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Best Solar Inverter OPTI SOLAR

Updated on October 11, 2010

Kings of the Inverter OPTI SOLAR

OPTI SOLAR Inverter is a company that was started in 2006 by the famous OPTI-UPS. OPTI-UPS is a supplier of Uninterrupted Power Supply units and has offices in the United States, Middle East, Japan, Australia and Taiwan. From having considerable experience in understanding power requirements of its customers and to produce solar inverters OPTI SOLAR was formed to also provide them with solar energy solutions. It is a company that is deeply committed to environmental and alternative energy concerns and creates products and solutions for its customers keeping the future of the planet as its main priority.

OPTI SOLAR On-Grid or Grid Tie Inverters

On-Grid OPTI SOLAR Inverters or Grid Tie Inverters converts electricity produced from solar energy and into AC current (that is usable in the household) and stores it in an electrical grid. On-Grid Inverters make for excellent investments as they are fairly easy to implement and maintain. A leader in the manufacture of the Inverter OPTI-SOLAR produces On-Grid Inverters that it calls the “GT Series.” This brand of inverter is world famous for its quality and durability. It comes with a solid 5 year warranty and boasts a mean repair time of 20 minutes. It also meets VDE0126-1-1 requirements.

OPTI SOLAR Off-Grid Inverters

OPTI SOLAR Inverters also come in the Off-Grid variety that converts energy from a battery into usable household AC current. OPTI SOLAR also makes Off-Grid Inverters. The SP series is a world famous brand name for Off-Grid Inverters made by OPTI SOLAR. The SP series by the famous makers of the inverter OPTI SOLAR is a multipurpose machine that produces true “Sin Wave” output. It can be used for a variety of household purposes such as air conditioning or running home appliances. It also has uses in commercial and industrial environments and is a state of the art inverter.


OPTI SOLAR Hybrid Inverters

Opti Solar also produces two types of Hybrid Inverters that are the jewels of the industry. These are the SP series that come in both Rack and Wall Mount designs. These are all purpose Solar Inverters that deliver true sin wave output as well as a selectable multistage battery charging current. It has complete application and can be used in the household, commercial site or industrial site environment.


OPTI SOLAR Inverters are incredibly powerful and safe inverters that can be used to drastically lower your electricity bill and harness the power of the sun to take care of all your energy needs. A true pioneer in the market for the inverter OPTI SOLAR is leading the charge to change the way we see power generation in the world and move away from environmentally damaging fossil fuels to clean and renewable solar energy.

Makers of the highest quality inverter Opti Solar is truly one of the most responsible companies in the world


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