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Ipad 2 Features

Updated on February 5, 2012

It is absolutely logical that sooner or later all the fans of tablet PCs around the world expect the new Ipad 2 from Apple coming out. The rumor is feeding their minds and dreams. There is no doubt that when the moment comes, millions of people will want to get one. Well, according to Asian press, the dream will come true very soon! So, get ready for the new updated tablet gadget!

When is it coming out? As for the news itself, the Ipad 2 rumor is supported by Tai business newspaper, Economic Daily News, which, in turn with the reference to local technologies producers announced that the future version of Apple company tablet PC will be offered for sale in the first quarter of 2011. This Ipad 2 release date is to be specified in the early 2011. This source also states that the first assembly of the gadget will start in the beginning of December, and Apple itself will get the first parcels of these computers in the early January. 

What updates will it have?

The features of new Ipad 2 will be different from the original, first generation model. The new one is supposed to have two cameras and it will support video calls option. The updated display and sensor technology will be also available. Besides, according to the newspaper, the second generation Apple tablet PC will be equipped with USB-port, which would definitely broader the options of interactions with other electronic devices and provide the ability for more accessories. 

It is worth to mention, that the source stated previously that the new Ipad 2 will be available in two variants depending on the size of the screen – it may have 7 or 10 inches.

It is known that the new video cameras for Ipad 2 are supplied by Tai Largan Precision, and at the same time the final assembly of the gadget device is done by Chinese company called Hon Hai Precision Industry, which is also known as Foxconn.

It is also noted, that the 9.7 inch version will undergo only some updates connected mainly with its multimedia functions. As for the smaller Ipads, with 7 inch screen, they are thought to be electronic readers for digital books, newspapers and magazines. Also the new smaller Ipads will get new touch screens with increased brightness and lowered energy consumption (like the new Iphone 4 has).

What do analysts say?

Different experts think that Apple has an ability to sell more than 28 millions of Ipads in the next year. This is very like for this device can displace the netbooks in the market. With new options and updates, the potential of the gadget is very big.

Independent analysts also state that one of the main difficulties for a new device to market will be its price. The thing is that now the price of OLED-screens is still pretty big. For example, the LCD panel for 9.7 inch Ipad costs $ 60-70, and the OLED screen of the same size is almost $500. So Apple has to find the solution to this obstacle on its way to introduce Ipad 2 the next year.

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