" If you leave a share comment below I am happy to return the favour.



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    • jimsmillions profile image

      jimsmillions 5 years ago from Bristol south west england

      Many thanks and appreciated. Glad you enjoyed it.

    • tillsontitan profile image

      Mary Craig 5 years ago from New York

      You've come across some really interesting sites and the video is definitely something to listen to. Now if I could only find time to play pool! Voted up.