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Introducing Tech Reviewer: The Technology Review Site

Updated on December 9, 2013 Logo Logo

What is Tech Reviewer? is an online publication site dedicated to helping people interested in technology get professionally published. One thing is common for almost all lovers of gadgets, games, smartphones and everything else technology based: we all have our own opinions about how great (or terrible) we think these products are.

Tech Reviewer aims to provide a community for people who live and breathe technology whilst also providing people with a platform to improve their CV by being professionally published. Every article that you submit to the site is edited and published by one of their team, ensuring that the quality of the articles is top notch and thus ensuring that their readers can enjoy a high standard of reviews.

Who can write for Tech Reviewer?

Simply: Everyone! The best thing about this site is that it is very personal. You can email them at any time and they get back to you promptly and politely, always offering to help in any way they can. If you are looking for some appraisal on your LinkedIn page, and providing you have written an article which they can reference, they are more than happy to go out of their way to help you out.

To sign up, just go to and register an account. You then get taken to the dashboard where you can submit articles as pending before one of the team comes along and both edits and publishes it for you.

It is also completely free and you don't get spammed or anything like that. Their focus seems to be high quality and as a user, you receive just that.


Why Tech Reviewer?

Well aside from the personal service and the complete devotion to everything technology, is owned by a company called They basically do everything Tech Reviewer does except they are not focused on technology but more on general subjects such as politics, current affairs, sports and journalism based stuff.

The good news is that MoonProject is pretty big with around 800,000 views per month and a team of around 2000 authors writing for their site. They are spear-heading Tech Reviewer and helping to ensure that it grows at a fast rate whilst maintaining quality.

What does that mean for you? Well if you want to get your articles read by tens of thousands of people (literally) then it would be a good time to jump in with Tech Reviewer whilst they are still young.

The site was only founded at the beginning of December 2013 so literally has just got under way. The promise of great things to come and a chance to get your views and opinions out there makes it something which is very much worth while taking part in now.

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