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Iphone is More than just a phone, its a smart phone

Updated on March 29, 2013

Iphone is More than just a phone, its a smart phone-Iphone 5

The iPhone belongs to a line of smart phones that is not only designed but also marketed by Apple Incorporated. This very unique phone uses an iOS operating system, initially referred to as the "iPhone OS". iPhone first came into the market in June of 2007.

The newest sixth generation iPhone (iPhone 5) was just recently released (September 21, 2012 to be precise) much to the delight of its worldwide fans who had been eagerly anticipating its arrival. This phone's user interface is centered on its sensitive touchscreen. Unlike most physical keyboards, the designers of this one saw fit to throw in a virtual keyboard, both Wi- Fi and extremely fast internet connectivity- 3G and 4G!

This smartphone is capable of shooting hours of video; taking unlimited photos and its music player allows its user to listen to his/her favorite tunes all day long. What's more, this gadget can send and receive electronic, visual voicemail as well as text mail, and enables its user to surf the internet, and download applications. It comes with a built-in GPS navigation system that allows its user find places much faster.

There are currently six generations of iPhone models available in the market. The very first iPhone was a data (GSM) phone, and set designs to be improved at a later stage. However, its screen size and button placement have remained the same in all the models. The iPhone 3G included a 3rd generation phone network capabilities and a GPS .

Things dint stop here, the iPhone 3GS was fitted with a much faster processing speed and a camera with considerable greater resolution. But still more work yet to be done. The iPhone 4 was designed with an even greater resolution, two cameras; one in the front for video conferencing and the other at the back. The fourth generation of the iPhone (iPhone 4S) was designed with a much more powerful camera, higher processing speed and even its own language and voice control system.

Apple's latest invention, the iPhone 5 has been designed with the latest high speed processor (A6), a slightly wider retinal display (4-inch compared to 3.5-inch display of the earlier version), and as opposed to having the 30-pin connector (a common feature in the earlier versions) it comes fitted with a fully digital lightning connector.

The iPhone comes with an internal internal rechargeable lithium-ion battery which unlike other mobile phones, cannot be replaced by its user.At the very bottom left of the iPhone's interface there is a speaker and directly opposite, a microphone. Above the screen, there is a loudspeaker that functions as the earpiece while making or receiving calls. To allow the user regulate the volume during phone conversations, two buttons have been fitted on the side of the device to ensure ease of accessibility and minimal distractions during conversations.

Specifically meant for drivers, the phone comes with a bluetooth kit or if the car is fitted with an auxiliary jack, it can serve as a substitute for bluetooth and enables the driver use the phone's hands free utility. This phone gives the users an oppportunity to enjoy a variety of features that are not available in other phones.

Iphone is More than just a phone, its a smart phone


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    • mrpip profile image


      5 years ago

      To this point, Apple has definitely turned the mobile upside down with it's portfolio of iPhone's. The thing that people need to get used to is that now, like other device OEM's, their next generation of phones will start becoming more evolutionary than revolutionary. What I mean by this is that there is only so much "cool" and new "wow" stuff that you can put into a phone other than simply evolving it with better screens, faster processors, ..... Don't get me wrong, I think that Apple will continue to dominate the smartphone market but each subsequent phone will be less and less exciting, that's just the nature of the mobile phone business. So to answer those critics who this week are saying "Has Apple Lost its Luster?", my responses no, they are just maturing as a mobile phone supplier.


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