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Ipad Reading Pillow - Buy Apple iPad Pillows To Read or Watch In Bed

Updated on February 24, 2012

Do you like to read your iPad in bed? If so, you are amongst many good friends as apparently there are thousands just like you. According to a recent study among ipad owners, the device spends a good 20% of its life in the bedroom. Since the average user spends approximately 18 - 20 hours a week tinkering with their device that's a good solid 4 hours each and every week using an iPad in bed per owner.

As small, lightweight and compact as this tablet computer is, it can still become cumbersome to have to hold it no matter where you are. Ipad mounts and stands exist for all sorts of purposes because people would generally rather be hands free when reading or watching a movie for example. Ipad bed stands are designed to allow you to find a comfortable sitting or laying position and to adjust the viewing angle to suit so you do not have to hold the device all the time.

There are numerous types of iPad holder for bed usage but the best are, in my opinion, the ipad pillow holders.

iPad Pillow Stand

Prop 'n Go - Hybrid Lap Desk for iPad, iPad mini, Surface, Nexus 7 and eReaders with Adjustable Angle Control and Storage Pocket
Prop 'n Go - Hybrid Lap Desk for iPad, iPad mini, Surface, Nexus 7 and eReaders with Adjustable Angle Control and Storage Pocket

This beats all other ipad pillows hands down because it is designed specifically to meet the needs of both iPad and ereader devices. The pillow bottom is ideal for reading an ipad in bed because it molds itself to the uneven surface of your bed or lap and provides a very stable surface. The non-slip cover makes it a go anywhere solution so even if you're not using your ipad from bed it will still go great on table, on your lap or anywhere else you choose to use it. The pillow stand is adjustable to 14 different viewing angles from 9 degrees to 75 degrees so you can find the most comfortable angle for you and reduce glare if there is any. There's even a padded storage compartment so you can take it and your ipad on the road and be assured of its safety. This is an awesome lap pillow for iPad, Galaxy Tab, Kindle, Kobo, Nook or other tablet computer or ereader device.


More Book Reader Pillows for iPad

The above product is aimed at providing the best iPad stand for reading in bed or elsewhere but it does come at a more expensive price than some of the alternatives out there. Whilst a book reading pillow is not the best solution because it doesn't have the awesomeness of being able to fully adjust the viewing angle and it doesn't look half as cool, they are a lot cheaper and many people use them to prop up an iPad in bed without complaint.

The following book pillows double up nicely as an iPad pillow stand and come in at around half the price of the aforementioned Prop 'n Go lap stand.

iPad Tray Tables For Reading in Bed

Another alternative to the iPad pillow is to invest in an laptop table which doubles up quite nicely as a book holder or an iPad tray holder. These look like breakfast trays, you know, the kind you use for serving breakfast in bed but are designed to hold a laptop computer. The nice thing about these is they have an adjustable tray area which can be elevated at an angle for a better viewing position. You also get to own a multipurpose bed tray which doubles up as a laptop tray table, an iPad holder, or Kindle ereader or other tablet table and you can use these bed desks for lots of other things like notetaking, and yes, even serving breakfast in bed if you choose. The following laptop bed trays are great for iPad too.

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