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Introduction to iPhone 7

Updated on October 7, 2016
iPhone 7
iPhone 7

This is the iPhone 7 Plus. At first it may not seem like much has changed, but after using it for a few days you realize the changes that are here are pretty big ones. The iPhone 7 Plus is similar to previous years of Plus model phones. You take the normal iPhone and then you add on top of it, but this year that edition is even greater, and some of the changes to the iPhone 7 overall have a big effect on how you actually use the phone.

Visually the iPhone 7 is quite similar to the iPhone 6s, but there are some key differences mainly the color. Now there's a new Jet Black and Black color. These are really black. Space Gray was the darkest color we had before but this is on a whole other level, and if you've been wanting a stealthy iPhone well this is it. With these colors you also notice the reduced antenna bands which all but disappear.

This leads to a cleaner looking phone, but overall the design is familiar and it's what you expect. Now where it gets interesting is when you start to actually use the phone. The first thing you'll probably notice is the home button, and now it's not a button. It just uses haptics to simulate the feel of a button but nothing actually moves. It feels similar to the MacBook trackpad. That seems to be one area you definitely have to get used to and some people seem to hate it. I wouldn't say it feels like an actual button, it feels really similar to the MacBook trackpad but when it's in your hand the illusion is a bit harder to pull off. But the button itself works the same way you would expect, you push it to go home double-click hold all those things are so here.

One thing to keep in mind is that because it's not moving now it's capacitive meaning you have to use your finger to activate it. So if you're wearing gloves or you try to use your fingernail it's not gonna work it has to detect your finger, so that's something to keep in mind. But the Taptic Engine that's giving you that feedback works really well. It's very fast and responsive and as fast as you can click it responds.

And that Taptic Engine also works other places in iOS, so if you bring down the Notification tray bring up the Control Center slide your brightness your volume you get these little bumps and taps that give you a physical response to what you're doing on the screen. Now that screen has also been updated its brighter and supports a wider color gamut You can see more colors on the screen and it does seem to look better than on the 6s.

The biggest difference is that it looks warmer now and a little bit more natural. One place you really notice the changes is with the new camera and this is a significant change from the 6s, especially on the iPhone 7 Plus. Now there are two 12 megapixel cameras. One is the same from the iPhone 7 with an f 1.8 aperture new six element lens new censor, it's an entirely new camera. The main difference with the second one is that has a more zoomed in focal length, and this effectively gives you optical zoom on a smartphone. So you can get two times closer without losing any real quality, and when compared to the 6s these photos do look better in both normal lights and in low light. And using the zoom feature is very easy, just tap the icon on the screen and you go into the 2x zoom and from there if you want to go even farther you can go up to 10x digital zoom.

Now one area that's been rather controversial is the headphone jack because it's not here anymore, but they do include Lighting EarPods in the box and they have an adapter so if you have 3.5mm headphones you want to use you can still do that, but the headphone jack being gone only really matters depending on how you use your phone. And it's clear that Apple is pushing wireless. They have their AirPods coming out relatively soon. Not available just yet but be sure to subscribe so you can see content when those are out.

Now Apple didn't only remove things when it came to audio they also added a second speaker so that we have stereo speakers on the iPhone 7. The first one is on the bottom in the same place that it was before but the second one is using the earpiece where you would normally make calls. These two speakers work together to give you separation better sound and they are louder, and here they are compared to the 6s. "into it one of the apps most people use every single day is messages and iOS 10 there's a huge update" "personal the apps most people use every single day his messages and iOS 10 huge update first off is message effects" Now under the hood this is all powered by the Apple A10 Fusion processor which has four cores.

Two of those scores are high performance and two of them are high efficiency so this means that you're going to get a faster, more powerful phone but it's also going to be more efficient giving you more battery life. One hour on the iPhone 7 Plus and two hours more on the iPhone 7. Overall as of now a few days in the phone seems to perform really well which you would expect from a brand-new phone. Now one last welcome feature is that all that power and performance is now protected if it gets wet.

The iPhone 7 is IP67 water and dust-resistant, so if you use your phone in the rain get pushed into a pool take a shower with it which is admittedly I have done, all of that your iPhone should be fine. Although keep in mind water damage is not covered under warranty. But anyways that is a look at the new iPhone 7 Plus after using it for a few days and getting some real hands-on time with it. It takes a few days to get that newness to wash off, but be sure to let us know down below in the comments if you have an iPhone 7 and what your favorite feature is. Do you think it's a worthy upgrade?


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