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Introduction To Ethical Hacking Wikipedia : Beginners Must Read

Updated on January 11, 2011


Before jumping into Ethical hacking and hacking tips and tricks, it is direly needed to know what is ethical hacking all about and why do you need this and where you need this? You must know such aspects before you put yourselves into ethical hacking.  Just assume that you are in need of accessing your own security parameters of your system, to fix several issues related to it. If you do this, it’s also a kind of ethical hacking because all you want to do is to ensure your own safety and security of your information systems no matter whether you are a corporate owner or a home based user.  Security is must.

So now I successfully explained without any details that ethical hacking is some kind of security testing and related parameters. So you would ask that how should Government know whether I am an ethical hacker or a black hat one. So that makes the definition al little lengthier. That is, testing your security related issues legally. So you need not worry about legal concerns if you really start in the right way. This is not at all the complete definition of ethical hacking and I cannot provide you a scientific or technical explanation just like Wikipedia does. So this hub is to make you know what is ethical hacking and not about the geeky definition to note down. Just make yourselves familiar with ethical hacking. That’s all.

Understand It Well

In order to fix your security related issues, you must think like a hacker, a real black hat hacker. And that makes ethical hacking risky sometimes. But if you are well aware about the above mentioned issues, then you need not worry about anything. Remember that ethical hacking should be explained in series of articles and it requires a lot of time to do that. So I am very happy to share with you what I have learned so far about ethical hacking. And It’s my duty to admit that I am not an expert in this filed and I am not working in any of these departments. It’s just one of my passions. That’s all.

So here, everything is a kind of trial and error method to make sure your won systems are secure. And there are occasions where somebody hires you to do this job. Then also, ethical hacking is that itself. At this time, you should be well prepared with the sensitive issues as you are doing it for somebody else. Just stay tuned for my hubs about ethical hacking in more detail. And I hope you got a brief idea about the very term.  


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      mayank muley 5 years ago


    • profile image

      Derlierprossy 6 years ago

      Before jumping into Ethical hackingand hacking tips and tricks, it is direly needed to know what is ethicalhacking all about and why do you need this and where you need this? Youmust know such aspects before you put yourselves into ethical hacking. Security is must.

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    • save my system profile image

      save my system 7 years ago from United Kingdom - London

      It is very nicely written post. There are much more opportunities in ethical hacking. You can help out to cyber police to solve some mysteries with knowledge of hacking. In ethical hacking there is breaking of password so it is lot of interesting to learn.

    • profile image

      smithdyer 7 years ago

      Great Post!

      Thanks a lot for sharing such a nice and informative article.Really a very helpful and very good for the beginners.

      Ethical hacking ,also known as penetration testing or white-hat hacking, involves the same tools, tricks, and techniques that hackers use, but with one major difference that Ethical hacking is legal. Ethical hacking is performed with the target’s permission. The intent of ethical hacking is to discover vulnerabilities from a hacker’s viewpoint so systems can be better secured. It’s part of an overall information risk management program that allows for ongoing security improvements. Ethical hacking can also ensure that vendors’ claims about the security of their products are legitimate.

      By the way for more information on Professional Training and Certification for Ethical Hacking check this link:

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      Hacking Training in Delhi 8 years ago

      Excellent post! I read with interest Waiting for new records